Saturday, June 07, 2008

Weekend update

Just a quick update. I'm losing my mind with the roofers working on a Saturday (although I certainly appreciate it, since it's supposed to fucking rain all next fucking goddammed week...), and it didn't help that they got here at 7:15 today. But again...I appreciate the end result, so I'll quit bitching about it now.

Here's what the backyard looks like right now. Focus on the foreground of the picture, and you'll see my daily nightmare...
But this is what the back of the house looks like now. Which, again, one has to try to appreciate while the work is in process.
That's a new roof in that picture. They stayed here until 8:30 last night to finish it up. Awesome.

Here's what it looked like on Tuesday, before the storm moved in. That's the tarp up there that was supposed to keep the water out of our house.

It wasn't as successful as they'd hoped...
But the contractor has told me not to worry about it. They'll take care of repairing the damage to the ceiling and the insulation above it. *sigh.* He told me to stop looking at it. I didn't realize it had gotten that bad, though. It was only a little bad on Wednesday morning. This is what it looks like as of today. Ugly mess.

And here is our current second bathroom. Not too roomy, but it allows you to get the job done. I like it's convenient location to the street/driveway. Very classy addition to our yard, IMO.

So I'm tired, I'm likely to be cranky later, and my chest is full of stuff...that won't come out. (Dry coughs suck. But so do productive ones. I need some Robitussin, I think, but I don't wanna go get it. Lazy much? ::raising hand:: Indeed.)

I really hope they finish this roof today, because I plan on sleeping tomorrow morning, dammit.


Anonymous said...

at least your construction crew shows up. There are alot of people who get screwed with contractors.

faithstwin said...

Aaannd, thankyouthepaintman for your oh so positive post. WTF?

lol. I realize a lot of people get screwed by contractors, our family is not excluded just because we happen to be involved in that business to a certain extent, but thank goodness for Faith being a seriously organized individual who happens to do her homework before she does much of anything.

Faith said...

pssst, Twin...c'mere.

Um, thepaintman is generally known around these parts for having (a) ridiculously stupid commentary on blog posts and (b) nothing of any real worth to say when he's not bashing the post itself. He's an asshole on most days and retarded on others. So yeah...he's a dope.

A lot of people do get screwed when it comes to contractors, that's true. I think those people kind of reap what they sow (sew?) gotta be fastidious when it comes to allowing someone to tear into the side of your home.

faithstwin said...

Ummm, Faith, come closer: I don't think ThePaintMan knows what fastidious means... SHIT! Is he right behind me? He's right behind me, isn't he? Oh well.