Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Stress clouds blowing over...

Ok, the week is suddenly looking better within the last 2 hours, so I feel better than I did this morning. Amazingly, even my shoulder that I gave a crick last night with the way I slept on it is feeling better. And that sentence doesn't make much sense outside of my head, but I don't care. That's how un-stressed I am right now!

What am I focussing on instead? How about the fact that tonight is the continuation of the saga that is Jeff Lewis and the crazies who agree to work with him on a daily basis? Or that we just got another Buffy dvd in from Netflix, PLUS the first two discs from season 1 of the X-Files? (Which Leo has never watched, if you can believe it!)

And tomorrow? Tomorrow is THIS. Yaaaaaaa-haaaaaaaaaaa-::breathes::-haaaaaaaaay!

Also? Leo and I discovered not-quite-store-brand-but-don't-recognize-the-name-brand pickles over the weekend, and they are quite tasty, so our money concerns are obviously over.**

Yep, the week is turning. Let's hope it stops after it gets to 180 degrees. I don't need a complete 360, so I wind up back where I was! GAH!

**A more detailed post about this is to come at a later date. Right now, I must tend to my leftover meatloaf lunch...nom, nom, nom.

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