Friday, May 23, 2008


I've been hungry since 9 a.m. I ate breakfast, but apparently it wasn't enough for my (slovenly, out of control, pain in the muthfuckin' ass) belleh. It wanted more. I was tempted to go down to the cafe in the building to buy a muffin and an iced tea. I mean, it is Friday, after all. (No, I can't make sense of it either.) But I resisted. And I ate a very small amount of granola I had in a bag in my desk cubby instead.

And now I'm starving and want to eat a fucking bussload of food.

And I'm wearing a headband that hurts my head and I'm pretty sure is making me dizzy. But without it in, my hair not only looks like utter shit, the roots are completely visible and make me want to throw up when I see them in the mirror. (Hair appointment tomorrow...thank GOD.)

I did bring back-up clips. I guess I could try to figure out a way to make them work for me right now.

Ok, there...that's better. Aaaahhhh...::head breathes a sigh of relief::

Also? I realized today I have no idea where our tickets for Eddie Izzard are in the house. I thought they were in the ticket spot. (Yes, there's a spot. What? Doesn't everyone have one?) But they aren't. I don't remember ever receiving them. Turns out Leo signed for them back in March. What did he do with them? I don't know. Will he? I sure as hell hope so!

Ugh. I'm gonna go find lunch. Bye!


faithstwin said...

uggghhh. I feel yucky! But it has nothing to do with eating or not. I hate it when I feel like eating a bussload of food though. Wait, isn't it just 'busload'? One 's'? That looks normal to me. Is busload a word? Shouldn't it be two words?

My head hurts.

Coley said...

Bitch. You have Izzard tickets? And you haven't placed them in a guarded locale? Well, maybe KC isn't as Izzard crazy as the Bay. His shows are sold out two years before he ever makes it out here.
And I'm right there with you in the HUNGER department. Stupid belly.

Sizzle said...

I'm seeing Izzard too! :)

I cannot wear headbands. Not just because I have short hair but because they always always hurt my brain.