Wednesday, May 14, 2008

No turning back.

Here we are, at the actual beginning of the project. I took pictures for you all last night! Probly not as exciting to you as it is to me, but I don't care. Nyah.

This is the wall that will be torn down. The window on the right will be moved over about 2 feet in order to make room for the extension of the bedroom inside. The window on the left is our "master" bedroom. That's basically where the door to the new bathroom will be. Yay! (Oh, and all the wires and stuff? That's for our AC unit. The contractor saw it for the first time yesterday, since it was actually moved last week. He told me it was NOT done properly, and will be fixed...those lines and cords and stuff are supposed to be moved behind where the AC unit is now sitting. I told him I was really glad to hear that! I hadn't thought to ask him about it, but it looks like shit and wouldn't be convenient to repair should anything go wrong, since they're right where the new crawlspace will be located.)

This is the hole from the side. This shows just how big the new addition is going to be. I'm so fucking excited about the size of it, I can't even express myself properly about it. I just get all weepy and whiny and start drooling. So it's best I move on now.
THIS is the big ol' pile of dirt that was dragged out of said hole. I think Jake is reveling in the majesty of it all. "How long would it take for me to create a pile like that?" I bet he's wondering. Little asshole might just be working on that under the deck, dammit.
And here's a mini-pile that they left on another side of the yard. Because, you know, fucking up one part of the lawn isn't really enough...must make a mess of as much of the yard as possible, please. Aaaand, the "waste" line breakage. Yes, it's not good. I actually went to the gym in Olathe this morning to shower, since I felt pretty bad about pushing anything more out of that pipe than really needed to be pushed out, you know? Fortunately for them, I don't shit as much at night as I do in the morning, so the damage should be relatively minimal for them to have to clean up. Again, it's their own damned fault they weren't prepared for this, so I don't feel all that bad. And I'm really, really glad that we'll have new pipe installed to replace the old ceramic one that was there. It's going to work much better over time, I'm sure.
I'm sure I'll have some more great pics to take when I get home tonight, so be prepared for that tomorrow! I have other stuff I'll post later today, but I'm spreading it out. Because I'm all about the suspense, baby.


Nuke said...

I don't say this to everyone, but Nice Hole!

Seriously tho, thanks for letting us watch the project. It's like Home Makeover, with puppies and cursing.

faithstwin said...

Dude- that grass better be in good shape when I come to visit (sometime in the next year) and I will be expecting a rematch of bocci ball (with alcohol!).

And the last picture? eeewwwwwww.

Faith said...

What? It's just toilet paper. Jeez. :P:P:P

I could have gotten a closer shot, so just be grateful.

You can stay at our house when you come to visit! Because we'll totally have the room! Yaaaaaay!

faithstwin said...

What about the tipsy bocci ball??? I know you'll have the room. No question there. I could sleep in your CLOSET when all is said and done...I just wanna know if cocktails and games will be available. :D

Faith said...

DUH! There are always cocktails and games a-goin' at the Smith house, dude! Last night, I played the game of "Relight the Pilot Light in the Water Heater After the New Gas Line Was Installed" while drinking a blueberry vodka soda. It was mind-numbingly exciting...