Friday, May 16, 2008

Bits and Pieces

I totally forgot about this stuff until this morning! The graduation weekend in Indiana. The pictures we took. The many memories we'll have...

So here's the lil' cabin we rented at the Cedar Ridge Camping Resort for the weekend. It was nice. Comfy. A mite small, but really, nothing to complain about.

Looks like we could just hook it up to the Hyundai and go, huh? So wee! Sooo precious.

The shower in the bathroom was so "cute" it barely fit my fat ass inside it. And for those of us 5'8" and shorter (I'm only 5'5", for example...), forget about washing anything below your boobs. Because the shower head was aimed at about 4'8", and didn't go any lower. I had to splash water at the lower (eh-em...) areas in order to get them wet to wash them properly. It was fun.

Nevertheless, it was a nice place to stay that had a t.v., and didn't smell like a mix of patchouli and pot. This is what it looked like inside...

I'm wearing that same shirt right now!

This bed was supposedly a queen sized one. There was also a couch in the living area that pulled out. We figured that must've been what they were referring to when they said it had a queen bed inside. Because, uh-uh.

We brought our own linens fom home. That was a nice plus to driving to the graduaton, I thought.

The whole cabin was decorated in America, We Love You! shit. It was like Betsy Ross had dropped by and threw up all over the place.

I happened to have a bottle of Swiss Navy lube with me (dont really don't wanna know. And no, it wasn't for that. Sickos...), and used it for a photo op. USA vs Swiss! Fight fight fight fight!So that was fun.

They came and poured the base of the walls for our foundation yesterday. I got into work today and had an email from my contractor that read as follows: "just an fyi; the foundation crew thinks they will start setting wall pannels tomorrow. nothing like the clanging of metal at
about 7:00am to wake you on a sat. morning. !" (Yeah, he's not big on puncuation or grammar, or what have you...)

I don't know what he's so damned excited about, but I'm being a good sport about it. As best I can, anyway. Leo goes to work at 6:20 a.m anyway, so he won't care. But my neighbors...I hope they don't hate us. We already talkd earlier this week about the early hours the constrution guys seem to enjoy, and I told them I owe them some presents/bottles of wine when we're all done with this crap. I might just have to take a bottle of wine over there tonight, though. Sheesh!


Nuke said...

Uh, the picture of you and the lube... it kind of looks like something that happens before the police and the film crew from Cops show up.

You are waaaaaay too excited (and I am NOT being pervy).

faithstwin said...

As I read that last part I instantly thought of your neighbors and in my head said to myself, "They'd better start cooking some brownies and shit right now..." Yeah. You need to take them stuff as the construction progresses, NOT just at the end.

The contractor is excited because it is moving along so smoothly and quickly. Aren't you? They will be putting walls up tomorrow, dude. I'm excited for you and it isn't even my house! The worst part is usually the construction and how long the building can take. You, so far, have breezed right through some of the toughest bits...gas line, sewer, being able to pour foundation without threat of rain. Seriously. Get some balloons for yourself right now.

"Looked like Betsy Ross threw up..." Classic. Why was the microwave above your head? How is that practical?

Faith said...

Nuke, I was totally going for the Tootie "you're gonna be in trouuubuulll..." face on that one. And I totally had Leo take that pic specifically so I could post it here. Because I'm all about uncomfortable silliness. :P

Setting the wall panels for the foundation, dude. So we have rebar sticking out of concrete right now (didn't get a pic yesterday, but will tonight...) and then they'll build the foundation walls for the crawlspace around those rebar poles, I suppose. It'll make more sense when I take pics. :)

The actual framing for walls to the bathroom will not go up until next week sometime, I think? Depends on a few things, least of which is the weather. We need to knock down the walls on the house first, and as far as I know, that isn't happening for another week. I think. I sent an email this morning, but haven't heard back yet. I'm starting to pack all our shit this weekend.

And yes! Brownies! Why didn't I think of that? I hope they eat things like that...they're skinny bitches over there.

faithstwin said...

Tell them they're 'no pudge' brownies, then.

OOooooOOohhhh. Rebar is different. But you still have been very lucky and should knock on all the wood framing for the fuck of it. Just saying.

Nahhh. You're a lucky bitch. I would be the one needing to rub rabbit's feet while I turn around three times saying a Hail Mary.

Anonymous said...

Why would you go out of your way to take a shit at a gas station.

Faith said...

I think the question moreover is why would YOU go out of YOUR way to make a comment about something that relates to a comment I made on a completely different blog?

Anonytards bug me.