Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Now, with added sarcasm!

So this weekend wasn't particularly perfect, as you might've figured out from yesterday's post. (Yep, there was one...so go check it out if you didn't already see it.) In addition, there was this: I was supposed to get my hair done on Saturday. But I didn't. Wanna know why? Ok!

Back when I got married, I told the salon to go ahead and change my name in the system to my new married name. They did that, and there hasn't been any problem since then, really, until this weekend. I guess there was another person in the system with my exact same name. She'd been to the salon once before...for a massage in December. Yeah, they called HER on Friday to remind her of her hair appointment on Saturday with my hairdresser, and she was all, "Um, I don't have an appointment tomorrow."

So they fucking cancelled it!

I guess they have a new dude working there. He seemed nice enough to me. He was the one that booked my appointment the last time I was in to get it colored. He was also the one that pulled up the wrong record under the wrong person, and booked her for a color and highlights on Saturday.

I don't like the new guy any more.

Now my hair looks like ultimate SHIT, and I have to go in on Wednesday night to get it done. (Bless my hairdresser's heart...she's staying late to help me out!)

This doesn't help my week any. This is the week we start framing the new addition. The week the walls come down. The week that our life turns into a life similar to that experienced in the Money Pit. (I actually have started imagining scenarios like the one where Shelly Long's character opens the medicine cabinet in the morning to get some antacid and finds herself face to face with a construction dude. Then he tells her that she's almost out of birth control pills.) I'm already stressed, and we have to check into a hotel tomorrow. Now I can't check in (no time...I have to run straight from work to my hair appointment), and Leo isn't feeling comfortable with checking in for us, for some insane reason. I had a mini blow-up yesterday when he got home from work and told him that I really need him to get on board. For the love of all things holy, I'm gonna lose it if he doesn't stop complaining about not being able to eat his oatmeal while we're living at the hotel this week. (No microwave in the room.)

The rooms look so horribly terrible, too. God, I feel just awful making him stay here! I really should get him a present to make it up to him.

Maybe a new bathroom with a walk-in closet and moving the washer and dryer in the house will make him happy again?


Sorry...sorry....I needed to vent a bit, it seems. Now I need to go figure out how badly I fucked up my boss's expenses last week when I tried to enter them, and it didn't work. *sigh!* (Yeah, there'll be lots of sighing over the next few weeks, I'd imagine. Better get used to it.)


emawkc said...

Here's a helpful tip:

You don't need a microwave to make microwave oatmeal. I eat the Quaker instant oatmeal at the office using the hot water tap on the coffee machine. So use your in-room coffee machine to heat up the water and pour it directly onto the oarmeal, stir and let sit for two minutes, then enjoy.

And that's... One To Grow On®

Coley said...

So, I was commenting to say the EXACT same thing as emawkc. And now I feel like a dork. But, nevermind that.

I was just thinking, "jeezy, how hard is it to check into a hotel?" But then realized that Xtian would probably do exactly what Leo's doing. Sometimes, boys make no sense.

Faith said...

And it took a conversation with the Twin about it for me to realize the same thing. So coming in here and seeing you guys all suggesting it makes me realize just how fried my brain really is right now.

Leo's brain is fried from all the drugs in college. I didn't DO any drugs in college (or before, or after), so I don't have that as an excuse.

Pardon me while I crawl under my desk to hide from the big scary world...

faithstwin said...

Like I said: he has two choices...1)go to hotel and enjoy himself or 2) stay at home and enjoy himself.

Can I join you under your desk for some checkers?

Nightmare said...

And don't forget, the Man's version of getting flowers is a BJ....just keeping it real yo!

meesha.v said...

room service!

Faith said...

Again, I think that the lovely present of 250 additional square feet on the house, giving us a walk-in closet, a second bathroom, and an indoor laundry room is gonna do it. That's MY version of a BJ for now, mkay? (Also, seriously, the hotel isn't bad! It's 6 miles further from his work than our house is. He wanted to stay at the White Haven. While I'm usually fine with staying there, I'm just too stressed over this whole deal to want to do that right now. Maybe during the next phase where a hotel stay is required...but not this week. He can get up 10 minutes earlier, ok? FUCK! A blowjob...you MUST be kidding!)

Nuke said...

Sorry to hear bout your hair issues, house issues, and hotel issues. At least your hot breakfast issues are resolved! One thing at a time, right? Will
continue to have the toes crossed for you guys.

Oh, and as nice as "things" are, they are not as nice as BJs. A house addition is just a thing, a big expensive thing, but just a thing.

On a more serious note, what are Izzy and Jake doing while you are away? Sorry if I missed it in a previous post, I am playing catchup big time.

Faith said...

Ugh. You people and your blow jobs. Don't make me sigh at you, man!

Jake and Izzy are spending their days playing with puppy pals at the Petsmart in Merriam. They're sleeping there too. (I missed them last night, but I haven't slept so well in days. I hope it wasn't because of the puppies being gone!)