Thursday, April 24, 2008

Today I some boob cake.

A few months back, Leo and I were shopping at Target (like ya do...), and I don't know why, but we were in the card section. I happened upon this little nugget while we were perusing the cards and stationary...

It's a "Today I Feel..." magnet board. And I just loooove it. I've got it posted at my desk to warn anyone who happens to be interested in knowing before they approach me.

Let's be honest, though. Anyone really think it moves much from it's current "Bitchy" position on a regular basis? people know me too well.

I love the way Bitchy looks, anyway. I also love Bored and Naughty. But those aren't exactly safe feelings to let on to at work, right? So I rarely move the monitor to those positions.

I wish I could just carry one around my neck all the time. To help the world around me be a more beautiful and, well, non-bothersome place.

I wish I could put the monitor on Ecstatic all the time, but c'mon! Living in the real world here! Not in a lovely summer home in the Hamptons, you blond bitch you!

Anyway, everyone should have one of these things. They really are coolio.

GodDAMMIT, I'm tired of my sticky keyboard! UGH!


faithstwin said...

Dontcha have some empty cubicles around you that you can switch a keyboard with? Or a co-workers keyboard when they step away to the bathroom/lunch? Or your boss'?

I need a nap! I'm feeling rather slappy...

meesha.v said...

so when it's on "bitchy" do you just point at it instead of talking to the visitor

Jay said...

I hate cubicles, i work in one. Had those silly word magnets and everyone just had to make all sorts of dirty sayings. Not as much fun as pointing out that your in a "not so fun mood".