Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I'm in a bits and pieces mood today.

Jake peed in the house yesterday when I got home. It was weird. He was following me around after I got home, and I started changing into comfy clothes, and just as I got stripped down to my slip, I heard a running water noise. I looked over at him, and he was just standing there with this look on his face like, "I have no control over it! It's just gonna happen, dammit." And I, of course, started freaking out a bit yelling, "Ohmygod, Jake's just peeing in the bedroom, honey!" So Leo came, and then left to get stuff to clean it up, and I stood there waiting to pick him up as soon as he was done, but MAN did that little guy have to pee! I called it Lake Jake when he was finally through. It was quite a puddle.

See, he's been ignoring his need to pee or whatever when he gets to go outside, because he'd rather get under the deck, or dig in the flowerbed, or look for dangerous scrap from the reno to chew on whenever he's able to get outside. So the other night, he totally just pooped in the house. Just a little bit. And then the peeing thing yesterday...dude has issues.

I thought it would never stop last night, though. Poor little guy. I hope he's not broken. *sigh!*

This morning on my way home from the gym, I heard an interview on NPR with a guy who drives a Ford Excursion around his town right now. Apparently the guy only gets about 9 - 10 miles per gallon. HA! He and his girlfriend live together, and have 5 kids between them, so he needed something big to haul the family around. He decided it was best to get an Excursion, it seems. Instead of a minivan, or something that might help him out if the economy got bad in a few years.

I know it might've been tough for him to see what might happen 5 years ago when he bought his behemoth of a transportation choice, but I still call idiot on that one. Anyone that chooses an Excursion over something like a minivan (and could've gotten a pretty fucking sweet one, at that, considering what he paid for the Excursion) is thinking with something other than their brain when they do it. Even in a good economy, you have to be mildly retarded to be ok with 9 - 10 miles per gallon on the average. Dipshit.

Leo and I went to Lowe's last night after dinner, and grabbed a couple of new filters for the furnace. Unfamiliar with the need to change them every 3 months, thanks to the last kind of furnace and filter we had (it would last anywhere from 8 - 10 months betwee changings), the filter we'd had in the furnace was pretty fucked up when we took it out. He handed it to me to look at the size it was that we needed, and I started coughing and wheezing immediately. I felt a bit better this morning now that we have the new filter in (which has maximum allergen reducing ability...for $19.95 a piece, thankyouverymuch UGH), but still felt weak at the gym. I'm hoping a check up with the doctor will let me know if it's an overall allergy issue I'm dealing with, or what. I have an appointment for this afternoon.

That's it for now! Time to get some water, and to pee. Not necessarily in that order. Ta!


faithstwin said...

Aww! Poor Jake. He's confused and there's no way to explain anything that makes sense to him. Maybe he's just bothered that YOU seem to be able to relieve yourself inside, so why can't he? Maybe Leo will have to start doing his business in the yard so Jake will learn by example.

Mike Karr said...

You could be dealing with plain old allergies too. Me and my kids have been feeling exactly the way you described for the last few days or so.

Faith said...

Mike, this must've been the first post you've read here, or something. Go back two weeks. The issues I'm having aren't sudden. I've been sick since June 3rd.

At this point, I have a sinus infection. But I'm also going to take allergy meds (just over the counter Claritin) until the construction is done.