Monday, June 30, 2008

Ok, this is real this time...

My nieces are in town this week, and if I'm lucky, I get to hang out with them one of the nights they're here.

Trying to find something fun to do, I've thought that going to one of those pottery places where you can sit and paint your own bowl/mug/plate/whatever would be fun for all of us. But I have no idea how to look it up. Color Me Mine is a place I know of from California, but I don't see one locally when I search them on Google.

Does anyone know of a place like that around here? I'm open to anything around the Plaza, Westport, Brookside area...JoCo is ok, if we must, but their father's new apartment is on the Plaza, so something closer to there would be ideal, is all. Just tell me what you know, regardless of where it's at, ok?



KC SOBE said...

Hi, I can tell you my girlfriend just threw a bridle shower and one place they went was called Pottery Playland. I think it's near Martin City, if you're familiar with that area. Here's the info. She brought home a cool vase.

13608 Washington St
Kansas City, MO 64145

Anonymous said...

All Fired Up
7915 Santa Fe Dr, Overland Park, KS, 66204 - (913) 385-5456‎

meesha.v said... attention if your item needs to be fired up you may receive it in a few days.
I always like going to the top of Liberty memorial-very cheap and fun, and Kaleidoscope in Halmark Visitor Center- free -and kids love it. Check the times. With clay thing you get a bulky crappy item which you can't use but feel sorry to throw away.

meesha.v said...

Faith said...

Thanks for the additional suggestions Meesh, but the kids LOOOVE the pottery places. They get to flex their artistic bits (as would Leo...), and we need something that will be good for us to do after 5:30 p.m., which is when I can get them/their father will let me pick them up. So some of the places you suggest might not be open at that point in the day. I'll look into Kaleidoscope, though, just in case. I've never been!

Thanks for the other suggestions, too. Shmigs, the one you suggested is a good option for us. I'm gonna give them a call and check their hours. Yay!

Chimpo said...

There is a place in downtown Mission called Walls of Clay. Right on Johnson Drive, so not too far from the Plaza. You can check it at

I haven't been in almost 20 years, but Meesha's Kaleidoscope suggestion is good. That place the balls of all field trips in grade school.

emawkc said...

There used to be one in Crown Center. No idea what the name is/was or what their hours are/were, but it seems like they were across from the Crayola store.

MoxieMamaKC said...

Best kid date ever (especially if they are into artsy stuff):

Eat dinner at Fritz's in Crown Center (food comes to you in overhead trains)
Hit the Moneyville Exhibit (you print your own money)
Go hang out at Kalideoscope
If you're extra cool, bring swim suits and let them run around in the fountain jets outside

I also get good ideas here sometimes:

Faith said...

Ok, I really should have posted about the timing of this kid date, I guess.

I just needed to know about the pottery places, but thanks again for all the other suggestions guys! I have to work this week...I can't take the day off to hang out with my nieces. They have a pool to hang out at in the apartment complex, so they're good to go there. I don't get to see them until almost dinner time, so I thought we could paint for a bit, and then get dinner, and then they get to go back to the apartment.

Again, thanks! I looked at the pottery places, and the Walls of Clay place looks like it might be the winner!

faithstwin said...

Hey Meesha,

I have painted at least 5 clay things and use every one of them. My girls have made several plates, bowls and mugs and they use theirs too.

Last week I created a 'Mascot Vase' for the shop- it's awesome! I could see if the pices being painted were knick knacks, but I have a strict no-knick-knacky rule when we go to Color Me Mine. Unless it's a birthday. But the girls have, so far, refrained from painting any useless statues of dogs or an elephant or some shell.


meesha.v said...

I have heavy blobs of painted clay sitting around the house. I guess I am not raising a Rodin.

faithstwin said...

lol! Meesha, do you have to MAKE the shape you are painting as well at the places you have gone to? In the Color Me Mine's we use, we walk in to one wall of shelves covered with little statues to plates to coasters (one of my favorite coasters say stuff like, "Put that down!," and, "It's ok, I like being wet...") to piggy banks and vases...everything under the rainbow. The other wall has all the paint colors you can choose from.

It's a pretty bitchen concept and VERY popular in SoCal. I wish I could open one but it takes a large investment.

I will put up a post over on my blog later showing the pieces the girls and I have made. I dig 'em!

Sorry about your blobs...

Waldo Oiseau said...

Try Sunfire Ceramics. It's on the backside of those shops sitting at the corner of 71st (Gregory) and Wornall. Close to Plaza!

7100 Wornall Rd, Ste B
(t) 816-361-2229

I have many blobs sitting around my house ... and they were all crafted by moi at KC Clay Guild. Needless to say, it is a fine talent to understand how clay works. I do not have that talent.