Monday, July 07, 2008

Well, it's been long enough now.

I didn't have any interest in posting at all during the weekend. I have my once-per-quarter PMS right now, which makes me a joy to be around, and even more fun to BE, so really everyone is lucky I'm not just posting a little spot that says "Bite Me" each day this week, ok?

Tonight we meet with the tile guy to pick the tile for the bathroom. Then we'll head over to the lighting place to pick out our lighting. The walls are supposed to come down this week, which means the house will be an even more tremendous mess than it has been. Funny how they managed to make that happen concurrent with my period. Awesome.

I'll be sure to keep a photo record of it all.

I have but one thing that I'd like to discuss today. And that is the Food Network, and their search for a new "Star" to televise on a weekly basis.

Ok, thus far, the Food Network hasn't been what I would call supremely successful in their annual search for a new "Star" to give a t.v. show to. They had those two gay guys as their first winners, and they've gone the way of the Dodo, thank goodness. (They were awful.) Then they had Guy Fieri, who is about as fun for me to watch as a Nascar race. I don't honestly remember if there were any other shows won or searches for Stars completed. Those are the only two I can recall.

And this year sucks. I don't like any of the contestants, and to be honest, I don't see the point in them "searching" for a new "Star" anyway! They have a bazillion new shows on that they are either testing or have hit the ground running with, and some will be hits, and some won't, and that's how the game is played, right?

Just because everyone else has a reality show on their channel does not mean we had to have this one run for another season, seriously. They have Sunny, and The Neelys, and this new chef who waves her arms about and basically annoys the crap outta me to be able to watch more than 2 minutes of her, so I don't.

And as far as I'm concerned, that channel could be all Bobby Flay all the fucking time, and I'd be happy. (Ok, ok, throw in a cake or meat-cooking challenge now and then, and keep Ace of Cakes on once or twice a week...) But this fake search for a new "Star"? They really need to just let it go....


faithstwin said...

I could handle a little late-night-with-Tyler-Florence, too.

But yeah...all the new shows they have? Isn't that enough? The Neeley's aren't at home anymore, they are starting to travel, did you notice?

I haven't been watching much FN. I like the FN Challenge bits. Otherwise? Not much taking me there...

Faith said...

I watch HGTV pretty well non-stop these days. I just wander down to FN when I see a Throwdown that I haven't seen before. Why they have the new BF show on at 8 a.m. (here...I think it's on at a more reasonable 9 a.m. your time) on SUNDAY is beyond me. I need to remember to set my Tivo to catch it, dammit.

I love the Neelys...they're cute! But I've honestly only watched one or two of their shows before.

lyn said...

they definitely needed some new blood and i dig the neeleys and sunny for sure. the other show you are talking about - she's mario batali's sous chef...don't you remember her from iron chef battles?

but back on topic. that food network star show is disastrous. the winner from last year was amy from san diego and did like 6 shows (the gourmet next door) and was out. i've been catching a bit of this season and it's like nails on a chalkboard. they all suck.

Sizzle said...

I don't really like any of the four contestants on Next Food Network Star either. I wouldn't tune in for any of their shows, honestly. But I also think there is TOO much Bobby Flay on Food Network.

faithstwin said...

Don't get me wrong: I dig the Neeleys, but I thought it was weird last night when I heard FN advertising their new travel show. I realized I hadn't seen a recent "At Home..." ep lately.

I was watching a show late with that curly haired chick (I like her, too) about 'how food gets to your plate' and they were focused on honey. Interesting. I love shows that tell me how it's made.

Faith said...

Leo was all into that episode last night about honey, too, dude. It seemed interesting, but I needed to go to sleep! So I didn't watch. (That's the "Sunny" chick we keep refering to, btw.)

Sizzle, I'm going to ignore what you said about Bobby Flay. And fully agree with the other stuff you mentioned. I am not interested in watching ANY of the shows that will come from the "Star" this season. Blech.

Lyn, I totally forgot about Amy from San Diego! I didn't watch any of her shows either. The only gourmet next door I'm interested in is one that lives next to me. Who makes me cookies on a weekly basis. Who doesn't exist yet, but one can only hope.

lyn said...

yeah, she had the personality of a doorknob. but hey, you have your own in-house gourmet dude, what are you complaining about?

meesha.v said...

Since I am not around you I don't have to be scared of your PMS getting worse so I am going to say it: Bobby Flay sucks! He is full of himself, arrogant and not even so exciting as a cook. I like Alton Brown, Emeril when he is not forced to say Bam all the time, sometimes Mario Batalli. The worst are the old lady with fake Southern accent, Rachel Ray, Bobby Flay in that order. I don't watch any other one. Oh I forgot the evil woman who cooks out of the can and thaws out frozen crap, but that's not even cooking, mostly warming up,mixing and decorating, so it doesn't count.
P.S Check your Google groups for upcoming lunch plans.