Monday, May 12, 2008

I've got a fevah. And the prescription is more puppy pictures.

I think the most fitting way to start off the week is with pictures of the puppy, don't you?

As a reminder, here's what the cute ball o' fluff (with very sharp teeth) used to look like as of about 2 months ago...

Awww, right? So cute. So little. Sooo fluffy!

Well, that fluff poses a problem as he gets older, not the least of which is how matted it can get even though we groom him once a month or so. The other problem is how much like velcro it is, as I've mentioned before. He loves to roll around outside. And when he does, dude gets covered in whatever might be within 10 feet of his rolling area. Also, the sponginess of the fur allows for a loooot of water to be absorbed even when just taking a quick jaunt through the dewy grass. This causes him to splash - literally splash - as he runs back inside after spending any amount of time out in the yard on weekend mornings. He hates being dried off, for some reason, so it's not a favorite activity for me either.

Anway, without further ado, here he is!

And if you're laughing right now, then you're officially in the club of Laughing At Jake And His Little Funny Shaved Ass. (That's Izzy behind him. Looks like she was surprised to see the dude actually had an asshole all this time, and wasn't magically producing poop like she thought he had been for the last 3 months.)

Here's a picture I took as we watched t.v. on Saturday afternoon. He has gotten soooo big! He's really tall and gangly. (And yes, that's my foot. I'm just that lazy...)
Leo took pics of him on the day he brought him home from the groomer, though. Here he is, tossing his ear over his puppy shoulder, trying to look as sexy as he can while wearing the stoopid little scarf thing they tie around the puppy's necks at our groomers. I don't know why they do that. I hate them.
And from above, you can see how much he looks like velvet. He's so soft! But he's also all head. I don't know how he holds it up!

He's a menace to the house, though. We finally had to give him a bath last night and shut the back door and provide chaperoned visits to the yard for business-doing after he'd come in twice covered in mud all over his front paws and face. Dude is a digger (not to be confused with a Dugger, even though his name does start with a "J"...), and has found a happy place to dig under our existing patio. We need to figure out a good way to keep him from heading under there, but we aren't too sure what to do. We're working on it, though. I think we'll head to the Depot tonight to grab some stuff and hopefully curtail the digging a bit. Because MAN! The mud and dirt! He came running in last night, jumped up on my lap, and firmly (and proudly) planted his front paws on my chest, and started licking my face. Soooo not funny. (Even though I did laugh, because what're ya gonna do?)

Anyway, he's our puppy. He's a funny boy, and we're learning to love him more and more.

This week I'll post some photos of the cabin we stayed at in Indiana, and tell the story about Stick-Up-Her-Ass-Woman that lives across the street from us...should be fun! Happy Monday all...

6 comments: said...

freaking adorable! yeah - we have an economy size box of baby wipes by the back door for the lovely springtime paws of pups!

Spyder said...

Was he watching TV sitting on the ottoman?

Faith said...

No...he only watches t.v. when I have it on Dog Whisperer, or when Guy Fieri is on t.v. acting like the jackass he is. ;)

He was just staring longingly at the mirror at the end of the room. He's so fucking vain like that...

Coley said...

I love his ridiculously large head! I bet he'd be a champion snuggler if he could calm down for a few minutes.

And Guy Fieri is a total jackass, but I love watching him get fatter each episode of Diners, Driveins and Dives. Just too good.

Faith said...

Seriously...look at the dude's legs. How did they get so fucking long? He's like one of those musical toy things that you pull on to make the music happen, except we didn't pull on his feet to make his legs that long (I swear...ok, Leo does it now and then), and he doesn't emit a lovely version of Edelweiss when we do it.

When I carry him to bed, he snuggles into me like a baby. But then he realizes he's heading to the crate and he gets a bit aprehensive. When he's really, really tired, he just relaxes into it. That's always nice, even if it only happens now and then.

KC Sponge said...

Why, oh why, can't puppies stay puppies. Its the cruelest thing in the world, I say, that something so cute and fluffy and perfect, turns into something that smells and drools and eats my shoes!

Well, maybe not the cruelest - but its pretty high up there. =)