Tuesday, May 06, 2008

The lake was about 2 miles from the cabin...

Well. Wasn’t that a whirlwind of a weekend? Let’s just run it in order, shall we? Will be breaking this up over a couple of days because otherwise, it’s ridiculously long. Ridiculously. So here we go…

Friday: got into Bloomington without issue. Nuvi is fucking fantastic when it comes to road trips like the one we just took, and that’s all I’m gonna say about that.

The weather was fine. The wind was terrible through most of Illinois, and we got a bit of rain, but nothing too horrendous. I wasn’t driving during that, anyway, so I thought it was great!

We met up with the family at the house they were staying in near campus, and then went to pick up my bro-in-law at his apartment before heading to dinner. Dinner was at a bar, which didn’t make father-in-law happy. The beer was good, and my burger was alright, so I was fine with it. I wasn’t expecting anything gourmet, and the place we went was far from it. In fact, it was much too popular for the quality of food they served, but college kids can be dumb like that. The fact that it bugged my FIL kind of rubbed me the right way, so I enjoyed it regardless of the fact that the floors were dirtier than my garage floor, the onion rings and fried mushrooms we got to start off the evening were battered in some sort of Bisquick-type batter that was just…not right, and that we were sitting in the back of the restaurant in what must have been a storage area at some point, and we just felt in the way much of the time we were there. And don’t even get me started on the bathrooms.

After dinner, we split off from the family (Leo’s youngest brother is 16, so he couldn’t hang out with us, which meant neither could his parents…), and went to play darts and pool at one of BIL’s hangouts. It was a cool place. Plenty of room…decent beer on tap for a decent price…we were happy.

The lighting in the bathroom was the most unforgiving light that ever existed, though, and I remember looking at myself and thinking how bad I looked in there. Then I went out to drink some more, because as we all know, beer is the solution to feeling old. Fuck botox. Just drink enough beer, or whatever, and those little lines will not be the focus anymore, mkay?

Later, during another trip to the bathroom, a woman that was more my age than the others in the bar noticed the same thing about her face. She thought she looked so old! I thought she looked pretty (but it was clear she wasn’t 22, so don’t get me wrong…she wasn’t young, per se…), and I told her I thought it was the lighting in there, as I’d had my own realization earlier in the evening. Then she and her boyfriend kicked our asses at pool, and I didn’t wanna be her friend any more, so we went home.

On the way home, I yelled at potholes in the road, felt like I’d shit my pants when I coughed at one point, and then felt it was appropriate to text the Twin to tell her that I thought I’d shit my pants. Good times. (I had not, in fact, shit my pants. Whew!)

We fell into bed exhausted, and slept until 10 the next day. Our little cabin wasn’t anything fancy, but it had a t.v. in it, so it was one step up from the honeymoon hotel for us, dammit. My little BIL was jealous, because the house they were staying in didn’t only smell like pot (awesome), but it didn’t have a t.v. Gotta love hippies!

I'll tell you all about Saturday tomorrow. It was a longer day, so get ready!


faithstwin said...

Yeah- that was a pleasant text! Ehhh...wasn't so much the content as the timing, though.

Happy to see a post. Having not heard from you since Sunday, I was hoping you weren't hanging out in a ditch on the side of the road by last night.

I know you're busy, but whatev. =p

red said...

All I wanted to hear was more about the Nuvi, but I guess that truly was all you had to say about that.

Faith said...

Sorry red. I'm not catering to the googling crowd here on this blog.

But the Nuvi really was fucking awesome to have.

Erin said...

Why was not having a tv on the honeymoon so horrible?

faithstwin said...

Erin- let me introduce you to a couple of people who watch tv a lot.

As kids, Faith and I would regularly watch tv while burying our noses in books and we could tell you both what we read AND what was going on in the show.

We dig tv and everything it has to offer. Being away from it for a week is not very pleasant.