Tuesday, June 24, 2008

My Very Own Tuesday Post

Closure on the checkbook found in the port-a-potty incident: I contacted the bank, they contacted the guy, he called me, I asked him WTF? He said he was working at my house last Tuesday, Leo doesn't remember that, dude came and got his checkbook, and all is back to balance in our world again.

I hate those boring endings to stories like that!

Meetup last night was a good time.It's always a good time seeing my favorite local bloggers! Plus, Lyn was in town, so she was able to come with us...fun all around, dammit.

The noise level wasn't to my preference. But that's because I lose my voice pretty easily when I go places like that. I'm a chatty girl, if you couldn't tell, so I talk a lot (i.e. YELL a lot), and then I sound like a shman for the rest of the night/into part of the following day. Lack of smoke DOES help. But not much.

Going someplace, regardless of how established they are as a national chain, or whatever, within the first 3 months of them being open = bad juju. The waitresses SUCKED. They failed to take our order when we'd arrived until a good 10 minutes of sitting and waiting, they didn't know anything about the extensive beer list they offered (I don't happen to know which of the Belgian ales are white ones, which are what I prefer...so I need guidance on that when I go someplace that offers, oh, about 17 different Belgian ales), and once we did order, it took a long time to get our beers (given, that coulda been due to a back-up at the bar, as the place was crowded), and then they didn't bring Leo's out. So he had to wait even longer. Ordering food was just as much of a pain, although it was tasty once it arrived and I figured out which sandwich was really mine. (Seriously, they brought all kinds of wrong stuff out a couple of times. It was a fucking mess.) Not a bad place...probly wouldn't go there on a special pint night (every Monday is $2.75 pint night) again, though. And I'll wait another few months, perhaps, until they get a waitstaff in that is a bit more competent.

Janet requested more pictures and info on the progress of the house addition. Right now, it's pretty much holding still. But it's looking like it's about to take off at a pace that will frighten my brain right out of my skull soon, so stay tuned! I'll get updated pics of the inside framing, etc...later this week. The shower is a defined space now, so I can actually picture my ass fitting in there comfortably now. That's definitely fun...we meet with the tile guy tonight, and the cabinet guy later this week. Now we'll see if we can actually afford to do the kitchen stuff we want to do, too!

Cross your fingers for us! Money scares me right now. Scares me right outta my wits.


Waldo Oiseau said...

The Flying Saucer waitresses:

knowledge of beer was on par with size of their skirts = very little.

Faith said...

Well said, WO. The short skirts were distracting, and seeing the really skinny, teeny waitress off to the side tugging at hers in an insecure moment made me think that perhaps we weren't the only ones that felt that way.

Dan said...

Should have asked me - I would have been honored to help out with the Belgians!

Maybe I'm getting old, but I didn't even think the waitresses were cute.

Nuke said...

Dang, Lyn is making it to more of these things than I am...

I gotta figure out what I am doing wrong.