Friday, June 20, 2008


I finally got to the pharmacy last night after working out, so I could pick up my prescription, as well as the Claritin D my doctor recommended I start taking, and continue to take until the end of the construction process.

My prescripton only cost me $5. Nice.

But my total bill was over $20. So I was all, GEEZ! How much does that Claritin shit cost? Looked at my receipt on my way out, and saw that it was $14.99. Wow. Ok, then...glad I got the big box of it!

Then I go home and too it out of the bag. And saw that the box had a whole 10 doses in it! 10! For $14.99? What. the. FUCK?

I'm so glad I don't need to buy some more again until, oh, NEXT SUNDAY!

But right now, I'm feeling the effects of the stuff, and it's niiiiice. Without the threat of Advil in my belly. So that's good.

But seriously? Over $1 per pill? C'mon.


Coley said...

Dear Makers of Claritin D:
F off. I hate you and your product that works well enough that we entertain the notion of paying $1.50 a day just to not feel like ass.
Enjoy the money you soul leeching buttholes.

lyn said...

yeah, i was appalled when i found out how much the claritin was. but my hmo has a generic version that works fine and is cheap. i think it is like $8 for 100. let me know if you want me to get an extra bottle for you before i head out there.

Faith said...

Holy Christ Lyn. Yes. Please. I'll give you $10 for your trouble!

And Coley, thank you for your letter to the Makers of Claritin D. We should totally send that to them.

faithstwin said...

Me too Lyn. Kaiser has 100 pills for around $6 to $8 if I remember correctly. I buy two bottles at a time.

Try going to Walgreens first, though dude, because they have a generic version of it for way less, too. Otherwise, Lyn and I can totally supply ya! ;)

Nuke said...

Got a name on the generics? I ran out Saturday, and now that I am dating a cat owner, I go thru em quick.

lyn said...

the generic is loratadine.

(reading this from the bottle i brought for faith.)

Nuke said...

Thanks Lyn!!!