Friday, April 04, 2008


Our trash this week = 1 bag. That was IT. 1 fucking bag.

Holy goddamn. We're pretty damned proud of ourselves. We cooked 5 of the 7 nights, even. I don't know how we did it.

Chimpo, we might consider the filter on the faucet when we change out the kitchen this spring. I've been thinking about that for a while, actually. I used to use Brita pitchers pretty religiously, but I drink a LOT of water...a LOT. It's hard for the Brita pitcher to keep up with me, to be quite honest! I'd think a larger dispenser would work well for me, but I've been lazy about it. Plus our fridge isn't all that fabulously sized, so it would take up a shit ton more room than my usual 4 or 5 bottles of water I cool at a time.

Anyway, we're working on it. It'd be nice to not have to lug home all that water from the store every week.


"The D" said...

No body likes a Show off!

Chimpo said...

We used to have the Brita pitcher, but it broker when we moved. Now I just drink water straight out of the tap. I don't even bother with a filter.

I thought about getting a big water cooler, but the tap is doing well enough for my lazy ass.

Chimpo said...
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statia said...

If you're redoing the kitchen, and there's room in the budget, why not just a new fridge with a built in water dispenser? The water is filtered, and the filters last awhile. A year or more, and we fill up a lot.

I mean unless you have a new perfectly good fridge. We had the pur filter and it just got to be a pain in the ass and you're always replacing filters.