Friday, July 18, 2008

A Day at the Park

Yesterday, I was lucky enough to be able to join a team of coworkers on their "team-builder" trip to a T-Bones game. I kind of invited myself along...they invited my boss when they were making the plans, but since he's going on vacation for the next 2 weeks, I knew he'd definitely not have time to go to a baseball game for 4 hours in the middle of the day. So I said, "I'll be [boss] for the day!" And they wound up inviting me along.

I don't have any chances to join team-builder opportunities usually, since I'm not on a team (me and my boss are "the team" at my a team-builder for just the two of us could be awkward I think), so it was nice to be able to tag along.

This was also my first trip to a T-Bones game. It was fun. A little boring toward the end, since we were kicking the other team's ass 11 - 0 by the time the 7th inning rolled around (and we wund up winning 15 - 0), but still a nice day to get out of the office. It wasn't super-hot, and we were lucky to get seats in the shade. I took a picture of the stadium with my cell...

It was more crowded on our side, because of the shade thing. Still, not a bad crowd for an 11 a.m. game mid-week. Here's where we were in relation to home plate:
We were in the 10th row above our home team's duggout. This is the field itself:
It was nice, really. And the peoplewatching, as usual, was stellar! I tried to get a better picure of this woman, I really did. She was fun! Her jeans didn't fit, so her belly was hanging over the top of them, and she appeared to need a larger bra as well, since you could see through her wife-beaterish tank that her ample bosom were not all that well wrangled under there:
What I wouldn't give for a zoom function on my phone's camera! GAH!

Anyway, I'm not usually one to bag on jeans not fitting, particularly when it comes to women who have had babies recently, which this woman apparently had. (She had what I would guess was a 9 month old with her, along with 2 other kids, and her husband.) But, dammit, if you're belly is gonna hang over the top of them, at least get yourself into a more fitting top to be able to disguise the issue! I was so pissed I couldn't get a picture of the disappointed me greatly.

And then, THEN, when she would bend over or just go to sit down? Her underwear was totally showing.

She was my favorite. Might've been another reason the game got kinda boring, since her little family left during the 6th inning. They had seats in a sunny row.

I totally forgot to bring my sunscreen with me, so I was really happy that we were in the shade. But imagine my surprise when I noticed, about an hour after getting back to the office, that I had gotten burned on my chest and my upper arms! Did the sun reflect off the white trash and hit me without me noticing? Damn!

Anyway, it was a fun day. I liked that park, and plan on going to more games there next year. If for no other reason than some great peoplewatching...I'll make sure to take a real camera next time.


Coley said...

I appreciate the allowances made for us recent-baby-having-belly folks. I was a little concerned I may be an offender, but this broad ALWAYS remembers to wear an appropriate belly-camouflaging shirt with ill-fitting pants.

Faith said...

Do you see her tank top? EW! with a capital E and W!!!

She was bad, yo. I understand choosing to forego makeup and heels once one has 3 rugrats to run after, but when you forego a nicely fitting bra, and then wear a thin tank out into public? It's time for the funnin' to be made. By me, preferably. :D

Anonymous said...

Community America ballpark IS in Wyandotte County, KS so this type of individual is not atypical.

faithstwin said...

I can see the belly in that pick no problem. The boobs aren't as obvious, but I can see it a little bit.

Anon: there are no excuses for that, ever. Unless your dog gets out and you have no option but to run after him/her threatening bloody murder in your head yet pretending on the outside like their behavior is the cutest thing EVER!? Even then, even if it is ME: I will need proof.

Faith said...

Anonymous is right. It's the area that the park is in that lends itself to that kind of patronage. And the $10 tickets, of course.

We know there aren't any excuses for it, but the fact that they're out there for the viewing makes my day sometimes.

faithstwin said...

Hmmm, I'll think about it then. NOPE! Still no excuse. I think "What Not To Wear" should be a mandatory homework assignment! Starting in kindergarten...