Monday, July 21, 2008

No title comes to mind, except maybe oh, BITE ME.

I'm seething right now. Actually, full-on seething. (Wait...lemme look that up to be sure. Yep! That's definitely what I'm doing!) If weren't at work, I would be screaming. Possibly crying. Both at the same time would be likely.

They installed the drywall over the weekend and plan on taping and mudding today. When I went in to take pictures and see the new walls, I noticed that they, for some reason, replaced about 4 feet of the ceiling in the master bedroom, where we had a little bit of water damage back when we were putting the new roof on, and a rainstorm moved in, but it wasn't 4 feet worth of damage!

The room that needs half of the ceiling replaced is the smaller bedroom next to the master, which we use as our office. See?

I called my contractor on Saturday afternoon to let him know that it apeared as though a mistake had been made, and the sheetrockers replaced a bunch of ceiling that didn't need to be replaced, ignoring the ceiling that DID need replacing. Either that, or I was unaware of the decision not to replace the sheetrck for the ceiling in the room where the real damage had occurred.

Instead of calling me to let me know what was up, he sent me an email:
"we are not going to pull out the sheetrock from bedroom #2. We have inspected it and it has been water stain damaged. We will seal that at painting and then paint it again. For the record, i pulled out some rock from the old master that was also stained, and there was nothing wrong with it either, just stain damaged."

I tried to be civil in my response back, and said this:
"The ceiling is bowed from the damage. I can’t imagine that sealing it and painting over it will actually cover that stain! Why not save time later, since if that stain shows through, I will insist on it being replaced, and just replace it now?

I honestly have a hard time with that bad of damage being done to my house, where I have to live for the next several years, and it not being taken care of properly. I’m very upset about this, [contractor].

Thanks for getting back to me. Talk to you later."

He just responded. Let's see what he said!
"if the sheetrock has pulled away from the framing, we will re-think this issue. replacing the rock will potentially cause more problems than it will solve. we also noticed that there is some bowing of the sheetrock in the master, but after exposing the framing in the roof, it was not caused by the sheetrock at all but by the rood [wood?] trusses (50 years, and some settling does occur.). i'll look at the other sheetrock again and see what needs to be done. i'm simply saying we won't pull out sheetrock if it does not need to be swapped."

Ok, so he's being reasonable. To an extent. If he knew that I am shaking - shaking - right now over this maybe he'd reconsider the decision even faster.

I can't believe this is an issue that needs to be discussed. There is no way paint will cover that stain. He's nuts.


emawkc said...

Frankly, I'd be more concerned about mold above the sheetrock.

I assume you have blow-in cellulose insulation above the ceiling. In order for the water to make that kind of stain on the visible part of the ceiling, it would have had to soak through about 8 inches of insulation.

It might be worth it to higher an inspector to go up in the attic to look for evidence of mold.

Tell the contractor that you'll assess that charge against his fee if they find any mold, or he could just replace the fricken' damaged sheetrock in the first place.

Faith said...

I've looked into having it inspected, and it'll cost a minimum of $350 to have them come out, take samples, and then test them. Do I think there's mold? Yes. Do I think my contractor will take any responsibility for it? Questionable, seeing how he answers questions about the ceiling bowing due to the damage and all.

I don't know what to do anymore. I'm pissed this even happened, honestly. I'm sure that the whole issue he has of "replacing the rock" causing "more problems than it will solve" thing has to do with them needing to replace insulation if they open it up, but isn't that their fault, really?

I don't know how to handle this...

Nuke said...

Ugh that sucks. At first thought, I wonder if he is protecting his profit margin. If he takes responsibility he has to do the work gratis. I am sure if there was some way he could lay the blame (and the additional cost) off on you and Leo, then he would be happy to do the work.

If I ever remodel, remind me to NOT use these guys.

Faith said...

There's no way for him not to be at blame, and he knows it. The roofing contractors he hired tore the hole in the roof, and thought they placed the tarp over it in a sufficient manner to keep rain out.

We got a HORRIBLE storm that night, though. It was bad. And we reported the damage to him right away. Then I got very sick, and he tried to say mold couldn't possibly grow that quickly. Instead of pushing the point, I started taking allergy meds, and we change our air filter (the intake for the system is in that room where the damage is) frequently now to try to keep allergens from being dispersed.

Then he and his guys "inspected" the damage, said the insulation was dry (um, a good 3 weeks after the damage occurred, mind you), and that the joists weren't damaged at all.

I don't know if I trust his "inspection" of it. But net/net, if that damage is still visible after it's been sealed and painted, he will replace that ceiling, or I'll take him to court.

Faith's sis-in-law said...

Hey sista girl,
I posted this a while back for you, and I'm not sure if you saw it:
Hope you get this straightened out! You can't live this way!