Thursday, May 08, 2008

Phone Photos

Yesterday's retardery aside, this week has been a pretty decent one. Yay for short weeks at work!

The puppy is getting his velcro-ass shaved today, which should be fun. There will be pictures...oh yes, there will. I'm excited because hopefully this will mean that (a) he won't bring in 800 gallons of water with him in his fur whenever he returns from a jaunt outside in our tall and often dewy or rained-on grass and (b) he won't bring in half of the mulch from the flower beds embedded in his coat for a few months at least. Because THAT isn't annoying or anything!

Izzy is getting more and more used to him. But we still have problems with him wanting to eat her food when we serve it to her (he's a vaccum when it comes to food...dude can put away a 10 pound turkey if given the opportunity, I bet...), so we have to give it to her on the ottoman in the living room instead of on the kitchen floor. He can still hop up on the ottoman since he's gotten so huge now (huge is relative, of course...he only weighs about 8 or 9 pounds, I'd guess, and most of that is fur and head), but he's reluctant to do it when we are there to reprimand him, or since Izzy tends to get all bitchy on his ass when he tries to horn in on her eatin' time.

So last night, Leo gives her the food, but he placed it too near the center of the ottoman instead of the top edge which gives her proper room to stand on the ottoman while she eats. No matter...she adjusted accordingly:

I saw this, and had to take a picture. Leo didn't even notice it was happening, even though he was sitting right there with her ass in his face.

Side note: Oblivion...what's that like? Someone please tell me, because I fear I must be missing out on something awesome.

In other phone-photo news, we met up with the giant cross in Effingham, Illinois while we were driving through...well, Illinois. It popped up on the horizon and made me laugh so hard I almost missed getting a shot of it. I sent it to the Twin right away with the subject, "JESUS!" And inside my message I wrote, "That is one big muthafuckin cross!" And it really is...

Don't worry, Christ thinks its funny, too. Dude was probably up in heaven the day it was put up, shaking his head saying, "Man, they just don't get it, do they? *sigh!*" No Jesus...they really don't.

Anyway, I'm happy it's Thursday. I'm looking forward to some downtime, relaxation, and hanging out over the weekend. Today it's absofuckinglutely gorgeous outside, so that sucks a bit. (I'm inside all day, dammit.) Tomorrow, I get a check for the loan that I need to put in the bank, so that'll definitely be fun. Dad and step mom are going home from Stanford today, or so I hear, which is fantabulous news, of course. I can't wait to hear how he's doing after he's been in his own house again for a bit. For the record, the surgery was in the beginning of February. They've been living in an apartment in Stanford (is it a town? I keep referring to it like it is, and I don't think it is...but it's relatively accurate, and I'm lazy, so I'll just keep saying it I guess) since he got out of the hospital and working on his physical therapy and figuring out his drugs he needs to take, etc...So going home should be quite a treat, I'd think!

Leo and I won't be going out to the Colombian restaurant tonight because we went ou last night with Lyn to the Record that was our night out this week. Sorry all! Hope you guys have fun, and can't wait to see you all later this month, I hope! way to end the post except awkwardly. Yeah...ok. Bye!

6 comments: said...

ha....i used to have to fly to Effingham, IL for work and remember seeing that cross from the window of the tiny plane! crazy.

oh..and my dogs are 6 & 8 yrs. old - i STILL have to separate them when i feed them. with a baby gate. that pic is hilarious!

Faith said...

It was so funny to see it happening, flowerparts. I'd been in the bathroom, and I came out and saw the dog eating her food like that, and Leo was just watchin' t.v. like everything was cool. I started laughing, and grabbed my phone to take a picture, and he STILL was all, "Wha...?" So I POINTED at her, and that's when he finally saw it.

In fact, he didn't want to move from the way he was sitting, s he didn't laugh about it until I showed him the picture I'd taken with my phone...apparently, it wasn't as funny from behind.

faithstwin said...

I just hope that cross is well planted in it's spot- can you imagine that thing being picked up by a tornado and flying into someone's house or car? Dang.

Izzy is so cute! I love that you caught her like that.

Coley said...

JESUS! indeed. Oh, what won't rural Illinois think of?

Animals are so weird sometimes, I just love it. (And from someone who has a velcro cat, SHAVE THAT PUPPY! Sooo nice to not be covered in all the yard detritus they bring in.)

meesha.v said...

these peolple must hate ham a lot to name their city "effing ham"

Nightmare said...

I have the same picture!! I ran across that cross 2 years ago...freaked me right the fuck out.