Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Like sleeping in a hotel room.

So we're on fire at the Smith household. The remodel is moving along at a clip that we're trying to keep up with. Just when we think it's going to cool off for a couple of days, they come and get something else done, and so we get all worked up again. I spent most of the weekend packing everything up...books, drawers full of stuff, more books, the knick-knack jungle that we keep on top of the t.v. cabinet and dresser in the master. It was ridiculous. But it kept me busy. :)

Last night, since pilates was clearly out of the question (I actually considered going to Target halfway through the day to get a workout outfit I could wear...but I didn't), I was happy to help Leo move the furniture out of the bedroom we currently use as a "master" bedroom, and into the front bedroom which will become the Beautiful Guest Room (complete with comment cards for our visitors to fill out...) after the reno is done. Here's a crappy picture of the bedroom when we were almost done clearing it out. All we needed to do was move the dresser. Yeah...sooo easy!

Sorry it's so dark. Looked ok on my camera at the time!

Here's the bed in the new room. We're trying out a new configuration, too...I didn't sleep super well in the new space. I woke up in the middle of the night, and had a hard time getting back to sleep. I blame the change. And Leo. Because that's how I roll.

Here was the biggest problem we encountered during the switch. Our dresser didn't fit through the hallway, because it's a dick. I asked Leo to take pictures of the stuckness. He took a couple of pretty crappy ones that didn't show it in its full glory, but we were hungry and tired, so I forgive him.
We finally managed to get the dresser out when I remembered how the mving guys got it in the room several years ago...we stood it almost on it's end, and scooted it through the crooked hallway space that way. It'll be much easier to move in and out now that it's in a room that has a direct line to the living room. Yay!

And here's the new room, semi-put together. We hadn't made the bed again. And when I went to do so, someone (eh-em, JAKE) had ripped a hole in my sheets. Dick. So I had to change the sheets, and now he has a new queen sized toy to fuck with in the living room, or possibly his crate.
I'm glad we're done with that! Next thing we need to tackle is the office. Blech. More stuff later...on Jake's balls, and the foundation and stuff. Fun.


faithstwin said...

That's so funny you said you had to stand it almost on end...when I saw the picture I thought, "You probably have to put it on one of the ends to wiggle it outta there..."

Can't wait to see the foundation and a wall ripped out!

Nuke said...

Children, the word of the day is "dick". Go tell your dad he is a "dick" and if he slaps you, you said it right!

Faith said...

I've never used the term so frequently until we got the puppy. It really is the best way to describe him sometimes...