Friday, May 16, 2008

Just 'cuz...

I was on my way back from getting a pizza at the cafeteria (and saw Emaw on my way out...hi Emaw!), and had my hands full of iced tea and pizza boxes and things, so I was going to forgo putting my sunglasses on my face for the walk back, but it was just too damned sunny. (And perfect. GodDAM it's perfect outside today!) And as I stopped to put things down so I could fish my sunglasses out of my pocket, I immediately thought, "My eyes! My eyes!" which is my best online immitation of Phoebe's reaction when she first saw Chandler and Monica gettin' it on on Friends. Here...s'funny.


Coley said...

You know, I had almost forgotten how completely hilarious parts of that show were. And seriously? Phoebe was the best.

faithstwin said...

Coley! How can you forget!?

I can hardly take a fork outta my drawer without thinking of the time Joey walks up on Rachel and Chandler eating the cheesecake off the hallway floor, pausing, then taking the fork outta his jacket while sitting down asking, "What'r we having?"

Or when I get calls from salespeople and I think (as I hang up on them), "Stoopid guy on my phone..."

Phoebe was hilarious, but I admit Joey and his basic dumbassness comes in first for me. (I apologize if I spelled her name wrong. That's how I spell it though.)

Nuke said...

They all had moments that made me laugh over the years, even the monkey (shoe humping FTW).

But overall I had a soft spot for Phoebe. She was just so delightfully bizarre! The songs, the psychic thing, she mugged Ross when they were kids, the family (Buffey The Vampire Layer anybody?).

Good stuff...

Faith said...

I know it might seem really vain of me, but I always thought I could play Phoebe if required. You know, in case we ever have a Blogger Theater Escapade of some sort, or something. Even though I'm more of a Monica in lots of ways, I wanna be Phoebe, deep down. Deep, deep down...

"I found you in my bed.
How'd you wind up there?

You are a mystery,
Little black curly hair.

Little black, little black,
Little black, little black,
Little black curly hair..."