Friday, July 25, 2008

Hmm..not so much!

There's this woman that parks in my parking structure that I get behind every now and then, and her license plate drive me nuts. It says "CR8TIVE" on it.

Doesn't that spell out "crative"? Am I wrong there? That's what I read. So, really, I guess she isn't as "creative" as she thinks she is. Because, yeah...the creativeness on that kinda falls flat.

She shoulda skipped the "e" on the end, and spelled it "KRE8TIV" or something. See, THAT works.

Dumb people make me sad. What's even more sad? She probly makes more money than me. ::sigh::


Stephanie said...

Your suggestion is a lot more Kre8tive, IMO. So clearly, we have proven she's not quite as inventive as she thinks she is : P

Logtar said...

CR EIGHT TIVE is not all that bad, I think you are being too critical of the LEETSPEAK... crative is actually spelled CR4TIVE ;)

Maybe because English is my second language, but I really don't see the dumb on this one.

Faith said...

It bugs me because she's going for the word that sounds like kre-ate-ive. Instead, she's made the word ker-ate-ive. That's not a word.

It is dumb, so trust me because English IS my first language, and so I know better in this case. :P

Hey, don't know if you watch Anthony Bourdain's "No Reservations" on Travel Channel ever, but he had a show in Colombia a couple of weeks ago, and it was awesome. I loved seeing it, and hearing his perspective on what it's like to visit there since the drug cartel faction was cleaned up. Amazing looking place.

Anonymous said...

I love "custom" plates where I'm left thinking "WTF does that say?"

My theory is that if I have to stop and think about the message a license plate is trying to convey, it fails the intended purpose.

or I'm dumb as a stump.