Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Reluctant update...

I had the best damned BLT sandwich for lunch today, it was ridiculous. I only ate half of it because I also got chips and some potato salad (I went to Dean & Deluca to "grab" a quick bite after running errands...and the potato salad and sammich were literally calling to me as soon as I leaned over the deli case...the potato chips were an impulse buy on my way to the check out. Sort of...), but then the rest of the afternoon I couldn't stop thinking about that other half in the fridge down the hall. I thought I could take it home and eat it for breakfast tomorrow, but that apparently was not meant to be. I ate it 10 minutes ago instead. Let's call it an early breakfast, mkay?

(I honestly don't know why I put the word "grab" into quotes in the paragraph above this. Hm. Must've had some reason behind it when I typed it, so I'ma gon' leave it...)

And I'm glad I did, too. The sandwich was somehow drippy...I'm not sure what it was that did it- perhaps the combo of the honey-smoked bacon with the tomato? Couldn't tell ya. But anyway, it was soaking through the bread which made it slightly less enjoyable than the other half I had for lunch, but still really fucking good. I'm not sure it would have made it to tomorrow.

I won't be stopping by Dean & Deluca for lunch like that again. I might as well have gone to McDonald's and gotten the two hamburgers and fries I'd seriously thought about getting, thanks to the lovely meal I chose. But, hey...it was all gourmet, so that makes it ok, right? Slightly okay-er? Ish? Meh...

I ran into my ex-coworker friend while I was there, so I got to catch up with her a teensy bit as well. Awesome!

Ok, so there's a hole in the ground in our backyard, with the added bonus of a broken "waste" line. (Which is also called the "sewer" line in my house. We don't pretty it up with fancy-pants words, dammit.) The contractor said not to worry and to go about business as usual. I think he might've underestimated the power of my bowels, poor man. That, or he isn't the one that has to clean up after us before fixing the break tomorrow morning. Heh. Smart dude, being in charge and all.

I'll be taking pictures, of course. This is the beginning...the genesis of all that will make me happy in my home for the next 10 years.

I mean, outside of my husband, of course. (Whoops!) And the puppies. And my air conditioner. Because, let's be honest...a hot and sweaty Faith is no gift to anyone, right? Holla!

And that, my friends, is what we call "Tuesday."


lyn said...

dude, there's a dean and deluca in KC? you've been holding out on me.

p.s. i checked on lushy, she's ok- she just brought her blog offline.

"The D" said...

I like to call the waste or sewer line the SHIT PIPE!! And yes I do yell it when I say it.

I designed the Fire Sprinkler System for that Dean and Deluca's at 119th and Roe? Nall? Lamar? Whatev.

Faith said...

$17 lunch Lyn. Just for me alone. Seventeen. Muthafuckin'. Dollas.

But yeah, it's at the corner of 119th and Roe, so not far from your hotel at all. :) Leo worked there years ago in their bakery, or something. I just shop there for lunch now and then, you know, when I feel like eating a $17 lunch all on my own.

Dude, D. Duuude. Indeed.

faithstwin said...

$17? For ONE lunch? Ok, next time call me and I'll talk you into making your own turkey sandwich (on the double fiber bread), pack your own chips (or carrots) and I'll let you use the last $5 for something big. For this advice I will expect $12 in the mail.

Nuke said...

I love a good BLT but for $17 I expect more, maybe not a happy ending, but more than a sammich.

Faith said...

Nuke! I had a sammich ($8), a bag o' chips (probly $1.50...I didn't look), a little tub of potato salad - half a pint, I think ($4), and a bottle of green tea that was rose flavored (BIG mistake - must've been about $3, I guess...). So it wasn't a $17 sammich. THAT would be ridiculous, even to me.