Monday, July 28, 2008


Nothing happened over the weekend. I have no ideas for what to write about, so I'm leaving this space as blank as it needs to be today.

Well, ok...quick update on the contractor deal: I've called him out on trying to charge us more than what is stated in our contract. He says that amount was wrong, and it got messed up because of a software issue. But we both know that doesn't matter, because it says specifcally in the contract, "Contract not to exceed bid sheet." And the first bid sheet I received had the same amount on it as was in the contract.

Unfortunately for him, this means he won't make money on this project at all. I've told him that I hope everything will work out for both of us in the end, but to be clear, he did tell us when we first met that he could do our addition for $100/square foot. As it is, the contracted amount is almost twice that. One of the reasons we chose to work with him was because he said he could do it for the $100/square foot. So, yeah...tough deal for both of us, I think.

That's about it. No ranting over the raving either. Well, actually there was a little bit of ranting over feeling particularly bloated and icky, but no one needs to hear that, I'm sure. So there ya have it. Bye!


Heather said...

Good for you for holding the contractor by the short and curlies. Now, just watch to make sure he doesn't do shoddy work and cut corners. Where he's not making money on this job, he might not care if if it's done half-assed.

Faith said...

Leo was worried about the same thing, but all the big projects (electrical, foundation, roofing, etc...) have been done. If he half-assed anything superficial, hell if I wouldn't sue him for it.

But I think we have a good level of communication going on. He knows he fucked up...or rather, his software he uses fucked up. That wasn't my fault. And it's also not my fault that he told me he could do the job for half the price he wound up contracting for. That was misleading, IMO. And I don't think we're asking for super-fancy stuff that jacked the price up, either. It's standard kind of crap...

So we'll see. I just want it to be done, already! We need to throw a bathroom party, dammit!