Friday, May 09, 2008

You'll just have to wait.

Ok, we got pics of Jake with his new haircut, but I didn't upload them last night, and ran out of time this morning thanks to my efforts to try to look pretty and presentable at work. Damn the man for making me feel like I have to have pretty hair and wear makeup in the office! GAH!

Seriously though, guys realize how lucky they are, right? Just wanted to check, because it crossed my mind on my way into the office today that perhaps you all might not realize...'cuz you are, ok? Lucky, lucky assholes...

My keyboard is still stiking, nd t prove how much of a pain in the ass it is, I'm yping this paragraph without going bak and fixing it's littl mistaes. Shocing tha I've made it this far without the space bar being a dik. I did order a ew ne, for the record. Also got some of tat copressed air stuff on he way. Becaus, oh holy hell, this sucks! The ironic thing is that it's calleda "Foreer" kyboard. I don't know what they mean by "Forever", but I have newsfor's more lke "For 2 yeas". GAH!

We're going to start digging next week. We were supposed to start this week, but then the rain moved in, and made it a little less attractive of a idea. The contractor told me he'd be more likely to be buiding us a brand new swimming pool if we'd started this week. I don't know how that'll change next week at IS that time of year. But I'm trying to think dry thoughts so we can get to work on the foundation for the new space.

I go today to pick up the cash from the loan, which is always exciting. It'll be tough to not spend frivolously on yummy expensive food all weekend in celebration, but we'll try. Maybe we'll get a bottle of our favorite stuff to celebrate with, just a little bit. I mean, we deserve it, right? This is a big step in our little world, I think. We are putting an addition on the house. We are officially badasses when it comes to taking control and getting what we want, dammit. Argh! (Ok, we're not pirates, though. I just don't know how to express the power I feel in any better way. So we sound piratey, is all. But we aren't pirates. Not right now.)

I'll probably post the pics of Jake tonight or tomorrow, so keep an eye out for them. He looks like a fucking velvet calf that's just been born, or something. Dude's legs are soooo long and he's so gangly. I think the hair helped him balance better or something, because he seems twice as awkward now as he did with the hair on him! Oh, and next week, we throw his little world off even more when we have him fixed. We're so excited! Poor little dude...he might not like us for the next few months I think. Oh well...his fault for being born a dog!

Off to burn through some more of my items on my to-do list. I'm bustin' through them quickly today, which makes me feel pretty good. Especially with the way the week started and everything. I'm glad it's over!

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faithstwin said...

I'm very excited for you guys! I will think dry thoughts for ya. Maybe we could get the rain you might get? I know Monday is supposed to be a bit wet for us...

I wanna see the puppppyyyyyyy.