Monday, June 30, 2008

Ok, this is real this time...

My nieces are in town this week, and if I'm lucky, I get to hang out with them one of the nights they're here.

Trying to find something fun to do, I've thought that going to one of those pottery places where you can sit and paint your own bowl/mug/plate/whatever would be fun for all of us. But I have no idea how to look it up. Color Me Mine is a place I know of from California, but I don't see one locally when I search them on Google.

Does anyone know of a place like that around here? I'm open to anything around the Plaza, Westport, Brookside area...JoCo is ok, if we must, but their father's new apartment is on the Plaza, so something closer to there would be ideal, is all. Just tell me what you know, regardless of where it's at, ok?


Please help.

I will give 500 beejers* to the first person who can tell me the purpose of a fruit fly's existence. (Girls can guess, too. I'll happily motorboat** you for your reward.)

*Ok, not really. But I still wanna know the answer.

**Yeah, not really on this one either. Because I don't see how it would be equal in any way to a beej, and I don't wanna motorboat you or do anything else, really. Ooh! I will be happy to buy you a yummy smelling soap of your choice from Bath & Body, if you'd like. Just tell me the damned answer!

Friday, June 27, 2008

If anyone's wondering...

Dan died 11 years ago today. About 2 hours from now, actually. Here's what I wrote about it a couple of years ago...

"I moved to Kansas back in August of 1996, after I'd graduated from Pepperdine, and couldn't find a job for the life of me in LA. My sister lived here, and I'd visited her and my brother-in-law, and fell in love with the town. So I picked up and moved here. I didn't have any friends outside of my bro and sis, and they were really ok with that, it seemed. My bro-in-law was the branch manager of a company here in town, and he hired me soon after I'd moved here. Well, as soon as he could really. It was December before I started working for his company.

Through that job, I met a cool chick who lived in the college town nearby (Lawrence...home to University of Kansas - a.k.a KU. Rockchalk, babay!!). We would go out on weekends, and go to lunch together/hang out around the office during the workweek. (We pretended we were a lesbian couple so as to deter the freakish IT guys that lived behind the glass wall we didn't dare pentrate...anyway...)

One weekend, we wound up at an afterparty at an ex-boyfriend of her's house. I met a boy named Dan at that party that changed my life. It was January of 1997. We only dated for about a month and a half before he pulled the whole "let's be friends" thing, but we hung on and went in and out of a relationship for the next few months.

In June, we happened to be on again. I went out to Lawrence to hang out one Friday night (after spending some valuable happy hour time with my dear Old Best Friend), we danced to "Son of a Preacher Man", we said goodbye. It was 5 a.m. That next week, I called him on Wednesday. I was blowing up balloons for my bro-in-law's birthday, decorating his office at 11:45 p.m. Dan and I talked for about an hour, and then said our goodnights. Things seemed to be going well.

Thursday night, I decided it was a good night to head to Target to return the lawn chair I had purchased that had broken as soon as I sat down in it. (I only weighed about 140 then, so shut it!) The only Target in the KC metro back then was in Lawrence. I drove out, exchanged the chair (for one I still have incidentally...), and then stopped by the usual apartments to see who was home. Everyone was out at the bars, apparently. I drove home. I missed Dan, but I figured I'd see him the next night. I went to bed that night hoping he would call. I was desperately in love with him. So cute! So perfect in every way...I so wanted him to just reach out to me...

I woke up at about 3 a.m. with the phone in my hand. Dan was asking me what was wrong. I realized he had called me, and I had answered the phone before I really woke up. I told him I didn't know what he meant. "The guys told me that there was an emergency, and I needed to call you. What's wrong?" he said. I told him I hadn't seen or spoken to anyone since the week before when we had last been together. He sighed. "Oh. Well...I'm sorry to have woken you," he said. I told him, "You know you can call me any time you need to. Are you ok?" I could hear his printer working in the background. He told me he was fine. I told him to call me Friday night, and he said he would.

I couldn't sleep after that. I wondered if I should go out there, or if I should try calling him back at least. For the first month of our relationship, he would call me at about 1 or 2 a.m. and ask me to drive out. I would do so, and we would sleep side by side until morning, when I had to get up and go to work. I hadn't done that in a few months, though. Was that what he wanted, I wondered? What was the emergency he was talking about? I think I drifted off again at about 4:30 a.m.

The next morning, I got ready for work as usual. I "listened" to the radio while I was in my bathroom, putting on makeup and doing my hair, etc... They spoke of another housefire that had happened overnight. Damn...there had been about 3 that week already! They gave the name of the person who was found inside, the address, and all the particulars they had on the fire. I was tuned out. Didn't even listen, really. Then I clicked the radio off, said goodbye to the cat, and went to work. I wanted to call Dan and make sure he was ok after the call from the night before...

I called him at about 8:30. He should be getting ready to go to class, I thought. (He was taking 2 summer school classes...he had some units to make up from his sophomore didn't go so well, due to his parents' divorce that happened...) His phone rang and rang and rang...suddenly, a man answered. I asked for Dan. "Dan Hamman?" He asked me. Yes, I told him. I thought that maybe the phone lines had been mixed up, and some business had suddenly been receiving Dan's calls. "May I ask who's calling?" he asked me. I told him I was a friend of Dan's, and I was trying to catch him before he went to class. "I'm afraid there was a fire in his apartment last night, ma'am..."

I was stunned. I heard the fire chief tell me that Dan had been flown via helicopter to a nearby hospital, and I asked him if they knew anything about the fire, and he said they were still investigating, and then we said our goodbyes. (Oh, he asked me if he could talk to me later, as well. I gave him my work number, and told him he would likely find me at the hospital, too...)

Dan died at about 3:30 p.m. that day. I had spoken to him about 12 hours before, and had wondered what the hell it was all about. If anybody knows the feeling of true regret, you know what I still feel to this day, and will always feel for the rest of my life. He hadn't been burned...he was making hamburgers, and they lit on fire in his oven. He had removed the batteries from his fire detector because he needed them for an engineering project, his roommate (who was at his parents' home for the summer) later told me. (Dan was an engineering student at KU...very smart boy, too...except for the whole battery thing...dammit.) Someone walking by the building had noticed the smoke coming out of the roof...his brother lived in the apartment next to Dan's so he called him, and then he called 911. It was about 4:10 a.m. I ran into the guy that Friday night. (I was sitting on the steps next to Dan's car, and the guy asked me if I'd known him.) I thanked him for calling the authorities as he had. Dan might've had a chance if he hadn't been so long exposed to the smoke. But he had already pretty much died from the inhalation. The firemen had revived him enough so that they had a heartbeat when they transported him to the hospital, but the doctors told us that he would have had severe brain damage if he had survived at that point. His mother and I cried and cried together when we heard that. We knew in our hearts that he wasn't going to make it."

I still feel like I fucked up on not going out there that night. I would have gotten there much sooner than he was found. I knew where the hidden key to the apartment was in the hallway. I coud have saved his life, I think.

And even though I'm a firm believer in the whole you're-going-when-its-your-time thing, this is one case that's just always been hard to accept. He really was such a lovely boy...

Thursday, June 26, 2008


My head hurts. And I hate that I can't access comments on posts that I put youtube vids in unless I go through my dashboard in Blogger.

And my head hurts.

We have a meeting with the cabinet-maker guy tonight at the house. I'm looking forward to that. I'll try to get some pics of the space so I can post them here tomorrow.

In the meantime, here's a pic I took of Izzy last night after she fell so deeply asleep on the couch against Leo's leg, I had to check if she was breathing every few minutes...she looked dead!
Puppies make everything better, dammit.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Not a bad song to get stuck in your head.

Am I the only one that thinks about this whenever they hear the Rockafeller Skank song ("right about now, the funk's so brutha...") by Fatboy Slim?

Just wondering...

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

My Very Own Tuesday Post

Closure on the checkbook found in the port-a-potty incident: I contacted the bank, they contacted the guy, he called me, I asked him WTF? He said he was working at my house last Tuesday, Leo doesn't remember that, dude came and got his checkbook, and all is back to balance in our world again.

I hate those boring endings to stories like that!

Meetup last night was a good time.It's always a good time seeing my favorite local bloggers! Plus, Lyn was in town, so she was able to come with all around, dammit.

The noise level wasn't to my preference. But that's because I lose my voice pretty easily when I go places like that. I'm a chatty girl, if you couldn't tell, so I talk a lot (i.e. YELL a lot), and then I sound like a shman for the rest of the night/into part of the following day. Lack of smoke DOES help. But not much.

Going someplace, regardless of how established they are as a national chain, or whatever, within the first 3 months of them being open = bad juju. The waitresses SUCKED. They failed to take our order when we'd arrived until a good 10 minutes of sitting and waiting, they didn't know anything about the extensive beer list they offered (I don't happen to know which of the Belgian ales are white ones, which are what I I need guidance on that when I go someplace that offers, oh, about 17 different Belgian ales), and once we did order, it took a long time to get our beers (given, that coulda been due to a back-up at the bar, as the place was crowded), and then they didn't bring Leo's out. So he had to wait even longer. Ordering food was just as much of a pain, although it was tasty once it arrived and I figured out which sandwich was really mine. (Seriously, they brought all kinds of wrong stuff out a couple of times. It was a fucking mess.) Not a bad place...probly wouldn't go there on a special pint night (every Monday is $2.75 pint night) again, though. And I'll wait another few months, perhaps, until they get a waitstaff in that is a bit more competent.

Janet requested more pictures and info on the progress of the house addition. Right now, it's pretty much holding still. But it's looking like it's about to take off at a pace that will frighten my brain right out of my skull soon, so stay tuned! I'll get updated pics of the inside framing, etc...later this week. The shower is a defined space now, so I can actually picture my ass fitting in there comfortably now. That's definitely fun...we meet with the tile guy tonight, and the cabinet guy later this week. Now we'll see if we can actually afford to do the kitchen stuff we want to do, too!

Cross your fingers for us! Money scares me right now. Scares me right outta my wits.

Monday, June 23, 2008

That's not a public toilet, man.

So, Saturday we had a couple of friends over, after we started our evening at Hoopers in Brookside having some relatively cheap beers and appetizers. We decided to go back to our house to grill burgers and watch t.v. and chill. It was nice.

On the way up the driveway when we got back from the store, we were mocking the port-a-potty on our front lawn. For some reason, Leo and friends decided to look inside the port-a-potty. Alisha saw something on the floor as Leo started to close the door again. It was someone's checkbook. And it had money in it, too! SCORE! (Ok, it was just $5, but still! WOO! Free cash!)

So we brought it inside, and kind of forgot about it for a while. (We were more focussed on drinking some more beers, and bugging Leo as he made the burgers for us.) After dinner, I grabbed it, and started going through it.

Dude has written two checks in the last week to Aquila for his utility bill, and man is he getting it up the ass! One check was for $103, and the next one was for another $50. He wrote them within 5 days of each other...which just makes no sense to me. (He had another check to MO Gas for $60 in there, too. I would not want to live in his house, mkay?)

Anyway, what makes even less sense is the fact that we haven't had any work done on the house since Monday, when the gas company came out to move the gas line and our meter from the yard to the house. This guy wrote a check to Aquila on 6/17. Which was Tuesday.

What the fuck was he doin' in my port-a-potty after he'd written that check?

It was kind of strange, because his street address made it look like he lived right down the street from us, but it turns out he lives on a street with the same name in Raytown, MO. I tried calling the number on the check on Sunday morning so I could tell him we had his check book (which has his account access code written in it...der), and to find out (a) what he wanted me to do with it, and (b) what the fuck he was doing in our port-a-potty, but the number isn't in service any more. (No wonder...seems he spends all his cash on utility bills and at Walmart, so he probly can't afford a phone of any kind at this point.) He also gave a check to some chick at the beginning of the month that says it was for child support and text messaging. (???) So he has that to deal with too, apparently.

I feel like I know so much about this guy already. And it's all due to the memos he writes on his checks!

Anyway, I called his bank. I'm not an asshole, so I'll even give him back his $5. I thought about mailing the book back to the address printed on them, but figured that if the phone number had changed, maybe it wasn't safe to send it to an address that might've changed, too. So the bank is gonna try to contact him at the work number they have for him, and I'm gonna pop it in the mail to send it to the bank later today if I don't hear from them or him by 3 p.m.

Because I'm a good neighborly-type chick, dammit.

Just don't use my port-a-potty, ok? 'Cuz that just pisses me off.

Friday, June 20, 2008


I finally got to the pharmacy last night after working out, so I could pick up my prescription, as well as the Claritin D my doctor recommended I start taking, and continue to take until the end of the construction process.

My prescripton only cost me $5. Nice.

But my total bill was over $20. So I was all, GEEZ! How much does that Claritin shit cost? Looked at my receipt on my way out, and saw that it was $14.99. Wow. Ok, then...glad I got the big box of it!

Then I go home and too it out of the bag. And saw that the box had a whole 10 doses in it! 10! For $14.99? What. the. FUCK?

I'm so glad I don't need to buy some more again until, oh, NEXT SUNDAY!

But right now, I'm feeling the effects of the stuff, and it's niiiiice. Without the threat of Advil in my belly. So that's good.

But seriously? Over $1 per pill? C'mon.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Not really.

Ok, we aren't really putting in a HUGE iron chandelier in the master bedroom. I was being silly. And none of you really caught that, which makes me sad. That thing is bigger than my torso, which makes it pretty fucking huge. The one we actually are thinking about is a semi-flush (i.e. close to the ceiling) mounted one that is all flowery and leafy in it's ironness. It was behind another light that was big and in the way, and I didn't take a picture of it. Because I was focussing on taking pictures of things I wanted to mock. Oops! And they don't have a picture of it online, dammit. Fuckers.

Anyway, that's all for now. I've got another headache, and wasn't able to pick up the meds for my sinus infection yesterday due to the pharmacy being assholes, so I'm putting up with the infection for another day. It's now stuck back in my sinuses, which is helpful in that I don't need to blow my nose so much (went through 2 small boxes of kleenex at work over the past 2 weeks. Seriously...), but unhelpful in that it is draining back down my throat instead. TMI? Eh...

Off to see if the webcams at the doggy daycare are working for me today. Later!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Some pictures of Tuesday

Leaving the office last night, this woman got off the elevator before me. Yeah, she was about 40, or so. Not that it makes much of a difference with an ass like that. It was worse in motion. But basically, that skirt was at least 2 inches too short.
Leo and I went to Lowe's last night in order to get some air filters, as mentioned in my previous post. On the way out, we stopped in the lighting aisles to look at, well...duh. We need new fixtures for our house, now that we're stepping everything else up. The ones we currently have cost a whopping $5, apparently. (I didn't even know they sold light fixtures for so small an amount! Amazing.) But what made us stop and giggle were these lights...
They look like boobs. This one was my favorite, as it was most boob-like, IMO...

But THIS is the winner for what we want to put in the new and improved master bedroom. What d'ya think?

I'm in a bits and pieces mood today.

Jake peed in the house yesterday when I got home. It was weird. He was following me around after I got home, and I started changing into comfy clothes, and just as I got stripped down to my slip, I heard a running water noise. I looked over at him, and he was just standing there with this look on his face like, "I have no control over it! It's just gonna happen, dammit." And I, of course, started freaking out a bit yelling, "Ohmygod, Jake's just peeing in the bedroom, honey!" So Leo came, and then left to get stuff to clean it up, and I stood there waiting to pick him up as soon as he was done, but MAN did that little guy have to pee! I called it Lake Jake when he was finally through. It was quite a puddle.

See, he's been ignoring his need to pee or whatever when he gets to go outside, because he'd rather get under the deck, or dig in the flowerbed, or look for dangerous scrap from the reno to chew on whenever he's able to get outside. So the other night, he totally just pooped in the house. Just a little bit. And then the peeing thing yesterday...dude has issues.

I thought it would never stop last night, though. Poor little guy. I hope he's not broken. *sigh!*

This morning on my way home from the gym, I heard an interview on NPR with a guy who drives a Ford Excursion around his town right now. Apparently the guy only gets about 9 - 10 miles per gallon. HA! He and his girlfriend live together, and have 5 kids between them, so he needed something big to haul the family around. He decided it was best to get an Excursion, it seems. Instead of a minivan, or something that might help him out if the economy got bad in a few years.

I know it might've been tough for him to see what might happen 5 years ago when he bought his behemoth of a transportation choice, but I still call idiot on that one. Anyone that chooses an Excursion over something like a minivan (and could've gotten a pretty fucking sweet one, at that, considering what he paid for the Excursion) is thinking with something other than their brain when they do it. Even in a good economy, you have to be mildly retarded to be ok with 9 - 10 miles per gallon on the average. Dipshit.

Leo and I went to Lowe's last night after dinner, and grabbed a couple of new filters for the furnace. Unfamiliar with the need to change them every 3 months, thanks to the last kind of furnace and filter we had (it would last anywhere from 8 - 10 months betwee changings), the filter we'd had in the furnace was pretty fucked up when we took it out. He handed it to me to look at the size it was that we needed, and I started coughing and wheezing immediately. I felt a bit better this morning now that we have the new filter in (which has maximum allergen reducing ability...for $19.95 a piece, thankyouverymuch UGH), but still felt weak at the gym. I'm hoping a check up with the doctor will let me know if it's an overall allergy issue I'm dealing with, or what. I have an appointment for this afternoon.

That's it for now! Time to get some water, and to pee. Not necessarily in that order. Ta!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Hiring Brits to do ads...

That new Tropicana juice that's apparently raspberry and acai (pronounced "ah-sigh" I guess), or whatever?

GAH! HATE the commercial! Makes me want to smash the bottles of juice on the floor when I see them at the store! Blech!

Juice shouldn't try to be sexy. It should just be juice, ok?

Monday, June 16, 2008

This isn't fun any more...

My contractor and I are having a disagreement about whether or not the water damage in the small bedroom is making me sick. Just to remind you, this is what I'm talking about...

I was unable to move much of the weekend. I went and worked out with my trainer on Saturday morning, and thought I was going to pass out when we were done. I went to the supermarket across the street, though, and got a protein shake (Naked Smoothies are yummy!), and felt a bit better after drinking a sip or two right away. After I got home, I ate some lunch, and then passed out on the couch. I finally got my ass into the shower, only to pass out for another hour and a half after I was done. I felt like shit. When Leo got home, we went to Nebraska Furniture Mart to look at appliances and to price out matresses and the bed we'd like to get. I felt better, and then we went downtown to Lulu's for some Thai food, and felt even better. (Even though the noodle dish I picked was a disappointment. The Tom Yum soup was not, so that made it all worth while...)

Yesterday morning, I woke with a terrible headache. I was able to move in and out of sleep until around 7, when I felt like my eyeballs were going to explode. I got some Advil Cold & Sinus in me, but it didn't do anything. I finally got out of bed at 7:45, giving up on sleep happening again.

I was really bad by the time Leo got home from work at 3:30. I applied some heat via a heating pillow thingy I have and fell asleep as he took the dogs for a walk. When he got back, I begged him to please cover the vent in the small room with duct tape, as he'd done in our master bedroom the week before. (I don't know why we hadn't done it yet...they aren't tearing the walls down yet, which was what we were trying to prepare for. But it also makes sense to close them up, since we have no reason to cool those rooms down right now.) I thought it might help keep whatever was in there out of the rest of the house, and hoped it would make a difference in how I felt

No more than an hour and a half later, I felt perfectly normal again. No more headache, no more congestion...happy, happy.

It could be allergies that developed. But as Izzy is also dealing with issues in her upper-resperatory and nasal system (and has to take antihistamines to help her keep from sneezing/coughing), I'm thinking it could be an overall environmental issue.

The contractor disagrees that the water damage could be causing any illness. I think he's high. The fact that insulation that's been in that attic for well over 15 years got wet, and it was bad enough for it to seep through and drip onto the floor below tells me there could be an issue. He says that since the sheetrock is dry, it can't be mold. I say that there might've been some really gross stuff up in that insulation that got released when it got wet, but all I can see is the ceiling.

Any ideas how I can have it checked out, so I don't wind up with a fight about replacing the ceiling and the insulation above it? Is there someone I can call? If so, who? Would it just make things worse with my contractor if I did that? I'm inclined to trust the guy, and I understand they need to follow a certain process when it comes to checking that stuff out/replacing the sheetrock, but I'm SICK from living in it. That's not good. And I'm not gonna hunker down in a hotel again because he's being stubborn about the mess they made due to cutting into the roof at an inopportune time, you know?

I'm not having fun, guys. Not at all.

Friday, June 13, 2008

I'm sorry mom, but...

This has to be the dumbest thing I've heard in a long time. What a fucktarded thing to get your panties in a bunch about...

Dude needs to let it go. I'm sure there are more pressing matters for him to be concerned with. Christ.


It's been 10 years since you passed away.

It's been a bit longer than that since I heard you laugh, or had a talk with you, or just hung out and did nothing.

I talked to you all throughout the night last night, because you were on my mind more than usual, and I needed you. Every time I tell you I miss you, you always say, "But I'm right here!" And I have to explain, again, that I mean I miss you. Hugging you. Hearing you laugh. Seeing you in front of me. I know you're here, woman! That's not what I meeeaaaan. :P

And over and over again, all I wound up thinking was Mary my mother; my mother Mary. Over and over and over and over in my mind.

Tonight, as the 7 o'clock hour comes over the midwest, I'll think of you, and light a candle and probably have a glass of wine in your honor. And I'll hope that you're proud of me. And that you're watching over the older sisters, Twin, and Dad as they go through their hard times. And that you really do have Dan with you wherever you are. And that you're in a happy place. (I know it must be. You seem at peace with it, whatever it may be.)

Thank you for being here. But dammit, I wanna give you a hug.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

I don't even know how this is possible.

I have Whitney Houston's "I Wanna Dance With Somebody" replaying over and over in my head right now.

I don't know why, or how this is even possible. I haven't heard that song for a good long time.

I do know that I'd really, really, really like it to go 'way. Goddammed Whitney Houston in my head...

That's nice.

There's nothing like a trip to the gyno to put things into a new perspective for ya. 20 minutes of your life spent lying naked on a table, having someone stick foreign objects into your hooha, while you do your best not to fart in their face and answer the chit-chatty questions that mean nothing to them in the long run.

"So, you got married, hm?"

"Yes. Yes I did. In October."

"Oh! Of last year?"

"Mm-hm. This past October. It was a lot of fun."

"And did you go on a honeymoon?"

Which is right when I'm thinking, Good GOD woman! Let's get this done with? And did you really need that much KY? Fuck!

"Yep. We went to the, uh, British Virgin Islands? was so pretty! But expensive! Not to say we didn't expect it to be expensive, of course, but I just wish we could take it back now. We're doing a renovation on the house, and that money would come in handy." All the while, she's oohing and aahing over the idea of the islands, and then tells me I can sit up now, and I'm still jibber-jabbering away about how Leo got sunburned on our 3rd day there, blahblahblah...

I'm telling You have it easy. Turn and cough. That's it. You fuckers. How about YOU take the birth control and have the periods for a little while, hm? I'd bet a lot more of you men would be nicer to us if you knew what we had to go through just to maintain our systems on a daily/monthly/annual basis.

You jerks. The lot of you. JERKS! Lucky-ass bastards...**

**This rant has been brought to you by a massive hike in estrogen. Please watch your step around the estrogen-charged blog until further notice, or until said blog starts talking about things like poop, construction, or puppies again. Thank you for your attention during this estrogen-charged time.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Just thought I'd point this out...

Apparently, Brad is bothered by what some of us are choosing to post about in the local KC Blogosphere lately. I guess we all need to step it up a bit so he can be better entertained. Just thought I'd help him out and spread the word...

Here's the deal...

Dear Fantastically More Special-Than-Me Driver Of The White Acura MDX Minisoovee With The Texas Plate That Felt It Was Ever So Important That You Get Over In Front Of Me As Soon As You Were Able To Do So This Morning As I Drove My Puppy To The Playplace On My Way To Work,

You're an asshole.

You made me miss my turn signal by getting in front of me like that, because your car was just big enough to block me from being able to get into the turn lane. Had you waited patiently behind me, you would have had the same fucking position in traffic that you so coveted, wouldn't have missed the signal (it was red, and we were ALL waiting for it to turn green, DUH!), and wouldn't have caused me to be late for work.

I know it seemed like my puppy and I were out for a joyride, in rush hour traffic, down a main artery in Johnson County, and all. And when the car in front of me turned on their turn signal alerting us to the fact that they would be turning in a relatively tough spot (if oncoming traffic is coming, it can trap you behind them for a good 3 minutes and cause you to miss the signal at 95th), there really was no reason to worry, as the oncoming lane was clear and they were able to turn without delay. But you still took that mutherfucking opportunity to get in front of me after traveling behind me all the way down Nall for the previous 3 miles.

Did it bother you that I had a dog in my car? Asshole? Because there was a REASON I had a dog in my car, not that you fucking care what it was. It's not like I was letting it crawl all over my lap, causing me to drive erratically, or dangerously or anything. He was in my rear window, watching the traffic roll by, and patiently waiting for us to arrive at our destination, i.e. the Puppy Playplace he loves to go to 3 days a mutherfucking week. You fucktard.

So next time you feel like jockeying for a better position in traffic, basically just pissing people off behind you since there was no point to you cutting them off in the first goddammed place, how about you take it back to whatever fucking backassward town you're from in Texas, hm? 'Cause we don't need any more of your brand of crazy around these parts. We get enough of that when they cross the state line from Missouri.

Thanks! Asshole!


Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Hit it.

We have been notified about the June blogger meetup, bitches. Get on that RSVPin', will ya?

Monday, June 09, 2008


When I take anything that has asperin in it, it makes my pee smell funny.

I hate that. (But I love NyQuil! Decisions, decisions...)


I feel a bit ugh today. Yesterday was by far the worst day with this cold that I've had at this point. But today is only beginning, and I'm at work, so let's give it time to develop into something that could rival that, shall we? My nose feels stuffier now than it did this morning when I left the house, and I left my Advil Cold & Sinus at home, dammit. I'm afraid that if I go to buy some more, I might be listed somewhere as a possible meth creator...I just bought some yesterday. But I might not have any choice. No pain associated with the congestion right now, which is helpful. But the congestion...ugh.

It's amazing what the several doses of Robitussin yesterday did for my chest, though. I feel a good 75% clearer in there, and don't sound nearly as horrible. Woo!

So here was something fun that happened yesterday: I was sitting watching my 12t hour of HGTV when my phone rang. It was some woman from the Gladstone police department, and she was wondering if I was currently working on a project on my home? Yes, I was I told her. Putting an addition on. Why? Well, apparently there was a red truck that had a ladder in the back of it that had gotten into an accident, and they found a piece of paper in the truck that had my address on it. The driver had run after the accident occurred. I said that the roofers that had been at my house for the past two days had a red truck. I'd assume it was them. So she had the deputy on the scene call me to chat, and he said that the woman this dude had hit was at the hospital with serious injuries, and they'd had to extricate her from her car, etc, etc...Badness all around! He wanted to know if I knew what company the guy worked for. I told him I was working with a contractor, and gave him his number.

I spoke to my contractor this morning, though (the roof isn't done, and I wasn't sure what the deal was on that, especially with the circumstances involved now with the hit and run accident), and he said he'd never been contacted by the police.

*sigh!* That can't be true. It just can't. So that's not cool...

Anyway, I'm trying to move past it all. But it sucks. I hate that I was even marginally involved in any way, and that I can't provide more help in finding the guy that was involved. But I don't know his name. Leo spoke to one of them a couple of times when they had questions, and he said they barely spoke English. I mean, what if the guy wasn't even at fault, but he ran away for whatever reason (scared? I'd imagine so...but he might no be all that legal, either, is what I'm thinking...), and now it's all 10 times worse because he didn't stick around. Bad, bad, bad...

And I'm already thinking about lunch. And I haven't been able to work out in a week, thanks to my throat and now chest issues. And that's not good, man. Not good.

Ok, I think I'm gonna head out to see if I can score any Advil Cold & Sinus from a coworker. Wish me luck!

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Weekend update

Just a quick update. I'm losing my mind with the roofers working on a Saturday (although I certainly appreciate it, since it's supposed to fucking rain all next fucking goddammed week...), and it didn't help that they got here at 7:15 today. But again...I appreciate the end result, so I'll quit bitching about it now.

Here's what the backyard looks like right now. Focus on the foreground of the picture, and you'll see my daily nightmare...
But this is what the back of the house looks like now. Which, again, one has to try to appreciate while the work is in process.
That's a new roof in that picture. They stayed here until 8:30 last night to finish it up. Awesome.

Here's what it looked like on Tuesday, before the storm moved in. That's the tarp up there that was supposed to keep the water out of our house.

It wasn't as successful as they'd hoped...
But the contractor has told me not to worry about it. They'll take care of repairing the damage to the ceiling and the insulation above it. *sigh.* He told me to stop looking at it. I didn't realize it had gotten that bad, though. It was only a little bad on Wednesday morning. This is what it looks like as of today. Ugly mess.

And here is our current second bathroom. Not too roomy, but it allows you to get the job done. I like it's convenient location to the street/driveway. Very classy addition to our yard, IMO.

So I'm tired, I'm likely to be cranky later, and my chest is full of stuff...that won't come out. (Dry coughs suck. But so do productive ones. I need some Robitussin, I think, but I don't wanna go get it. Lazy much? ::raising hand:: Indeed.)

I really hope they finish this roof today, because I plan on sleeping tomorrow morning, dammit.

Friday, June 06, 2008


I just went and bought my boss a present for his 20th anniversary at the company. It's currently in my trunk, which seems like sacrilege, but what can I do? Seemed stupid to haul it all the way inside just so he could haul it all the way back out to his car again when he leaves...

One for every year, plus one to grow on. :) (Those of you in the KC area, or with access to someone who can get you Boulevard beer, if you haven't tried Sixth Glass yet, do it. You'll thank me.)

I made him funfetti cupcakes, too. Yep! I'm a kick-ass admin...

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Hi ho, hi ho...

Ok, trying to keep my mind off of the latest Dad update , I thought I’d write about a couple-a things…

First of all, Top Chef. If you haven’t watched it yet, skip down to the next “section” of this post. Because, oh my holy HELL, what the fuck was that? They sent Antonia home? Over LISA???

I cannot properly express my disdain over their decision in writing. Suffice it to say, my throat was feeling a bit better last night before they made their decision to have Antonia pack her knives, and by the time I went to bed, it was on fire again. The yelling could probably have been heard a couple of blocks away.

It makes no sense that Lisa even made it to the final four. It makes even LESS sense that she’s in the final three. I tried to rationalize it to Leo…saying that perhaps the judges know that they want to choose between Stephanie and Richard, and this just makes it that much easier for them in the end.

I hate that bitch Lisa. She can’t cook, she has a piss-poor attitude that makes it look like it would be such a joy to work with her, and if she wins, I’m never watching Top Chef again. And I’m not kidding about that.


Lately, I’ve had some problems when it comes to men and the elevator. A couple of weeks ago, I was in the elevator on my way out of the building to go home. It stopped on the floor below mine, where two men got on with me. I stepped back as it stopped, allowing space for them to get in, of course, but the one guy then hit the “1” button (which was already lit, duh), and then proceeded to step back towards me, almost running into me. I moved back a bit so I could have some space, and the dude stepped back again. He was standing pretty well right on top of me, and I was in a corner without anyplace else to move. I was looking at his elevator buddy with this look on my face that I’m sure read as disgusted, and was finally forced to speak up saying, “You do know I’m here, don’t you?” He kind of turned and said, “Yeah, I saw you.” And then the elevator opened on the first floor, and he stepped out, and I said, “Well, you were standing right on top of me, was all…” But he didn’t hear me. He had continued his conversation with his buddy and apparently didn’t see anything inappropriate with his actions.

I was left thinking, WTF was THAT all about?

Another issue I’ve had is the men that don’t step aside to allow ladies waiting for the elevator to get on first. Now, I know that some women don’t consider this rude, but they’re probably few and far between, to be honest. I like to be treated like a lady, and I find it disconcerting that men don’t think it’s polite to do that anymore.

Also? When the elevator that you’ve been waiting for arrives, and you realize that someone is getting off at your floor? Step back and let them off the elevator first! Twice this week, I’ve had a man almost walk into me as I tried to exit the elevator, and in both cases, they seemed to expect ME to get out of their way so they could continue on their path. Um, no. That’s not how it works. Regardless of whether you’re a woman or a man, you wait to let the person get off the elevator and THEN you get on the elevator. Duh, duh, duh, duh, DUH!
And that's all I got for now. I gotta finish lunch so I can call the Twin. Later!

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Home Sick

So I'm home sick today. Between the noise from the storm itself, and my worry about how well the tarp would hold up at keeping the water out of the house (it did okay), I didn't sleep much. And the cold is full-blown today. So I'm sleeping on the couch, every once in a while getting online, then walking puppies to let them relieve themselves, and trying to contact my contractor about the email he sent about the roof this morning. (We can have the whole thing replaced right now for about $4,000. His roofing guy recommended a change in 4 years. If we don't do it right now, the shingles will never match from the old house to the addition. If we just move forward now, then we won't have to worry about it again for probably the amount of time we're in the house, and the added value is fantastic for that kind of spend, IMO.)

Ok, I just spent about a half hour on the phone with my contractor, and we agreed to move forward on the roof replacement. Wonderful.

I thought I'd go ahead and post the pictures of the addition after it got the spaces framed in last week. This is the wall where the tub will be (in the far corner, under the "windows"), and then the sinks will be to the left of that...
This is the shower space. It's funny how small it looks when it's just framed it wood like that. It will actually be a good sized space with a bench on the wall under the window. Because sometimes, you need to rest mid-shower.
I tried to get a good shot of the toilet/closet/laundry side, but from the angle I'm taking pictures from inside the bedroom, it just wasn't possible. So it's all over on the right here...
Yesterday, they installed windows, and put a bunch of the plywood on for the roof. Today, the roofers are here doing their roofing thing. And it's too bad we had the Flood of the Apocolypse last night, since they didn't have time to put down the layer of stuff that would protect everything from the wetness before today. *sigh!* Oh well.

Seriously, what the FUCK was with that rain last night? I mean, it seemed to rain for a good 4 hours straight starting at 10. That's fucked. up.

I'm going to go back to sleep now. I'll load up more pics later, and share them accordingly this week. Yay!

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Even quicker...

Stop asking me if I'm on Twitter.

Stop telling me I should be on Twitter.

I'm not gonna.

I didn't do the MySpace thing when it started. I didn't join the more socially acceptable for adults FaceBook when it started. And I'm not Twittering, ok?

I love you guys, you know I do. But I honestly don't know how I would be able to focus if I were on that thing. My ADD is stretched as thin as it can go already!

So stop asking, and stop suggesting. And stop telling me I missed out on something because I'm not on it. It's taken over your ability/desire to update your blogs, you fools.

That's right! FOOLS! The lot of you! Mwahahahahahaha!!!

I'm hungry...this'll be quick.

I have the sorest throat EVAH right now. I felt it coming on as I finished my second beer after dinner last night. Does that mean I got it from the beer? The only other person I know that has this right now is a friend on a message board I frequent. I already called her ass out, so that's done with. But really, how the fuck did I get it?

It hurts like a bitch. GAH! (Ow.)

Izzy, my sweetest puppy baby, is sick, a dog. She's got some bacteria thing that is giving her a fever and making her shit not so fun...poor thing just laid around all day yesterday until Leo took her to the doctor, and then laid around all day/night after that, too. I had to carry her outside to see if she needed to pee. I fed her (special food from the doctor) where she was laying down, and she just barely lifted her head to get it in her mouth. Good thing her appetite is ok...I'm slipping her meds in her food! Sneaky sneaky..

Jake, on the other hand, is just depressed that Izzy can't play. He keep pawing at her all cute-like, and makes me giggle along with making me feel bad. So I was glad when I was able to drop him off at a new play place today for day care. Izzy was supposed to go, too, but she's obviously too sick. So she's at home, hopefully holding it together while the guys work on the roof of the addition. Poor thing.

Jake was SOOOO excited and happy to get dropped off at his new play place, though! They immediately loved him, and saw he would fit in just fine. Awesome. He's here if anyone wants to check out the cam (under the "check on your kids" option of the home page, then click the drop down and see the "little babies" room. Currently, he looks like he's hanging out on a chair. He's the smaller black blob with white on his chest...) and see what he's up to.

Ok, I'm gonna eat lunch, because I'm famished. Send me good throat vibes, please! This sucks!

Monday, June 02, 2008

Framing begins..

So the framing began last week, and now the space is just about completely framed in, but I canonly post s many photos per post, so we'll start slow, kay?

Here's a guy cutting into the foundation for our crawlspace entry. So exciting! I think even I could fit through that hole, if need be...

This is the window in the little bedroom/office...we needed to move it over, since we're pushing the wall (to the right of the window) out 2 feet, and it'll be the new side of the shower. No need for a window in the shower, IMO. That could just be scary. I mean, we will have a little window in the's a ventilation thing. And it's on an outside wall. Because, that makes sense.

I just thought it was neat that we have basically nothing but plywood separating the room from the elements right now. Especially on a day like today. (I heard they cut a hole in the ceiling in the master today before they took off because the storm was moving in. Leo said, "There's a tarp over the hole..." And I said, "Oh, a tarp! Well, I didn't know that! Obviously, the tarp will keep the room from getting wet at all...")
Here's what I came home to find on Saturday. Walls!
This is the window that will be in the laundry room portion of the space...
And this is what it looks on the outside.
I don't know when they'll actually cut the holes and install the windows, but hopefully it'll happen soon. That'll make it look that much more complete, I think. even though it isn't nearly so. But still...WALLS!