Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Not 100%

I'm running at about 55% today, it seems. I can't eat or else it comes shooting out my back end 10 minutes later. I'm not hungry anyway, so that's helping. I ate some rice for breakfast because my empty-belly-breath was bugging ME, so I could only imagine what it would do to the coworkers once I got in the office.

I want to be asleep right now. Maybe I should go home. I need to check my PTO balance, though. BIL's graduation at the beginning of May was cause for 2 days off of work...if I don't have it to take, I'll be borrowing from future hours again. I'm tired of that crap.

There's no point in going to the doctor, although I keep thinking I should. They'll just tell me to do what I'm doing, I'm sure...keep getting as much rest as possible, take some Zantac (it's helping with the belly inflamation), and let it run it's course. I'm avoiding caffeine (not helping much with the exhaustion, I must say...), food except for broth, noodles, rice, and juice, and trying to get as much fluids in me as possible.

I am less crampy today. Which is a definite plus. I brought my heating pad thingy with me to work, though, just in case.

For the record, we weren't hung over from Saturday (a bunch of us went out to the Royals game on Saturday, in case anyone is wondering what the hell we're talking about)...we did have a hard time getting our body temps back to a normal level, though. You know what I heard this morning, D? They ran out of jerseys at one of the entrances and when they brought out more, instead of handing them out, they just opened the boxes and people took what they wanted. The woman that reported this info to the news said that there were loads of people around her just grabbing a bunch of them at a time. So instead of it being 1 jersey per person, some people were getting multiple ones. Assholes. We shoulda beat some of those kids up after all, it seems! Woulda warmed us up a bit, anyway. :)

I'll try to get better soon. I promise...


Chimpo said...

The wife can confirm that story about the jerseys. Not only that, but people were pushing her around to get to them. Taking more jerseys then you should and trampling a pregnant woman to do it. Stay classy Kansas City!

"The D" said...

You and chimpo are the devil.

Nuke said...

Nothing in that story (the jerseys) surprises me Chimpo. Individual people are pretty good, but the bigger the group, the more ass-hatery!

And D, do you think the devil would give curse them self with a butzooka for 2 days?

And finally, Faith, I hope you get back to 100% by tomorrow. Been there, done that, it blows.

meesha.v said...

my kid was at the game, didn't get the shirt. baseball sucks.
Faith, feel better.