Thursday, July 17, 2008

Let's get this done with, I have places to go...

Ok, so season 5 of Project Runway started last night.

First of all, why does it seem like there are 50 gazillion contestants this time around? They kept introducing them, and introducing them, and it went on and on...weirdness.

What's even weirder? That this guy who doesn't know that short-pants went out in around 1855 is actually a designer of some sort. Given, he's only 23, but still...blech to his legs! Slap some jeans on those babies!
And then there was Stella. She' I dunno. Here she is wearing a pair of undies that lace up over a pair of pants she must have gotten that last time she was in jail, or something...

Depending on who you are, it's either too bad or very lucky that I was unable to find a rear-view shot of her from the show last night. ::shudders::

She apparently didn't know that if she was planning on using plastic trash bags as a fabric, then she needed to look for something better than a 1-ply, and I cannot believe she didn't go home after sitting and balking at her bad "luck" for most of the time she had to devote to the challenge, and then pulling together what she did. It was awful.

Anyway, I'll be out for most of the day today, pretending to be my boss at a team builder activity he was invited to, but was unable to attend, because I scheduled a bunch of meetings for him to attend instead so I could go. Mwahahahahaha! Seriously, though, I never get to go on any team builders, and I don't think it's very fair. So I picked a fun one to attend...we're going to a T-Bones game. Woo!

See y'all tomorrow!

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