Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Construction. Update. Fun.

So I finally got some of the latest pictures of the addition into our computer last night, and thought I'd share the progress that we've made. As a reminder, this is what our bathroom will look like, for the most part:

We made some changes here and there...my contractor is really against pocket doors, and I don't care either way, so I told him to just go ahead and do hanging doors if he wants. Also, the shower will open over on the sink side of it's space, so that's better, IMO. I didn't want it opening into the hallway. Weird, right?

Here's the space from the inside. This is the window on our old east wall of our master bedroom. That's going to be moved to the south side, and combined with the other window in the room to create a headboard o' windows for our new bed. I'm so excited! The space it leaves behind will become the new door into the bathroom addition. (That's the shower on the right, and the entrance to the laundry/closet on the left.)

This is the vanity wall. It's so huge, it makes me want to cry when I look at it...
That's the new window that will be in the laundry room/closet. I love that we'll have natural light in that space!
And this is the shower, all framed in. I made the additional request for the little push-out window, so we can have ventilation in there after showers, or whatever. Leo complained about it the other day, saying he wished that it was a frosted glass like the window in our front bathroom is, you know, for added privacy. I was all, "Dude? The neighbors won't be able to see anything in there except your head, so as long as you keep from pressing your face up against it when you beat off, you should be fine." He can be so weird sometimes!
So we're coming along! This week, we're supposed to have the rough-in inspection, where they check all the electrical plumbing and stuff. And then they can put in insulation, seal up the walls, and tear down the old walls to make the new space a reality! I can't WAIT! (Plus, it's not easy climbing in and out of that window to get in there. That sucks ass.) More pictures to come as that happens.


"The D" said...

Your going to lose 3 feet of usable space in your bedroom if you go with a hanging door. You have to account for the swing of the door.

Go back to the pocket door.

Faith said...

It will swing into the bathroom. In the hallway there. Since that space is specifically built for passing through, it should be just fine.