Friday, May 30, 2008

Pffthtt right back atcha, weather. Stupid rain...

The rain might hamper the construction activities planned for today, which included popping up the new walls, and tearing down the old ones. We'll have to see what happens when things clear up, which looks like it will happen within the next hour here. I just sent a note off to my contractor asking if the rain makes it so nothing will happen all day? Or did it jut delay it a bit?

I really, really hope our hotel stay wasn't in vain. It's helped de-stress me a bit when it comes to the project, so that's nice at least. Last night was 100% better than the night before when it comes to the neighbors, and Leo rented me "27 Dresses" which was awesome. It was a relaxing evening, I slept well, I was able to get up and bust a workout this morning. Puts me in a relatively happy place...for now.

Since it's all rainy outside, I thought I'd bring the activities indoors for today. Help me out here, will ya? We're making some changes to the kitchen, as budget allows, after the addition has been completed. We're going to be adding a pantry (yay! Yaaaa-haaaaaaaaaaayyy!!!) next to the fridge, but we have a bit of a pickle that it puts us in. See, I'd like to add it below the existing cabinet, where the fridge currently stands. See pic below.

The fridge would be moved over to be in front of the outlet, like it SHOULD BE, for fuck's sake, but isn't because whoever laid out the kitchen when they redid it was retarded, apparently. Anyway, the way we usually have the kitchen set up is to have a "gathering height" table in the middle of the room that acts as a sort of island. As pictured here...
We like's good for storage as well as additional countertop area for prep work when cooking, and if we had dinner parties (we haven't had any yet this year...we've just been so darned busy since we got married, dammit!), it seats 4 comfortably.

BUT! When we install the pantry and move the fridge, it'll totally be in the way of the fridge opening efficiently. Even if we leave the fridge where it is, and install the pantry in the area I want to move the fridge to, then the pantry wouldn't open well. It leaves something like 16 inches of space for a door to's not enough. And then having a dinner party, and putting the wings up on the sides of the table? It wouldn't work at. all.

So I've come up with an idea. I don't know if we would be able to afford to have a new counter/cupboard addition put in, but I'm testing out the configuration anyway. It's this:

This not only leaves a ton more room to get around in when both Leo and I are working on something in the kitchen, but it also allows for the fridge and future pantry to open without issue. It's "convertable" in a sense, because we can move the table out to the middle of the room for dinner party purposes, but it also still allows for the table to be used as additional surface space, and the handy dandy storage we need it to be right now.

I don't know if I should look into adding a cabinet/additional counter there, or what. I kind of like the moveability of the table right now. But it also blocks the drawer and little cabinet at the end of that counter when it's in this position as well. I can access the drawer, sort of, still. And I could always scootch the table if I needed to get into the drawer any deeper than I already can with it in this spot.

I dunno...what do you guys think? Does it look stupid? I think it looks stupid. I mean, I don't mind the mixed wood types when it's centered in the room, but when it's pushed up against the cabinets like that, it's a glaring difference that bugs me. Maybe when we get the new countertops installed, it won't bother me as much? (We'll be going with a darker counter when we replace them...again, depending on the budget still available. We might have to push it out to a couple of years from now. The pantry is a MUST. Absolutely. We need a fucking pantry in that house, and I can't believe they didn't install one when they upgraded the kitchen. Dopes. But the floors and the countertops can wait, if we have to. I don't want to, though, so I might need to order to get it done. We'll see. We're also getting a new stove and dishwasher fo sho. Anybody have a money tree I can use for a couple of months? I'll give it back when I'm done with it, honest!) So, yeah. Tell me your opinion.

Happy rainy Friday!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

The bed is sorta comfy, if you like brand new sheets that are stiff.

Place: Hotel Leo and I are staying at for the next 3 and a half days

Time: 11:30 p.m. – 1 a.m. Wednesday night into Thursday morning

Scene: Faith is awake, getting more and more pissed by the minute because she’s trying so hard to be good this week, and part of that involves her waking up at 4:45 to workout in the morning. But she’s AWAKE! And not sleeping! So it’s looking bad by the time, oh, 12:30 a.m. rolls around and she’s still not able to pass out like she so desperately wants to!

But she can’t. Because the hotel put her and Leo into a room that is conjoined with the room next door. And the doors that separate the two rooms are completely insufficient at blocking noise. And the neighbors in said room? Are apparently having a party.

A party of the evangelical kind.

Faith tosses and turns, listening to what appears to be one man on t.v., screaming at the top of his lungs. Every once in a while, she hears the man say something like, “…PRAISE BE TO JEEESSUUUUSS!” which is what gives her the clue that the guys next door – there are two of them – are Jesus-freaks, lying in bed at 12:30 fucking a.m. watching a preacher get his personal freak on.

Faith has gotten up and fiddled with the AC to get it to turn on, as it drowns out the sound of the t.v. next door really well. But it won’t stay on for longer than about 3 – 5 minutes at a time, it seems. She even checks to see if there happen to be any earplugs in the travel case she brought along. No such luck. She lies in bed and considers going downstairs to complain – she doesn’t want to bother Leo by calling…dude can sleep through WWIII, and is currently sleeping through the freaking next door, but she’s sure she’ll wake him if she has to turn on a light and make a phone call.

At 12:30, she hears one of the men say, “You gotta be kidding me! The feed just went out! Just like that.” And she starts to praise JEEESSUUUUSS! a little herself, hoping that the evangelizing is over for the night, and she might be able to actually fall asleep. (And yes, that’s how clearly she can hear through the door…she can hear them sneeze, cough, what they’re saying to each other. It’s not. cool.)

But apparently, there was just a blip in the satellite, like she and Leo had experienced when watching Smokin’ Aces (whoah. That’s all she can say about that movie…whoooaaah.), and their evangelical minister screamed back to a start moments later.

Faith starts to cry a little bit. She’s not kidding…this sucks so bad, and she feels dumb because she forgot her comfy pillows at home, and they didn't even do anything to the house that day that required her and Leo being out of it (they just put in the floor joists for the new space), and now she has to listen to a guy praise JEEESSUUUUSS! all night long through the wall, and so she finally gives up, and decides to call downstairs. If for no other reason than to show the men next door how easy it is to hear their neighbor through the door.

She speaks to Ron at the Host Desk. She tells Ron how disappointed she is because (a) the hotel can’t even be 50% occupied, and she and her husband were placed next to some random strangers in a room that joins their with a door? WTF? And (b) someone needs to know how very crappy those doors are at keeping sound from traveling through them, because oh. my. GOD, do they suck at doing their secondary job. And (c) does he happen to have any earplugs? Please?

Ron does not have earplugs. (Faith suggests they should get some, since their doors between conjoined rooms are so fucking awful at keeping out the noise.)

Are they checking out tomorrow, by any chance, Faith asks? No. They aren’t. But he can offer to move Faith and her husband, if they’d like.

Place: Faith’s Office

Time: 10 a.m. Thursday morning

Scene: Faith’s head on desk. She’s tired. She’s sleeping. Shhhh!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Just a little AWing here...

Last Saturday was my 4 year blogvrsry. I missed it...I honestly thought it was more like today, or something. Oops!

I can't believe I've been writing this mutha for 4 years. Hot damn! Hope everyone enjoys it as much as I do. Like I do every year, I wanna thank those who take the time to read. It's fun to write and get things off my chest like I can, and it only makes things that much more enjoyable to know that some people actually enjoy reading it, too.

Here's to another 4 years! Woo!

Buying a clue for $300, please?

Seriously, why doesn't this woman just pack up her kid and ship him off to live with his grandfather, already? Fuck!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Now, with added sarcasm!

So this weekend wasn't particularly perfect, as you might've figured out from yesterday's post. (Yep, there was go check it out if you didn't already see it.) In addition, there was this: I was supposed to get my hair done on Saturday. But I didn't. Wanna know why? Ok!

Back when I got married, I told the salon to go ahead and change my name in the system to my new married name. They did that, and there hasn't been any problem since then, really, until this weekend. I guess there was another person in the system with my exact same name. She'd been to the salon once before...for a massage in December. Yeah, they called HER on Friday to remind her of her hair appointment on Saturday with my hairdresser, and she was all, "Um, I don't have an appointment tomorrow."

So they fucking cancelled it!

I guess they have a new dude working there. He seemed nice enough to me. He was the one that booked my appointment the last time I was in to get it colored. He was also the one that pulled up the wrong record under the wrong person, and booked her for a color and highlights on Saturday.

I don't like the new guy any more.

Now my hair looks like ultimate SHIT, and I have to go in on Wednesday night to get it done. (Bless my hairdresser's heart...she's staying late to help me out!)

This doesn't help my week any. This is the week we start framing the new addition. The week the walls come down. The week that our life turns into a life similar to that experienced in the Money Pit. (I actually have started imagining scenarios like the one where Shelly Long's character opens the medicine cabinet in the morning to get some antacid and finds herself face to face with a construction dude. Then he tells her that she's almost out of birth control pills.) I'm already stressed, and we have to check into a hotel tomorrow. Now I can't check in (no time...I have to run straight from work to my hair appointment), and Leo isn't feeling comfortable with checking in for us, for some insane reason. I had a mini blow-up yesterday when he got home from work and told him that I really need him to get on board. For the love of all things holy, I'm gonna lose it if he doesn't stop complaining about not being able to eat his oatmeal while we're living at the hotel this week. (No microwave in the room.)

The rooms look so horribly terrible, too. God, I feel just awful making him stay here! I really should get him a present to make it up to him.

Maybe a new bathroom with a walk-in closet and moving the washer and dryer in the house will make him happy again?


Sorry...sorry....I needed to vent a bit, it seems. Now I need to go figure out how badly I fucked up my boss's expenses last week when I tried to enter them, and it didn't work. *sigh!* (Yeah, there'll be lots of sighing over the next few weeks, I'd imagine. Better get used to it.)

Monday, May 26, 2008

Well on our way.

Here it is, a Monday off, and I've been as productive as I can be, I think. I didn't sleep much last night...thunderstorms moved in at about 11:15, and I decided to stay up until any severe threat had passed, and by then, Iron Chef had started so I just watched that. And then another wave moved in at about 3, so I was up for that (I went to bed about 12:15...), and then Leo got up for work at 5:30, and Izzy woke me up at 7:30 because she had to go outside.

*sigh.* I am le tired.

The dogs have to be escorted outside in the front yard throughout the day, which adds to the tiredness. I cleaned, cleaned, cleaned all morning, and after the threat of the vacuum had come and gone, they were right tuckered, thank goodness. So they slept for a bit while I finally sat and ate some lunch, and then after a shower, I decided it was time for a bit of a nap. I think I dozed for about 15 minutes, until our neighbor across the street came home and posed enough of a menace to Izzy that she felt it appropriate to start barking like mad. Wide awake, I popped her shock collar on her for a bit, and then dried my hair. Then I took the puppies on a quick walk, so Jake could poop in some random neighbor's yard down the street (why he couldn't just go when we were in our own yard is fucking beyond me...), and then we came back home.

Now I'm here. Because I need human interaction. So I'm visiting with you guys. How you doin'? Having a good Memorial Day I hope? Good...that's nice.

Oh, I also packed up the remains of the closet in the master bedroom, and started packing away the stuff in the office somewhere in the middle of all that mayhem up there. Just for good measure.

Hell, at least I didn't need to go to the gym! Busy, busy, busy...sweaty, sweaty, sweaty! (Blech.)

So here are some more pictures for you. Just about caught up on them with this batch. More to come later this week, I'm sure.

So this is the new poured foundation after they took the frames away. They also shoveled the dirt pile we'd had in the middle of the backyard to fill in the space around the foundation. The slope seems a bit steep to me, so I'm gonna talk to the contractor about that. Otherwise, all is well there. (Gas line excluded...that is also going to be discussed with the contractor, as mentioned in the previous post, of course.)
Here's the inside of the space. This will essentially be our new crawspace for the addition. It seems really deep to me right now. I'm sure that once there is plumbing and all that good stuff in there, it won't be as roomy, but we'll see! Leo seems to think it'll be a safe place for us to run in case of tornadic activity. I can't see myself doing that, but whatev.
When they shoveled the dirt pile down and around the foundation, they seemed to spread some of it all over the yard. My contractor keeps saying that he knows it's a mess, but it will all be worth it in the end. And while I'm perfectly willing to look on the bright side as much as possible throughout this process, it's hard to do so when it rains for 3 days in a row...AND ALL THAT FUCKING DIRT TURNS TO MUD.
Now you know why the puppies are having to be escorted to the front yard for their potty breaks. It kind of dried up in the backyard for a bit on Saturday afternoon, and then last night was ok. But then it fucking rained again, and while Izzy is a champ at avoiding the mess, Jake seems to revel in not just wandering through it, but also loves climbing to the top of the pile of dirt, and he hasn't had the chance to roll around in it, but I'm sure he would if he could.

No matter...Leo has a hard time relaxing with him out there on his own anyway. This is the fence we currently have in place to keep Izzy and Jake from wandering off.

It worked ok in the first week, but then last week it got breezy, and the bottom was flapping up, and Jake saw it as his opportunity to wander down the street. Leo found him two houses down, but it upset him a lot. So that's why the rocks and stuff are holding it down at the bottom now.

Anyway, that's what's up. Watch tomorrow for some pics of the kitchen...I need some advice from everyone, which is always fun. Happy holiday!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Weekend blogging!

Since I was remiss in adding the photos to my library that we had taken this last week, I thought I'd catch up on the photo album I've been creating of the reno project today. Even though it's a Saturday. My hair appointment that I was supposed to have got all fucked up, so you guys (whoever reads blogs on the weekend, anyway) get the benefit of my update! Yay you!

So here was what the foundation frames looked like when they put them up last week. It's crazy to think it was only 7 days ago, since they've gotten so much other stuff done since then, and they only did two days of work, really!

That yellow thing in the photo there is our gas line. I don't know when they plan on putting it into the ground, or what have you, but I hope they do it soon. It's making me nervous having it hanging out like that with all the activity going on around it. And with Jake's sharp teeth available to get wrapped around it at any given moment.

This was the crane that was brought in to get the cement poured into the frames on Tuesday, I think it was? Anyway, Leo got photos...

It was HUGE! I was talking to our back neighbor on Thursday after work, and apologizing for the mess and the noise and everything. He goes, "Oh no...nothing to worry about. It's so exciting to see it happening!" I hope all the neighbors feel that same way about it. Because I just feel bad. Maybe it's because I have a huge mess in my backyard? Could I be projecting my own negative feelings about the project, perhaps? I dunno...

Again, BIG crane. Very cool...
This guy was guiding the cement into the frames as it came out of the crane...seems like a fun job, right? I wouldn't mind it, anyway.

Leo and I will be living at the Hyatt Suites in OP starting Wednesday. I hope we'll be ok to move back into the house on Sunday, and that we won't be wasting our time at the hotel, either. The plan is for the framing of the new space to get started that day, which means the exterior walls come down. ::freaking out a little bit:: I'm really excited, but I also really hope that (a) Leo doesn't mind the hotel, since I already paid up front for it through Expedia (it was so reasonable that way!), and (b) that nothing happens between now and Wednesday to fuck up the plans. Cross your fingers!

Friday, May 23, 2008


I've been hungry since 9 a.m. I ate breakfast, but apparently it wasn't enough for my (slovenly, out of control, pain in the muthfuckin' ass) belleh. It wanted more. I was tempted to go down to the cafe in the building to buy a muffin and an iced tea. I mean, it is Friday, after all. (No, I can't make sense of it either.) But I resisted. And I ate a very small amount of granola I had in a bag in my desk cubby instead.

And now I'm starving and want to eat a fucking bussload of food.

And I'm wearing a headband that hurts my head and I'm pretty sure is making me dizzy. But without it in, my hair not only looks like utter shit, the roots are completely visible and make me want to throw up when I see them in the mirror. (Hair appointment tomorrow...thank GOD.)

I did bring back-up clips. I guess I could try to figure out a way to make them work for me right now.

Ok, there...that's better. Aaaahhhh...::head breathes a sigh of relief::

Also? I realized today I have no idea where our tickets for Eddie Izzard are in the house. I thought they were in the ticket spot. (Yes, there's a spot. What? Doesn't everyone have one?) But they aren't. I don't remember ever receiving them. Turns out Leo signed for them back in March. What did he do with them? I don't know. Will he? I sure as hell hope so!

Ugh. I'm gonna go find lunch. Bye!

Thursday, May 22, 2008


I just took the time to clean off all my Dilbert cartoons I've had hanging on my file cabinet in my cube for the past 6 months. It was looking messy, they were old, so I cleaned it all up.

I moved all the magnets and organized them a bit, too.

I think it might be safe to say (a) I'm incredibly bored, and (b) I need this 3 day weekend to start, like, yesterday.


Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I hate shorts.

This morning on my way to work, I was in a slow traffic area that gave me the opportunity to observe a woman out for a morning walk. She was wearing shorts. And she was not a small chick.

Here's the deal: I've got quite the inner thigh going on. I haven't worn shorts to work out in since I was in college, and I was a size 8. Even then it bugged me when they rode up a bit.

But this woman was just walkin' along down the street, with her right leg of her shorts hiked all the way into her crotch.

It's not like I could see anything except for an extra bit of thigh that I really didn't necessarily need to see, but still. It's the comfort level thing that I question. Did she really think that taking a walk in shorts was a good idea? And was I the only one uncomfy with the view we had? It just rubbed me (heh.) the wrong way, is all.

I work out in pants. Only pants. Pants all the time. Even they have a tendency to ride up a bit when I'm on the treadmill, but it's something I can deal with in a reasonably graceful way. (As graceful as one needs to be at the gym, anyway.)

Why do people with lots of inner thigh wear shorts? Even when it's hot out, nuh-uh. Maybe I'm just too damned picky...

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

My favorite kind...

Ok, Jake isn't such a HUGE dick, or anything. Like I always say, he's lucky he's cute! But really, he's more and more mellow every day. Only once in a while does he spaz out and do something that involves me in the crossfire of the Puppy Deathmatches he and Izzy hold on the couch on a daily basis.

But a lot of the time he does shit that makes me laugh. The way he attempts to focus, but really is just randomly scanning every. part. of. my. face. all at once. The licking, licking, licking, like he was doing this morning. It was like my hand was a liver-treat popsicle all of a sudden. I blame the drug haze he must be still working his way out from his surgery yesterday, but still. Foonay. Also? The fact that he was so voraciously humping Izzy last night, even though his little balls had been lopped off just hours before. You go, little dude! (As Leo and I reattached the mirror to the back of the dresser, they passed back and forth between Leo and the dresser itself, each time Izzy looking more and more frustrated with his constant mounting, until she finally snapped at him, and he was demoted to the position of sniffing her ass as she walked away from him. It was hilarious at the time! You might've had to be there to enjoy it. I wish I could have caught it on video, but our camera sucks and I hate it. So oh well!)

And when he does shit like this...

And what are they looking at? There wasn't anything there, I can assure you.
Well, ok...I can't assure assure you, because honestly, I thought he was so funny the way he was standing/sitting there, I was just snapping pics. So, yeah. Coulda been a clown passing through the yard at the time, and I just missed it.

Like sleeping in a hotel room.

So we're on fire at the Smith household. The remodel is moving along at a clip that we're trying to keep up with. Just when we think it's going to cool off for a couple of days, they come and get something else done, and so we get all worked up again. I spent most of the weekend packing everything up...books, drawers full of stuff, more books, the knick-knack jungle that we keep on top of the t.v. cabinet and dresser in the master. It was ridiculous. But it kept me busy. :)

Last night, since pilates was clearly out of the question (I actually considered going to Target halfway through the day to get a workout outfit I could wear...but I didn't), I was happy to help Leo move the furniture out of the bedroom we currently use as a "master" bedroom, and into the front bedroom which will become the Beautiful Guest Room (complete with comment cards for our visitors to fill out...) after the reno is done. Here's a crappy picture of the bedroom when we were almost done clearing it out. All we needed to do was move the dresser. Yeah...sooo easy!

Sorry it's so dark. Looked ok on my camera at the time!

Here's the bed in the new room. We're trying out a new configuration, too...I didn't sleep super well in the new space. I woke up in the middle of the night, and had a hard time getting back to sleep. I blame the change. And Leo. Because that's how I roll.

Here was the biggest problem we encountered during the switch. Our dresser didn't fit through the hallway, because it's a dick. I asked Leo to take pictures of the stuckness. He took a couple of pretty crappy ones that didn't show it in its full glory, but we were hungry and tired, so I forgive him.
We finally managed to get the dresser out when I remembered how the mving guys got it in the room several years ago...we stood it almost on it's end, and scooted it through the crooked hallway space that way. It'll be much easier to move in and out now that it's in a room that has a direct line to the living room. Yay!

And here's the new room, semi-put together. We hadn't made the bed again. And when I went to do so, someone (eh-em, JAKE) had ripped a hole in my sheets. Dick. So I had to change the sheets, and now he has a new queen sized toy to fuck with in the living room, or possibly his crate.
I'm glad we're done with that! Next thing we need to tackle is the office. Blech. More stuff later...on Jake's balls, and the foundation and stuff. Fun.

Monday, May 19, 2008

In case you haven't figured it out...

I got nothing today. It's clearly a Monday, as I forgot both my cell phone AND to pack a bag for pilates tonight before leaving the house this morning, and then work...yeah. It's, well, work and everything.

I was going through my archives (from August and September last year, specifically), and I just don't have anything up my sleeve like I did back then. I typed up an absolutely boring-to-the-point-of-laughable post earlier, only to delete it when I was almost done with it...because it bored ME, and I didn't want to do that to you guys.

So definitely something tomorrow. I have pictures to post, if nothing else. And a post-op discussion on Jake losing his manhood today. So, be continued......

Friday, May 16, 2008

Just 'cuz...

I was on my way back from getting a pizza at the cafeteria (and saw Emaw on my way out...hi Emaw!), and had my hands full of iced tea and pizza boxes and things, so I was going to forgo putting my sunglasses on my face for the walk back, but it was just too damned sunny. (And perfect. GodDAM it's perfect outside today!) And as I stopped to put things down so I could fish my sunglasses out of my pocket, I immediately thought, "My eyes! My eyes!" which is my best online immitation of Phoebe's reaction when she first saw Chandler and Monica gettin' it on on Friends. Here...s'funny.

Bits and Pieces

I totally forgot about this stuff until this morning! The graduation weekend in Indiana. The pictures we took. The many memories we'll have...

So here's the lil' cabin we rented at the Cedar Ridge Camping Resort for the weekend. It was nice. Comfy. A mite small, but really, nothing to complain about.

Looks like we could just hook it up to the Hyundai and go, huh? So wee! Sooo precious.

The shower in the bathroom was so "cute" it barely fit my fat ass inside it. And for those of us 5'8" and shorter (I'm only 5'5", for example...), forget about washing anything below your boobs. Because the shower head was aimed at about 4'8", and didn't go any lower. I had to splash water at the lower (eh-em...) areas in order to get them wet to wash them properly. It was fun.

Nevertheless, it was a nice place to stay that had a t.v., and didn't smell like a mix of patchouli and pot. This is what it looked like inside...

I'm wearing that same shirt right now!

This bed was supposedly a queen sized one. There was also a couch in the living area that pulled out. We figured that must've been what they were referring to when they said it had a queen bed inside. Because, uh-uh.

We brought our own linens fom home. That was a nice plus to driving to the graduaton, I thought.

The whole cabin was decorated in America, We Love You! shit. It was like Betsy Ross had dropped by and threw up all over the place.

I happened to have a bottle of Swiss Navy lube with me (dont really don't wanna know. And no, it wasn't for that. Sickos...), and used it for a photo op. USA vs Swiss! Fight fight fight fight!So that was fun.

They came and poured the base of the walls for our foundation yesterday. I got into work today and had an email from my contractor that read as follows: "just an fyi; the foundation crew thinks they will start setting wall pannels tomorrow. nothing like the clanging of metal at
about 7:00am to wake you on a sat. morning. !" (Yeah, he's not big on puncuation or grammar, or what have you...)

I don't know what he's so damned excited about, but I'm being a good sport about it. As best I can, anyway. Leo goes to work at 6:20 a.m anyway, so he won't care. But my neighbors...I hope they don't hate us. We already talkd earlier this week about the early hours the constrution guys seem to enjoy, and I told them I owe them some presents/bottles of wine when we're all done with this crap. I might just have to take a bottle of wine over there tonight, though. Sheesh!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

I never can understand this...

Yesterday, each time I went to the bathroom at my office, I saw a spider in there. I get confused when I see bugs and spiders in the bathroom here at work because we're on the 5th floor. Also, I couldn't tell if it was multiple spiders, but each time I went in there, it was either in my stall (which is at the far end of the room away from the door), or by the door, or then back by the stall I go into at the far end. So were there two or three spiders? Or was he just pacing? I dunno.

Nothing exciting happening with the reno. They framed in the foundation yesterday, but that was it. Supposed to pour it today or tomorrow, I guess. Oh, and they tore off a piece of siding for some reason. Not sure what that was about...Leo thought maybe they were looking to see what's underneath? I'm like, Who cares? They're just gonna rip it down, anyway!

Here's the new waste line. Happy Twin? Not so gross anymore, right? Yay!
And the yellow tube thing sitting on top of the dirt is the new gas line. I just thought it was pretty, so I took a picture.
Leo is having an issue with the construction guys already. Apparently, he spoke to our contractor about the need to possibly put a lockbox on the house (since certain contractors will need to get in and out throughout the process), and soon after that, he was lounging on the couch when the guy dealing with the AC just waltzed right in the front door! No knocking...just walked in. I mean, I understand...sort of. But then he just went out the backdoor with no regard for the fact that we have two dogs we're trying to keep out of the yard (a) when there are people working in it, and (b) when we aren't at the ready to observe them and make sure they don't take off through the temporary fence that's been put in place.

That kinda pissed me off.

So I know we're going to have to come up with a solution for where to put the puppies when we aren't home, and that won't put them into a dangerous situation. But still...I don't understand why someone would be so cavalier with the people they're working for. WTF is that about? I'm not trying to be prissy...I know the construction process is going to make things a bit less convenient and comfy for us over the next few months, but I don't think it makes sense for someone just to wander about someone's home as if they aren't there...when they are, in fact, sitting on the couch.

Anyway, Leo was gonna talk to our contractor about it today, and I might follow up with an email later if he doesn't have a chance to.

But that's about it for now! Maybe I'll save you all the drudgery of seeing any photos for a couple of days, seeing as everything is kinda not so exciting at this point. I mean, the hole was pretty cool. And the dirt! All that dirt...pretty neato. But now? Meh.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Last night, Jake climbed up on me and licked my face. Then he turned around, walked down my leg, and sat on it like this:
Too bad I was wearing black pants, since the contrast doesn't show very well. But that's him straddling my lower thigh. Because that's comfy.

Dude hates his balls, it seems. Good thing we're cuttin' em off on Monday! Mwahahahahahaha...

No turning back.

Here we are, at the actual beginning of the project. I took pictures for you all last night! Probly not as exciting to you as it is to me, but I don't care. Nyah.

This is the wall that will be torn down. The window on the right will be moved over about 2 feet in order to make room for the extension of the bedroom inside. The window on the left is our "master" bedroom. That's basically where the door to the new bathroom will be. Yay! (Oh, and all the wires and stuff? That's for our AC unit. The contractor saw it for the first time yesterday, since it was actually moved last week. He told me it was NOT done properly, and will be fixed...those lines and cords and stuff are supposed to be moved behind where the AC unit is now sitting. I told him I was really glad to hear that! I hadn't thought to ask him about it, but it looks like shit and wouldn't be convenient to repair should anything go wrong, since they're right where the new crawlspace will be located.)

This is the hole from the side. This shows just how big the new addition is going to be. I'm so fucking excited about the size of it, I can't even express myself properly about it. I just get all weepy and whiny and start drooling. So it's best I move on now.
THIS is the big ol' pile of dirt that was dragged out of said hole. I think Jake is reveling in the majesty of it all. "How long would it take for me to create a pile like that?" I bet he's wondering. Little asshole might just be working on that under the deck, dammit.
And here's a mini-pile that they left on another side of the yard. Because, you know, fucking up one part of the lawn isn't really enough...must make a mess of as much of the yard as possible, please. Aaaand, the "waste" line breakage. Yes, it's not good. I actually went to the gym in Olathe this morning to shower, since I felt pretty bad about pushing anything more out of that pipe than really needed to be pushed out, you know? Fortunately for them, I don't shit as much at night as I do in the morning, so the damage should be relatively minimal for them to have to clean up. Again, it's their own damned fault they weren't prepared for this, so I don't feel all that bad. And I'm really, really glad that we'll have new pipe installed to replace the old ceramic one that was there. It's going to work much better over time, I'm sure.
I'm sure I'll have some more great pics to take when I get home tonight, so be prepared for that tomorrow! I have other stuff I'll post later today, but I'm spreading it out. Because I'm all about the suspense, baby.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Reluctant update...

I had the best damned BLT sandwich for lunch today, it was ridiculous. I only ate half of it because I also got chips and some potato salad (I went to Dean & Deluca to "grab" a quick bite after running errands...and the potato salad and sammich were literally calling to me as soon as I leaned over the deli case...the potato chips were an impulse buy on my way to the check out. Sort of...), but then the rest of the afternoon I couldn't stop thinking about that other half in the fridge down the hall. I thought I could take it home and eat it for breakfast tomorrow, but that apparently was not meant to be. I ate it 10 minutes ago instead. Let's call it an early breakfast, mkay?

(I honestly don't know why I put the word "grab" into quotes in the paragraph above this. Hm. Must've had some reason behind it when I typed it, so I'ma gon' leave it...)

And I'm glad I did, too. The sandwich was somehow drippy...I'm not sure what it was that did it- perhaps the combo of the honey-smoked bacon with the tomato? Couldn't tell ya. But anyway, it was soaking through the bread which made it slightly less enjoyable than the other half I had for lunch, but still really fucking good. I'm not sure it would have made it to tomorrow.

I won't be stopping by Dean & Deluca for lunch like that again. I might as well have gone to McDonald's and gotten the two hamburgers and fries I'd seriously thought about getting, thanks to the lovely meal I chose. But, was all gourmet, so that makes it ok, right? Slightly okay-er? Ish? Meh...

I ran into my ex-coworker friend while I was there, so I got to catch up with her a teensy bit as well. Awesome!

Ok, so there's a hole in the ground in our backyard, with the added bonus of a broken "waste" line. (Which is also called the "sewer" line in my house. We don't pretty it up with fancy-pants words, dammit.) The contractor said not to worry and to go about business as usual. I think he might've underestimated the power of my bowels, poor man. That, or he isn't the one that has to clean up after us before fixing the break tomorrow morning. Heh. Smart dude, being in charge and all.

I'll be taking pictures, of course. This is the beginning...the genesis of all that will make me happy in my home for the next 10 years.

I mean, outside of my husband, of course. (Whoops!) And the puppies. And my air conditioner. Because, let's be honest...a hot and sweaty Faith is no gift to anyone, right? Holla!

And that, my friends, is what we call "Tuesday."


I'm not in the mood to write today. So I'll keep this short for now. I might wind up being in the mood later...

The guys showed up today to start the digging on the back yard.

You know what? I can't keep new keyboard is having the same issues with missing certain letters as I type as the old one did, and it's frustrating the HELL out of me. I don't know if it's me or the keyboards, and how to fix it? GAH!

::runs away from computer::

Monday, May 12, 2008

I've got a fevah. And the prescription is more puppy pictures.

I think the most fitting way to start off the week is with pictures of the puppy, don't you?

As a reminder, here's what the cute ball o' fluff (with very sharp teeth) used to look like as of about 2 months ago...

Awww, right? So cute. So little. Sooo fluffy!

Well, that fluff poses a problem as he gets older, not the least of which is how matted it can get even though we groom him once a month or so. The other problem is how much like velcro it is, as I've mentioned before. He loves to roll around outside. And when he does, dude gets covered in whatever might be within 10 feet of his rolling area. Also, the sponginess of the fur allows for a loooot of water to be absorbed even when just taking a quick jaunt through the dewy grass. This causes him to splash - literally splash - as he runs back inside after spending any amount of time out in the yard on weekend mornings. He hates being dried off, for some reason, so it's not a favorite activity for me either.

Anway, without further ado, here he is!

And if you're laughing right now, then you're officially in the club of Laughing At Jake And His Little Funny Shaved Ass. (That's Izzy behind him. Looks like she was surprised to see the dude actually had an asshole all this time, and wasn't magically producing poop like she thought he had been for the last 3 months.)

Here's a picture I took as we watched t.v. on Saturday afternoon. He has gotten soooo big! He's really tall and gangly. (And yes, that's my foot. I'm just that lazy...)
Leo took pics of him on the day he brought him home from the groomer, though. Here he is, tossing his ear over his puppy shoulder, trying to look as sexy as he can while wearing the stoopid little scarf thing they tie around the puppy's necks at our groomers. I don't know why they do that. I hate them.
And from above, you can see how much he looks like velvet. He's so soft! But he's also all head. I don't know how he holds it up!

He's a menace to the house, though. We finally had to give him a bath last night and shut the back door and provide chaperoned visits to the yard for business-doing after he'd come in twice covered in mud all over his front paws and face. Dude is a digger (not to be confused with a Dugger, even though his name does start with a "J"...), and has found a happy place to dig under our existing patio. We need to figure out a good way to keep him from heading under there, but we aren't too sure what to do. We're working on it, though. I think we'll head to the Depot tonight to grab some stuff and hopefully curtail the digging a bit. Because MAN! The mud and dirt! He came running in last night, jumped up on my lap, and firmly (and proudly) planted his front paws on my chest, and started licking my face. Soooo not funny. (Even though I did laugh, because what're ya gonna do?)

Anyway, he's our puppy. He's a funny boy, and we're learning to love him more and more.

This week I'll post some photos of the cabin we stayed at in Indiana, and tell the story about Stick-Up-Her-Ass-Woman that lives across the street from us...should be fun! Happy Monday all...

Friday, May 09, 2008

C'mon now!

Just got an email from my friend Alisha...she wanted to let me know about this in case I hadn't heard yet. I thought I'd pass it along to those who follow this kooky family and their baby hijink action, as well as to those that haven't ever heard of them before.

I got my new keyboard today, and it kick major ass. I feel better now. Aaaahhhhh...

But not good enough to start having kids for the next 11 years straight! So Leo can just get away from me with that thing! limits!

You'll just have to wait.

Ok, we got pics of Jake with his new haircut, but I didn't upload them last night, and ran out of time this morning thanks to my efforts to try to look pretty and presentable at work. Damn the man for making me feel like I have to have pretty hair and wear makeup in the office! GAH!

Seriously though, guys realize how lucky they are, right? Just wanted to check, because it crossed my mind on my way into the office today that perhaps you all might not realize...'cuz you are, ok? Lucky, lucky assholes...

My keyboard is still stiking, nd t prove how much of a pain in the ass it is, I'm yping this paragraph without going bak and fixing it's littl mistaes. Shocing tha I've made it this far without the space bar being a dik. I did order a ew ne, for the record. Also got some of tat copressed air stuff on he way. Becaus, oh holy hell, this sucks! The ironic thing is that it's calleda "Foreer" kyboard. I don't know what they mean by "Forever", but I have newsfor's more lke "For 2 yeas". GAH!

We're going to start digging next week. We were supposed to start this week, but then the rain moved in, and made it a little less attractive of a idea. The contractor told me he'd be more likely to be buiding us a brand new swimming pool if we'd started this week. I don't know how that'll change next week at IS that time of year. But I'm trying to think dry thoughts so we can get to work on the foundation for the new space.

I go today to pick up the cash from the loan, which is always exciting. It'll be tough to not spend frivolously on yummy expensive food all weekend in celebration, but we'll try. Maybe we'll get a bottle of our favorite stuff to celebrate with, just a little bit. I mean, we deserve it, right? This is a big step in our little world, I think. We are putting an addition on the house. We are officially badasses when it comes to taking control and getting what we want, dammit. Argh! (Ok, we're not pirates, though. I just don't know how to express the power I feel in any better way. So we sound piratey, is all. But we aren't pirates. Not right now.)

I'll probably post the pics of Jake tonight or tomorrow, so keep an eye out for them. He looks like a fucking velvet calf that's just been born, or something. Dude's legs are soooo long and he's so gangly. I think the hair helped him balance better or something, because he seems twice as awkward now as he did with the hair on him! Oh, and next week, we throw his little world off even more when we have him fixed. We're so excited! Poor little dude...he might not like us for the next few months I think. Oh well...his fault for being born a dog!

Off to burn through some more of my items on my to-do list. I'm bustin' through them quickly today, which makes me feel pretty good. Especially with the way the week started and everything. I'm glad it's over!

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Phone Photos

Yesterday's retardery aside, this week has been a pretty decent one. Yay for short weeks at work!

The puppy is getting his velcro-ass shaved today, which should be fun. There will be pictures...oh yes, there will. I'm excited because hopefully this will mean that (a) he won't bring in 800 gallons of water with him in his fur whenever he returns from a jaunt outside in our tall and often dewy or rained-on grass and (b) he won't bring in half of the mulch from the flower beds embedded in his coat for a few months at least. Because THAT isn't annoying or anything!

Izzy is getting more and more used to him. But we still have problems with him wanting to eat her food when we serve it to her (he's a vaccum when it comes to food...dude can put away a 10 pound turkey if given the opportunity, I bet...), so we have to give it to her on the ottoman in the living room instead of on the kitchen floor. He can still hop up on the ottoman since he's gotten so huge now (huge is relative, of course...he only weighs about 8 or 9 pounds, I'd guess, and most of that is fur and head), but he's reluctant to do it when we are there to reprimand him, or since Izzy tends to get all bitchy on his ass when he tries to horn in on her eatin' time.

So last night, Leo gives her the food, but he placed it too near the center of the ottoman instead of the top edge which gives her proper room to stand on the ottoman while she eats. No matter...she adjusted accordingly:

I saw this, and had to take a picture. Leo didn't even notice it was happening, even though he was sitting right there with her ass in his face.

Side note: Oblivion...what's that like? Someone please tell me, because I fear I must be missing out on something awesome.

In other phone-photo news, we met up with the giant cross in Effingham, Illinois while we were driving through...well, Illinois. It popped up on the horizon and made me laugh so hard I almost missed getting a shot of it. I sent it to the Twin right away with the subject, "JESUS!" And inside my message I wrote, "That is one big muthafuckin cross!" And it really is...

Don't worry, Christ thinks its funny, too. Dude was probably up in heaven the day it was put up, shaking his head saying, "Man, they just don't get it, do they? *sigh!*" No Jesus...they really don't.

Anyway, I'm happy it's Thursday. I'm looking forward to some downtime, relaxation, and hanging out over the weekend. Today it's absofuckinglutely gorgeous outside, so that sucks a bit. (I'm inside all day, dammit.) Tomorrow, I get a check for the loan that I need to put in the bank, so that'll definitely be fun. Dad and step mom are going home from Stanford today, or so I hear, which is fantabulous news, of course. I can't wait to hear how he's doing after he's been in his own house again for a bit. For the record, the surgery was in the beginning of February. They've been living in an apartment in Stanford (is it a town? I keep referring to it like it is, and I don't think it is...but it's relatively accurate, and I'm lazy, so I'll just keep saying it I guess) since he got out of the hospital and working on his physical therapy and figuring out his drugs he needs to take, etc...So going home should be quite a treat, I'd think!

Leo and I won't be going out to the Colombian restaurant tonight because we went ou last night with Lyn to the Record that was our night out this week. Sorry all! Hope you guys have fun, and can't wait to see you all later this month, I hope! way to end the post except awkwardly. Yeah...ok. Bye!

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Aaannnd Saturday...

Saturday, we were going to meet the BIL for lunch/brunch before graduation, but somehow the family all wound up joining in. I was sooo not in the mood. Thanks to my hangover, I looked and felt like shit, and the movement between nausea and hunger was quick and difficult to navigate. I was planning on staring at a wall as Leo and his brother talked about graduation, or perhaps the ass-kicking Leo gave us both at darts the night before, or something, and wasn’t in the mood to try to be nice or friendly with ALL of the family. After a bit of iced tea, I felt somewhat better. I forced down two pieces of toast, and then we went back to the cabin to get dressed for the graduation.

When we went into the graduation ceremony, it was 2:40-ish p.m. and about 70 degrees out…kind of humid. Sorta breezy.

1.5 hours later, we left the building and it was about 60 degrees out, and there was a minimum of 35 mph wind gusts blowing in with a nice chill that left the air feeling about 50 degrees. My dress wasn’t a problem when it came to the wind blowing it, but the coldness was. I’d left my coat in the car.

So then we had to stand there and wait for BIL to exit the building. Meet us by the flagpole, FIL had said. Yeah, there was a flagpole on both sides of the building, it turned out. He wound up going out the wrong side first.

Once he found us, we needed to take pictures.

And then the discussion of what we were going to do for dinner started again. BIL had only been able to obtain reservations for us at a place his dad wanted to go to at 9:30 p.m. that night. We were all fine with the idea of grabbing a snack and then catching dinner later. All except for FIL, of course. They had had lunch at about 11:30. I had only eaten two pieces of toast, mind you, and by the time the graduation ceremony had started, I was hungry and running on very low blood sugar, so it was really rather fortunate that the people who saw fit to bring their crying, bored-out-of-their-mind 2 year olds to the graduation (one of which kicked me in the head…nice) didn’t get drop-punted to the graduation floor during the ceremony, for fuck’s sake. A full 1.5 hours later as we waited outside in the wind and cold for people to get their fill of their graduating son or daughter in cap and gown, I spared no expense making it known that I was doing the best job I could not tearing anyone’s head off while we were standing outside in the fucking cold-ass wind with 800 gazillion other retards that didn’t think about the fact that they could take pictures LATER with their graduate in another location. Perhaps one that was indoors. I tried to hold it together. I really did. It just didn’t work as well as I planned it in my head.

My MIL stood next to me and tried to block the wind. Which is one of the many, many reasons why I love that woman. She didn’t say anything…she was just suddenly standing there, and I was all, “Dude! What’re you doing?” Because she was literally right on top of me…and I was confused thanks to the blood sugar issue. And she goes, “I’m trying to block the wind for you! I figured I was wide enough to be able to do the job…” I laughed, told her she was silly, and then hugged her, because she was doing a damn fine job of actually blocking the wind! Then FIL called her over to be in a picture. Dammit.

Anyway, we wound up at a sushi place. I don’t know how. I didn’t really care, I was just happy. It was me, Leo, his youngest brother, and my mother-in-law that arrived first. We sat down and looked at the menu, and decided to order a few appetizers to start. At that point, we were still planning on this being just a snack before we went to a wine bar to have some wine, and then we were set to head to the celebratory dinner at 9:30.

FIL changed that, though. He didn’t like the 9:30 reservations, and he didn’t want to go then.

*roll eyes*

The man doesn’t know the meaning of easy-going or “go with the flow”. So we wound up ordering a shit-ton of sushi, and having a lovely dinner there, and then BIL cancelled the dinner reservations afterward. (We were worried that there would be a problem, seeing as they took a credit card number in order to make the reservations. But it was FIL’s credit card. He didn’t care if he got charged, so we didn’t fucking care if he got charged. For someone that was bothered about having to help pay $75 for his son’s cap and gown rental for the graduation ceremony, he really confused the shit out of me when it came to certain spending issues throughout the weekend.)

Deciding on dinner was a bit more difficult than I would have preferred, but I’m a pain in the ass like that. FIL noticed they had an option where we could order various types of 6 pieces of nigiri sushi (the fish lying across the rice) for various prices. They named them after the 4 seasons, Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall. They had another option called Four Seasons which had 2 pieces of each season. Not knowing how the paying of the check would go down, I thought it best to figure out what might be the most economical choice for us to go with…one of each of the seasons, or getting 4 orders of the Four Seasons, in which case we would have 8 pieces of each type of fish. After starting to do the math, FIL got flustered and said, “Ok, money doesn’t matter. I think we should get ne each of the seasons.” To which I wanted to reply, “Well then, why’d you ask?” But I just said, “Ok!” And we put our order in.

Dude is a bit frustrating, IMO. It doesn’t help that I harbor a deep resentment for him due to his personal interpretation of “unconditional love” for his children, but whatev.

He’s a one-upper, too. Nothing more maddening than that. I kept talking about my emotional quadrant placement throughout the weekend, because it’s been a while since I’ve seen my in-laws, and it seemed a good time to remind them of what they got when I married their son. On Sunday morning, FIL decided to announce that he’s been working on the emotional edge for over 40 years, so he trumps my emotional situation by far. I don’t know what his deal was…might’ve been the issue he took with my wine find from the night before (it was a bottle of “Bitch 2006” from Australia. It was not. good. But we ALL loved the bottle! Well, except for FIL…), I dunno. I shouldn’t have fed the one-up beast, but I did. I just told him that I am a woman and when it comes to the emotional edge, we kind of have the market covered on it. My MIL laughed at that…which was all I needed.

So that was my weekend, in a nutshell. A BIG nutshell, but really, you don’t want to know the rest of the details. I have pictures I need to upload, so I might share those later this week, but we’ll see. I’m feeling awfully tired lately, and trying to feel motivated to do anything other than watch t.v. when I’m at home.

Hope everyone else isn’t having as craptastic a day as I am today. Blech.

Can't I get a job pooping for a living?

Good Lord. I've gone retarded, and it feels terrible.

I hate vacation.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

The lake was about 2 miles from the cabin...

Well. Wasn’t that a whirlwind of a weekend? Let’s just run it in order, shall we? Will be breaking this up over a couple of days because otherwise, it’s ridiculously long. Ridiculously. So here we go…

Friday: got into Bloomington without issue. Nuvi is fucking fantastic when it comes to road trips like the one we just took, and that’s all I’m gonna say about that.

The weather was fine. The wind was terrible through most of Illinois, and we got a bit of rain, but nothing too horrendous. I wasn’t driving during that, anyway, so I thought it was great!

We met up with the family at the house they were staying in near campus, and then went to pick up my bro-in-law at his apartment before heading to dinner. Dinner was at a bar, which didn’t make father-in-law happy. The beer was good, and my burger was alright, so I was fine with it. I wasn’t expecting anything gourmet, and the place we went was far from it. In fact, it was much too popular for the quality of food they served, but college kids can be dumb like that. The fact that it bugged my FIL kind of rubbed me the right way, so I enjoyed it regardless of the fact that the floors were dirtier than my garage floor, the onion rings and fried mushrooms we got to start off the evening were battered in some sort of Bisquick-type batter that was just…not right, and that we were sitting in the back of the restaurant in what must have been a storage area at some point, and we just felt in the way much of the time we were there. And don’t even get me started on the bathrooms.

After dinner, we split off from the family (Leo’s youngest brother is 16, so he couldn’t hang out with us, which meant neither could his parents…), and went to play darts and pool at one of BIL’s hangouts. It was a cool place. Plenty of room…decent beer on tap for a decent price…we were happy.

The lighting in the bathroom was the most unforgiving light that ever existed, though, and I remember looking at myself and thinking how bad I looked in there. Then I went out to drink some more, because as we all know, beer is the solution to feeling old. Fuck botox. Just drink enough beer, or whatever, and those little lines will not be the focus anymore, mkay?

Later, during another trip to the bathroom, a woman that was more my age than the others in the bar noticed the same thing about her face. She thought she looked so old! I thought she looked pretty (but it was clear she wasn’t 22, so don’t get me wrong…she wasn’t young, per se…), and I told her I thought it was the lighting in there, as I’d had my own realization earlier in the evening. Then she and her boyfriend kicked our asses at pool, and I didn’t wanna be her friend any more, so we went home.

On the way home, I yelled at potholes in the road, felt like I’d shit my pants when I coughed at one point, and then felt it was appropriate to text the Twin to tell her that I thought I’d shit my pants. Good times. (I had not, in fact, shit my pants. Whew!)

We fell into bed exhausted, and slept until 10 the next day. Our little cabin wasn’t anything fancy, but it had a t.v. in it, so it was one step up from the honeymoon hotel for us, dammit. My little BIL was jealous, because the house they were staying in didn’t only smell like pot (awesome), but it didn’t have a t.v. Gotta love hippies!

I'll tell you all about Saturday tomorrow. It was a longer day, so get ready!

Friday, May 02, 2008

Gee. FUN!

Well, we're through Columbia (and I'm now roaming on my broadband card...hope the company covers that!), and we're catching up to the squall line as it passes over St. Louis. No matter what, we will be with this storm for the rest of the fucking day.

And then sleeping in a cabin by a lake tonight with another strong storm over us there.

But tomorrow is supposed to be beautiful! So that's something to look forward to.

Too bad I'll likely be too exhausted to even enjoy it for the most part.


A Quicky from Faith

On the road to St. Louis as I speak. (Just passed exit 17 in Lee's Summit!...Little Blue Pkwy, how do you do...) Gotta dig the mobile broadband card!

Survived the night ok. Really, really hope everyone else did alright.

Will update later, IF I'm in the mood. :P:P:P:P


What a lovely evening. Almost forgot to get the dogs into Petsmart for their boarding over the weekend, and wound up remembering in time to drive them through town as a tornado warning was released for (what turned out to be) the southeast corner of JoCo. (We were in the mid-west part at that point...or maybe even the northwest. I dunno.)

And now? Now I'm waiting for the squall line that carries possible hurricane force winds (70 - 80 MPH!!!) to move through so I can get back to bed and get a little more sleep before my 4:30 a.m. alarm.

Shit, mother nature can be a beyotch.

I hope everyone is getting through this ok.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

In case anyone was wondering...

I got this balloon last week…
So now you know. Me = The Greatest. Not only that, but also #1. So you can all call off any prior searches you may have had going on. You found me.

Leo and I are headed out of town tomorrow to visit the illustrious town of Bloomington, Indiana. His little brother is graduating from Indiana University (a.k.a. my first choice college that I visited no less than 3 times, only to be rejected admission after I applied and auditioned for their music school with a cold and a sore throat as well as my semi-imperfect 18 year old pipes), so we’re meeting up with the fam and spending some time at my would-be alma mater had they not been such dicks, and everything. I’m so excited!

I think my deeply ingrained bitterness remains intact because of the school being the only one I really wanted to attend. And I had been looking forward to going there since I was 16 and a half. And even though I toured several colleges (St. Louis University, Tampa, Boston College, USC…) other than IU, it just was my dream college and where I felt I would be able to get the best education for what it was I wanted to do, which was study opera.

But 18 year old opera singers are tough to come by (i.e. “tough to listen to”). I’m sure it was something they were aware of…the fact that 18 year olds don’t tend to have completely developed vocal capacity, and all. But I was nervous. And the cold? Are ya kidding me? THAT was the time my body chose to get sick? Fuckin’ a.

Also, I had read somewhere that Indiana had the lowest average SAT scores for senior college applicants out of all universities across the US. I thought that made it easy! I could skate by with my crappy SATs, no problem, right? Yeah, except I was from CALIFORNIA. So, maybe they’d want me to have higher scores since I was from a state other than Indiana? I didn’t think of that until a couple of years later. (Hey, I only got a 730 on my SATs overall…so it makes sense that it took that long for me to figure that one out, right? Yeah…)

So when they rejected me both on my ability to sing (which they of course saw no semblance of) as well as on my academic ability? It hurt. It crushed me. I was very, very depressed about it.

USC accepted me, but I didn’t want to go to their crappy music school. *kicks at dirt and pouts* I went to see a performance by their school a little while before I auditioned. It wasn’t very impressive…the performance I’d seen at UC Irvine was more impressive, but there wasn’t any way in hell they would have accepted me, so I didn’t apply there. And then there was the difference in the audition…at IU, I was in a conservatory building. It was on a “practice stage” where they held performances and recitals for lower-level performances that weren’t being held at the IU Auditorium. And the practice stage was the largest stage I’d ever stood on and sung from. The space was HUGE. And I sounded like a fucking mouse trying to sing my arias. It was ridiculous.

(Here's what the regular Auditorium looks like...this is on a college campus, mind you...this is NOT where I auditioned. This was where they hold actual performances they sell tickets to, like the Leid Center at KU...)
(The foyer...)
(Aaand where I wanted to sing lots and lots of arias and wear fun costumes and stuff at...)
At USC, I was in a small classroom type space. Crowded with people who were evaluating me, and with my family and a friend out in the hallway listening to me sing. It was ridiculous in a completely different way. Like, a non-impressive one, after my IU experience.

Anyway, when USC accepted me, I turned them down. I was hurt and confused about what I was supposed to do. I wound up going to a junior college my freshman year, and then applied to Pepperdine and USC for sophomore entry into an English program instead. I thought that the colds I seemed to have on a consistent basis throughout my teen years would hinder my livelihood if I attempted to pursue the opera career.

And then I graduated from college and realized that the colds were probably caused by stress and being young and everything, because of course I don’t GET colds every year that would hinder any kind of a singing career now that I'm a grown up. Dammit.

Anyway, I don’t think I was cut out for opera, so it was a good thing overall that happened to me.

But I’m still bitter about it. So now I sing the blues. (And I sound pretty good, too…)