Monday, June 16, 2008

This isn't fun any more...

My contractor and I are having a disagreement about whether or not the water damage in the small bedroom is making me sick. Just to remind you, this is what I'm talking about...

I was unable to move much of the weekend. I went and worked out with my trainer on Saturday morning, and thought I was going to pass out when we were done. I went to the supermarket across the street, though, and got a protein shake (Naked Smoothies are yummy!), and felt a bit better after drinking a sip or two right away. After I got home, I ate some lunch, and then passed out on the couch. I finally got my ass into the shower, only to pass out for another hour and a half after I was done. I felt like shit. When Leo got home, we went to Nebraska Furniture Mart to look at appliances and to price out matresses and the bed we'd like to get. I felt better, and then we went downtown to Lulu's for some Thai food, and felt even better. (Even though the noodle dish I picked was a disappointment. The Tom Yum soup was not, so that made it all worth while...)

Yesterday morning, I woke with a terrible headache. I was able to move in and out of sleep until around 7, when I felt like my eyeballs were going to explode. I got some Advil Cold & Sinus in me, but it didn't do anything. I finally got out of bed at 7:45, giving up on sleep happening again.

I was really bad by the time Leo got home from work at 3:30. I applied some heat via a heating pillow thingy I have and fell asleep as he took the dogs for a walk. When he got back, I begged him to please cover the vent in the small room with duct tape, as he'd done in our master bedroom the week before. (I don't know why we hadn't done it yet...they aren't tearing the walls down yet, which was what we were trying to prepare for. But it also makes sense to close them up, since we have no reason to cool those rooms down right now.) I thought it might help keep whatever was in there out of the rest of the house, and hoped it would make a difference in how I felt

No more than an hour and a half later, I felt perfectly normal again. No more headache, no more congestion...happy, happy.

It could be allergies that developed. But as Izzy is also dealing with issues in her upper-resperatory and nasal system (and has to take antihistamines to help her keep from sneezing/coughing), I'm thinking it could be an overall environmental issue.

The contractor disagrees that the water damage could be causing any illness. I think he's high. The fact that insulation that's been in that attic for well over 15 years got wet, and it was bad enough for it to seep through and drip onto the floor below tells me there could be an issue. He says that since the sheetrock is dry, it can't be mold. I say that there might've been some really gross stuff up in that insulation that got released when it got wet, but all I can see is the ceiling.

Any ideas how I can have it checked out, so I don't wind up with a fight about replacing the ceiling and the insulation above it? Is there someone I can call? If so, who? Would it just make things worse with my contractor if I did that? I'm inclined to trust the guy, and I understand they need to follow a certain process when it comes to checking that stuff out/replacing the sheetrock, but I'm SICK from living in it. That's not good. And I'm not gonna hunker down in a hotel again because he's being stubborn about the mess they made due to cutting into the roof at an inopportune time, you know?

I'm not having fun, guys. Not at all.


Heather said...

You may have to call an independent inspector to come assess for mold. Once you have it documented, then you wave it under the face of retarded contractor.

Mold causes respiratory problems. Black molk, even worse. Get on it and hope you get to feeling better soon.

Faith said...

I feel fine when I'm at work!


I might do that. Just depends on how he responds to the problem over all. I don't know that black mold could develop that quickly, but I'll check into it.

Nightmare said...

According to Bouby Heather has it right. Bouby has been in Real Estate for almost 20 years and this happens a bunch. She also recommends "The Inspection Co." They are in the Northland,but they may travel. Be sure that you tell them that you only have a small area to inspect, and that they won't be doing a whole house inspection, (those can get pricey).

If they don't do OP ask who they would recommend, it tends to be a incestuous business and everyone knows everyone else.

And for the record, my younger brother had the black mold, and he had all of the same symptoms you are explaining, once he figured it out, it went away as fast as he got it cleaned up.

Faith said...

Thank you Nightmare! I woke with another headache and more nasal congestion this morning. I'm going to call them today and see what they can do to help! (I'm also going to call my doctor and make an appointment, just to cover all my bases.)