Thursday, July 10, 2008

Not for a lack of words...

To be quite honest, I didn't post yesterday because in my other online world (i.e. the world of The Knot message boards), we had an all-out war start on Tuesday that kind of came to its peak yesterday, and culminated in my side getting someone from the other side permanently banned from the Knot, and then the other side getting all mad at us for doing it.

I know this is interesting to exactly no one except me, so that's all I'll say about it. Just wanted to let you guys know that the war appears to be over. For now. So I can focus my attention for at least one post here right now.

Last night, as we lazed on the couch watching Shear Genius on Bravo, we let the puppies out for one last harrah in the yard before bedtime. Someone has been shitting in the house during the night on a regular basis. We want to stop it, if we can.

After about 15 minutes of Jake being outside, I told Leo we should reel him in. He has a nasty habit of playing in the pile of lumber and trash that's out in the yard waiting for the appropriate time in the construction process to be acually removed from the yard. It sucks. See?

Yes, that's my baby puppy dog, head-deep in a pile of used lumber filled with nails, old rusty pipes, and whatever trash the construction workers find appropriate for placement on the pile, like cigarette butts and big gulp cups from QT.

Anyway, so Leo goes to call Jake into the houe, and starts laughing at the back door. "What?" I call out. "Oh, he's just out here eating bugs. Man! He's really going to town!"

Gross! GROSS! He was out there feasting on June Bugs. I told Leo to try shaking the bag of treats at him, because when all else fails, that usually works for me. It didn't, though. Apparently, that's when Jake went and caught a bug as it flew away. That made Leo laugh a bit more. I think he was impressed by the little guy's skill! Which is SO GROSS!

He finally put a treat through the doggy-door, and held it out where Jake could smell it. That got him inside.

Puppies are soooo foul. GAH!


Nuke said...

C'mon, he was having a great time and nobody got hurt. If you really don't like his snackin habits try bug flavored treats (or poop flavored some dogs eat their own poop).

As for the trash pile, thats not so harmless. I hope the little guy stays outa trouble.

N }:-

faithstwin said...

Ohh Nuke, you're overreacting. It's character building for Jake to play there. It's a good thing. I encourage my animals as well as my children to break bottles in the driveway then walk over the glass with no shoes on/nothing protecting their paws. They have survived each and every time. I also only let them duke it out with spiked clubs. I have helped with the level of danger however by insisting they are plastic and the girls have to first wrap themselves in bubblewrap. It's more of a challenge when they have to first pop the air bubbles before they can get to skin.

Erin said...

I actually wish you would post more about the Knot drama. I fucking love it. It's hysterical. I love that you're on there, a year after your wedding, making stupid beotches go crazy! Come on! Share it!!!

Coley said...

I second Erin's motion. The knot drama is HYSTERICAL.

I actually wish my damn cats WOULD catch and eat bugs. As it stands now, they are useless. Cute and fuzzy, but useless.