Friday, May 30, 2008

Pffthtt right back atcha, weather. Stupid rain...

The rain might hamper the construction activities planned for today, which included popping up the new walls, and tearing down the old ones. We'll have to see what happens when things clear up, which looks like it will happen within the next hour here. I just sent a note off to my contractor asking if the rain makes it so nothing will happen all day? Or did it jut delay it a bit?

I really, really hope our hotel stay wasn't in vain. It's helped de-stress me a bit when it comes to the project, so that's nice at least. Last night was 100% better than the night before when it comes to the neighbors, and Leo rented me "27 Dresses" which was awesome. It was a relaxing evening, I slept well, I was able to get up and bust a workout this morning. Puts me in a relatively happy place...for now.

Since it's all rainy outside, I thought I'd bring the activities indoors for today. Help me out here, will ya? We're making some changes to the kitchen, as budget allows, after the addition has been completed. We're going to be adding a pantry (yay! Yaaaa-haaaaaaaaaaayyy!!!) next to the fridge, but we have a bit of a pickle that it puts us in. See, I'd like to add it below the existing cabinet, where the fridge currently stands. See pic below.

The fridge would be moved over to be in front of the outlet, like it SHOULD BE, for fuck's sake, but isn't because whoever laid out the kitchen when they redid it was retarded, apparently. Anyway, the way we usually have the kitchen set up is to have a "gathering height" table in the middle of the room that acts as a sort of island. As pictured here...
We like's good for storage as well as additional countertop area for prep work when cooking, and if we had dinner parties (we haven't had any yet this year...we've just been so darned busy since we got married, dammit!), it seats 4 comfortably.

BUT! When we install the pantry and move the fridge, it'll totally be in the way of the fridge opening efficiently. Even if we leave the fridge where it is, and install the pantry in the area I want to move the fridge to, then the pantry wouldn't open well. It leaves something like 16 inches of space for a door to's not enough. And then having a dinner party, and putting the wings up on the sides of the table? It wouldn't work at. all.

So I've come up with an idea. I don't know if we would be able to afford to have a new counter/cupboard addition put in, but I'm testing out the configuration anyway. It's this:

This not only leaves a ton more room to get around in when both Leo and I are working on something in the kitchen, but it also allows for the fridge and future pantry to open without issue. It's "convertable" in a sense, because we can move the table out to the middle of the room for dinner party purposes, but it also still allows for the table to be used as additional surface space, and the handy dandy storage we need it to be right now.

I don't know if I should look into adding a cabinet/additional counter there, or what. I kind of like the moveability of the table right now. But it also blocks the drawer and little cabinet at the end of that counter when it's in this position as well. I can access the drawer, sort of, still. And I could always scootch the table if I needed to get into the drawer any deeper than I already can with it in this spot.

I dunno...what do you guys think? Does it look stupid? I think it looks stupid. I mean, I don't mind the mixed wood types when it's centered in the room, but when it's pushed up against the cabinets like that, it's a glaring difference that bugs me. Maybe when we get the new countertops installed, it won't bother me as much? (We'll be going with a darker counter when we replace them...again, depending on the budget still available. We might have to push it out to a couple of years from now. The pantry is a MUST. Absolutely. We need a fucking pantry in that house, and I can't believe they didn't install one when they upgraded the kitchen. Dopes. But the floors and the countertops can wait, if we have to. I don't want to, though, so I might need to order to get it done. We'll see. We're also getting a new stove and dishwasher fo sho. Anybody have a money tree I can use for a couple of months? I'll give it back when I'm done with it, honest!) So, yeah. Tell me your opinion.

Happy rainy Friday!


Xavier Onassis said...

My place in Liberty had an absolutely AWESOME island/table in the kitchen. About waist high, plain flat surface on top, underneath it was all drawers and doors with slide-out shelves. Best of all, it was on wheels so you could move it for cleaning under and such.

You would probably have to have one custom made for your space, but you would love it.

emawkc said...

"We've just been so darned busy since we got married"

Oh yeah! "Busy" I TOTALLY know what you mean. You mean "biz-ZAY!!" (wink, wink, nudge, nudge).

Good job LEO!

faithstwin said...

This might sound like I am kidding, but there are reproductive clinics looking for healthy women to donate their healthy eggs for women who can't get pregnant.

They pay a SHITLOAD for good eggs. I would totally do it if I weren't diabetic.