Friday, August 29, 2008

There has been a shocking amount of ass lately...

This weekend begins the 2008/2009 season of college football, and boy howdy, I could NOT BE more excited! I need a break from the stress of work, home, my body being a pain the ass to name it, I need a break from it.

Boys? Commence with the asswhooping!


Thursday, August 28, 2008

Sounds about right.

Yesterday, I kicked ass.

Today, I feel like ass.

Makes sense...

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Has nothing to do with anything, really...

I'm not going to be one of those people that turns 45, and then every birthday after that is for 45 again. Nuh-uh. That shit is stupid.

When I'm 50, I'm gonna start telling people that I'm actually 60, so they'll be all, "WOW! Really? You look good for your age, Faith!" And I'll be all, "Yeah, thank you! I feel good, you know?"

I kick ass.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Naw...leave that part unfinished. It'll look all rustic, and stuff.

Leo had a conversation with the contractor last Monday or Tuesday about the soffits on the addition, and whether the siding guys should finish them, and about whether the painters would paint them for us.

Magically (as usual), the contractor seems to have forgotten all about that coversation as of yesterday. When he asked me whether I'd sent the check to him for my portion of the siding costs yet yesterday, I said the following to him: "Also, the soffits are open on the addition. [Leo] meant to ask you about that when he spoke to you today, but he forgot. As I heard, the siding people were supposed to cover those. Was that incorrect? If the job is incomplete, we shouldn’t pay them."

His reply sent me into a PMS tizzy that I really didn't want to have this week: "per contract, they were not supposed to touch the soffits. if there is entry there, i'll check it out and get something done with it."

I tried to stay calm in my reply...I did. Because, remember, he just had a conversation about this last week, while he and Leo stood in the backyard looking at the soffits! Here's what I wound up saying: "What? It’s open space on the end of our addition, [Contractor]. I mean, ok fine if the siding guys weren’t supposed to take care of that (even though that was the understanding [Leo] had after a conversation he had with you last week), but there is DEFINITELY entry there! I wish I had a picture I could send you, so you can see what I’m talking about.

Are you planning on being there tomorrow? Or should I take pictures and send them to you?"

He asked me to send him pictures. So I did. The lighting wasn't the most optimal at that time, but hopefully you can till see what we're dealing with...

Up close shot of the OPEN-ENDED FUCKING SOFFIT!
Squirrels, chipmunks, birds, whatever...hey, come nest in our soffits, why doncha? It's nice and warm and stuff in there...and when it rains, you'll have that lovely sound of trickling water in the gutter right next to your bed - a built-in water feature!

He said he would take care of it, but that's not the issue. The issue is the fact that he just had this conversation with Leo last week! Like, 6 days ago!!! It's deeply disturbing to me, and really makes me wonder (Emaw, I can still give you his name, if you really want it...just let me know), and I just cannot wait until this is done. Can. not. wait. (I know that you guys are tired of hearing me bitch about it, too. So thanks for bearing with me. This blog was, after all, initially created to deal with my emotional tirades. So keep that in mind and thank your lucky stars that I can't post while I drive to and from work every day...)

Monday, August 25, 2008

Hahahahahaha! Bite me.

I love how my contractor is all, "Um, hey. I need to pay the siding guys, like, tomorrow. Did you send the check for your portion yet?"

And I'm all, "Yeah, um...I need to be living in the new space you were supposed to have built and had completed by last Saturday, so maybe we can call it even and you can cool your jets on the check you need from me so desperately?"

Here's the deal Mr. Contractor: when you send me an email on Wednesday at almost 2 p.m. telling me how much is owed, and I then request that it be moved from my savings account to my checking account that afternoon, it's too late at that point for the transaction to occur. So it happens the following busness day. That was Thursday. And then it takes a minimum of 2 days to go from one bank to the other, and that means it's just shown up in my checking account as of today. I'm not one of those fools who writes checks before the money is in the bank. So the check was written and sent out today.

Oh, and the soffits on the outside end of the new addition are still WIDE OPEN, and you told Leo that the siding guys were supposed to have closed those up. So yeah...maybe we shouldn't consider paying them until they actually complete the job they did? (Which took them a fucking week, by the way. Everyone I spoke to told me it should have been done in 3 - 4 days. Guess we had the slow guys on our house, huh? Seems to be a running theme...why break up the fun now?)

I have PMS. I really don't like talking to my contractor when I have PMS.

Huh. Yeah, that makes no sense.

There's a cleaning lady at work right now that's walking around sweeping where the edge of the carpet meets the wall. It's weird. Why don't they just vacuum that area at night? Seems like that would be more effective, if you ask me.

Then again, they stopped taking out our trash from under our desks on a daily basis about a month ago, and only pick it up on Tuesdays and Friday mornings now. So maybe the cleaning crew has to find shit to do while they're here? I dunno...

The weekend was up and down. Went to Kathy Griffin on Friday night at Starlight...she was AWESOME. I love her to death. If I could have changed anything, it would have been to make it a few degrees cooler. Seemed like as soon as we sat down, the breeze died. Blech!

Oh, and I could have also done without the instant commentary as provided by the gay dude sitting behind me. It was like sitting next to my grandma at a musical. She was a hummer. You know, one of those people that hum along with the music that's being played/sung? Except she would hum any old tune she wanted to hum. Those were fun times.

And one more thing. The guy who was sitting in front of us had the perfect head positioning throughout most of the show to perfectly block my view of Kathy onstage. I could either scrunch down in my seat and crank my head to the right to see her, or he'd move, and I could sit back up again and just tilt a bit towards my left shoulder...
(Nice shirt, btw. Oh, and his girlfriend had one that matched, but was in black and white...I think you can see part of her sleeve in the picture...) At one point near the end of the show, he and his girlfriend got up to go get some beers before they shut down the bar, and it was the best 10 minutes of the night! But then they came back. ::kicks dirt::

Saturday was a doozy. I woke up early to receive the new dishwasher we'd ordered last week. Early as in 7:10 a.m. to answer the call from the delivery guy who was letting me know they were 20 minutes away. Good thing he called...he thought I was on MyStreet Dr., when we're actually on MyStreet St.

Unfortunately, we have an electrical box in the space for it that doesn't jive with the framing on the bottom of the new washer, so we need to have an electrician move the box before we can install it. That made me cry. Literally.

After I got over that, I had a meeting with the nicest fence salesman EVER, and discussed the new fence we need to put up. It was a bit expensive as quoted, but I think we've worked out a deal that should make things affordable. So hopefully we'll have a new fence in the next month or so.

Saturday night, we took advantage of some free tickets to a Royals game that Leo was offered from a vendor at the country club where he works. It was a lot of fun...we had a great time. I find it entertaining that the beers we bought to accompany our dinner of sammiches from the Planet Sub vendor cost more than the sammiches themselves, but whatever. It was all tasty and fun.

Hopefully, the construction will progress quickly this week. I'm not sure how much more I can take, and I'm ready to lose it on everything from my currently cramped closet to the crowded bed at night. I want my room back, dammit!

Friday, August 22, 2008

It's countdown time!

I haven't said anything about this at all yet, but now that we're down to just a couple of days being between me and morning happiness, I thought it was time.

Afentra is coming back to Kansas City to do her Big Fat Morning Buzz on 96.5, starting Monday morning.

This past year has been excruciating, to a certain extent. I tried to give the new guy, Dick Dale, a chance when he started, but he was annoying, not funny, and his side-kick sounded like Kermit the Frog on helium. After 2 weeks of attempting to listen to him off and on, I gave up.

According to some stories I've heard, Kermit on helium might still be sticking around. Not sure about that. But! Since Dick left, he's been the one running the "My List Mornings", and I actually like him as a DJ. He's good. His voice isn't, but I guess I can put that aside, if I get Afentra back in the package.

I'm so, sooooo happy about this. I hate that things might not've gone well for them in Seattle, but I'm glad that our only alternative station in KC will be back the way it was when it was the best it's ever been.

Does that make any sense?

Thursday, August 21, 2008

I won't lie...I'm kinda giddy about this.

I just ordered this mini-chandelier for our new master bedroom. Leo and I looked at a LOT of lights before we settled on this one. It's teeny...just 11" wide, and 14.5" tall, so it won't look super-ridiculous in the space...

Since we're going to have some pretty masculine elements to the room otherwise, the girlie light fixture at the center should help balance it all out. This is the bed we've decided to get. The light color isn't too masculine, but the nailhead border is.
And here is the dresser that we'll be putting back in's big, bulky, dark stained, etc...Ok, this is a picture of just the one corner of the dresser, but it's the best shot I have of it. And here's the rug we're considering...we might need to get a different one, depending on how well the blue goes with the blue we'll have on the walls.

Anyway, I know how boring these updates can be for a lot of people, so I'm sorry! I'm just so fucking excited, is all. Woo! Mini-chandelier!!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Soapbox Time! - UPDATED

Pardon me for a moment. I’m ‘bout to get a bit political up in heah just as response to something I saw on Janet’s blog. (Janet, I love ya, I love your wit, I love your sass, and I love hanging out with you, but I don’t love your politics! I know…big shock, right? :P)

I’ve discussed this issue before. The way I feel about the housing crisis was revealed in this post back in March of 2007 and it hasn’t changed much since then.

I think that a lot of people who know me through my blog see me as a rich white girl who doesn’t understand what it would be like to be poor, to struggle, to have to deal with the pain of raising a family on a shoestring budget. And you’re right about part of that. I am white. I do have money. (Some of the time, anyway. Like when I’m not putting several tens of thousands of dollars into the addition of space on my home, and all…) I wouldn’t say I’m rich, but I’m certainly not poor.

My father is rich. Well, rich-er than a lot of people. He owns 3 homes. He owns a lot of commercial property. He has several vehicles, and they are of the pricey Mercedes Benz type. He lives comfortably, and damned if he hasn’t earned it.

See, dad was born and raised in Montebello, CA. He was the oldest of 5 kids, and when his mom died when he was 15 (I think…I usually get his age wrong when I think back on this stuff), his dad was left to raise all 5 kids on his own. So grandpa put an ad in the paper for a wife. He married my step-grandma soon after, and she brought 3 kids into the relationship herself. So now there were 10 people living in the same house together.

A house with one bathroom. And only 2 bedrooms at the time.

Grandpa built onto the house (another bedroom and a bath), and damned if he and step-grandma didn’t live out the rest of their days there.

Dad got thrown out of the house as soon as he hit 18. He and step-grandma didn’t get along, so she threw his clothing out on the lawn and told him to find a new place to live. He moved to Arizona briefly to live with an aunt and uncle, and took one of his little sisters with him. I think she stayed there, but he moved back to California soon after. I can’t remember it exactly.

Anyway, he got into the construction field. He was a drywaller. He worked hard, married my mom, started his family. They got involved in property ownership early on, I think. There were some stumbling blocks, a bankruptcy declaration, even. But they made it through.

By the time Twin and I were born, we were doing relatively well. We joined a country club when we were in elementary school. There were some family issues that occurred, as will happen with any given family, but we were happy for the most part.

My point to all this is to say that dad wasn’t handed his wealth. He fucking WORKED for it. He made it. He made smart decisions, and they paid off. Not everyone is as lucky as he was, but he recognizes his fortune in life, and doesn’t treat it in a backhanded manner.

So to call someone hypocritical because they’re wealthy, and enjoy the wealth they’ve made for themselves? That’s just not right. I don’t know how McCain made the money he has. I haven’t looked into it, to be honest. I suppose I should. But it won’t make a difference in how I vote because it doesn’t matter, really. The propaganda is gonna be flying every which way over the next few months, and we have to sort it with a grain of salt. Regardless of position in life, people will always sit back and say, “They have no idea what I have to deal with.” Rich people do it. Poor people do it. Fat people, skinny people, short people, tall people. Black people, white people. Kids. Adults. Etc, etc….

But here’s the deal: it’s all a matter of perspective. Do not tell me that if you made good money and had disposable income, that you wouldn’t have multiple homes, multiple cars, and buy nice things for yourself. It bothers me to hear people place blame on other people for the situations that they’ve gotten themselves into. It bothers me to hear that they expect someone to come along and save them from the place they are, when they should have goddammed well known what the hell they were doing when they did it. I’m not rich like my father. But I’m not an idiot, either. If I had bad credit, and wasn’t able to afford to buy a home without putting a good amount of money down, and getting a fair rate that wasn’t going to skyrocket, I WOULDN’T FUCKING BUY A HOME. It’s not like those people had no choice…like they were forced to do something that was a bad idea all around for their family and lives in general. They could have continued to rent. They could have worked to get their credit into a better position. They could have slowly put money away until they had a downpayment for a home they could AFFORD. (Don’t even get me started on the people that buy homes they can’t even afford. They make me really mad. This is just semi-mad that I’ve been expressing. You don’t wanna see my really mad place.)

I seriously don’t understand what people are trying to achieve when they spread propaganda like what Janet has in that post. Are all rich people supposed to feel bad for having made money? Or good decisions? Or just in general been smart and possibly frugal for a while, so they were able to build up wealth and equity in their lifetime? I don’t get it…

FYI, looking into some of the background on McCain's marriages, I found this on Snopes. Still looking for more. But that was an interesting might check it out if you want to know more about McCain's marriage to Cindy, and how he signed a prenup that kept her assets separate from his, and about their kids, etc...

Still looking for more.

Ok, in looking for more info on Carol McCain, I found a TON of stuff. Just Google her yourself if you don't know the story already. Yep, sounds like he did cheat on her with Cindy. Not that that had anything to do with what I talked about in my post, but since it was brought up in comments, I thought I'd acknowledge the fact that I looked into it.

Ah, puppies.

One day, Izzy and Jake decided they were in the mood to fight.

"I know mommy's ass usually hangs out here, but let's use it as a death-match ring right now!"

Jake had a very good position over Izzy, and was able to keep her subdued for much of the fight. Even Izzy's best attempts at intimidation went unnoticed by her little furball foe!
Uh oh! Where'd Izzy go??? It appears as though Jake has finally managed to smother her and put her in her place...(Still in mommy's seat, mind you...)
Victory is mine, bitches! Ha ha ha ha ha!
Later, Jake was very tired, and as mommy and daddy got ready for bed, he grew bored with following them back and forth from the bedroom to the bathroom and back again, respectively. He decided to just wait in the hallway right in between both rooms, dammit.
The end.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Let's get this over with...

Ok, I feel like hammered hell that's still in the process of being hammered. So I want to update and move along...

I have more pictures, but this is gonna do it for now.

So the stain is done on the vanity and the front of the tub. I forgot to take pictures before it got dark last night (we don't have lights in the new bath yet) so these are kinda dark. It'll be more fun to get photos once the color is on the wall and everything, anyway, so this is just to give you an idea of where things are headed...

Here's the storage tower that will be on top of the vanity...
We're generally pleased with the outcome. The doorfronts look different than the drawer fronts to me right now. I don't know if it's the grain of the wood, or if it's because everything was standing open and so that made it harder to look at, or what. (It was still drying last night...) Maybe it'll look better to me once the paint is on the wall. Maybe I'm a pickier bitch than I realized. I dunno.

The siding is much more fun for me. Not because the workmen get there at 7 a.m. to start their work every day, but more because the house no longer looks like this:
I know that doesn't look that bad, but the sides of the house were terrible. The color was fading in certain spots, and the corners of the house were all popping out and bending and shit. It was not good. When they removed the old steel siding, this was what was underneath:

It was old wood siding! Neat! But gross! Did they have it painted black at one point? How weird is that?
This is what the new siding looks like...

So much tidier and neater and the color is awesomer. It'll look even better when we get the shutters back up on the front of the house. We're very happy with it, even if we do have to eat hot dogs and cheese sammiches for the next year in order to survive monetarily.

Leo took the time to hang some new faux wood shades in the front rooms yesterday, and we LOVE them! The living room looks soooooooooo much better with them in the windows. ::sigh!:: Love! And they all cost under $200 too. It was a nice way to punch up the interior prior to the finish of the project.

Pictures tomorrow of the puppies. Because they're more fun to look at, and generally cause less stress than the renovation process.

I'm off to find a desk I can climb under for a nap for the next hour. Later...

Monday, August 18, 2008

It's time for a break.

Nothing much of interest happened over the weekend. Yesterday afternoon was exhausting…we checked out the stock of dishwashers at the Sears Outlet store, didn’t find what we needed, and bought one at Home Depot instead. Then we went to pick out new blinds for the front windows in the house…and found that I’d measured wrong. So we went home and re-measured, and then went back to finish our shopping trip.

We also wanted to buy new doors and order the install on them, but we found out that each $32 - $38 door we needed (we’re getting a total of 7) would cost $89 to install. EACH. So it’s almost 3 times the price of the door to install them. Um, no. No thank you very much. We’ll do it ourselves once we have a garage back to work in.

We finally got out of there at about 6:45, and still had to go to the supermarket for groceries. We were tired, crabby, and not in the mood, but we got it done.

I took pictures, but didn’t get them uploaded. Story of my life, eh? I’ll put some up tomorrow, I promise.

Today is a pretty good day for me. Not for my boss, though. Apparently, while he and his wife were out with some friends on Friday night, his son and one (or two) of his friends decided it would be appropriate to take dad’s car out for a spin.

Well, they spun it into something. Something white that popped a front tire, and left a big scrape down the side of the car. And no one is telling who did it.

See, these are the reasons I’m glad we have puppies. Coley , yeah, your little person will eventually learn how to wipe it’s own ass, but my puppies are never gonna "borrow" the keys to the Beamer. :P

Friday, August 15, 2008

Shoulda put 'em...shoulda put 'em on again...

I'm all caught up in looking into do it yourself things like stepping stones for the backyard, installing drywall, staining the pantry, and pouring a concrete pad for our smoker to sit on.

The siding installers were there early again today, and the siding looks great. But it seems slow-going for some reason. No matter. Pics will be up over the weekend, I'm sure.
I'm out of money - TOTALLY OUT! - and am trying to figure out how I'm going to pay the contractor for the entire contracted amount right now. Funny, but it appears my calculations were off a bit, and installing the pantry might have been a poor decision for now. I love it so much, its hard to look at it as being a mistake, but oh well! La la la la...

Here's a fun fact: The painting that needs to be done in the master bedroom? Yeah, that wasn't included in the budget. WHY, you ask? Hell if I know. Apparently, there were plans to "touch up" the existing paint job prior to our decision to move the window to the south wall, which was never an idea that was communicated to me. I've had that paint color in that room for 5 years now. And we're changing EVERYTHING about the room, except for the fucking shape of it, for chrissakes! WHY in heaven's name the contractor thought we would want the same goddammed color put back in there is beyond me. Plus, how do you go about "touching up" a mess like this?

I told him not to worry about it if it's going to cost too much and not fit in budget. We can do it our damned selves, for cryin' out loud. But it pisses me off. That I can say for sure.

Know what else wasn't in the budget? Staining the floors. I mean, he has it in the budget to stain the new portion that was installed, since we extended the room by 2 feet, but not the rest of the floor.

HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE??? Again, hell if I fucking know.

Ridiculous is the word of the day. Everybody scream!!!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

So XO got a speeding ticket...

I was reading XO's post about his speeding ticket he got earlier this week, and it reminded me of something I saw on Monday on my way to work.

At 91st Street, as you travel south on Nall, the street goes from being 1 lane each way to two lanes. Everyone was getting over in front of me, and I finally saw why: a tractor was in the right lane. I just thanked my lucky sars that I got there late enough to not have to deal with his slow speed in the one lane section of Nall, and passed by him, but as I did, I noticed something else...

He was on his cell phone.

Now, listen. I'm not one of those people that flip out over people being on their cell phones as they drive, unless you do something stupid in front of me that threatens to cause an accident, or whatever. I think it can be done if you're smart, and are able to multitask (as I am able to do...hell-OOO! Admin assistant for over 12 years? Yeah...), and can remain in a defensive driving mode while you chat.

But I draw the line at a guy chatting as he drives something that can either (a) scoop up my car with a large shovel mechanism attached to the front of his vehicle or (b) drive right over my car like I'm a speed bump. Nuh-uh. Big machine operators definitely need to pull over before they make a call. Should be a law, IMO.

Who can I write about that?

Oh, and Stella got so, soooo lucky last night. Unbelievable that the leathah-bitch is still there, but the fact that she was partnered with someone who could make such a slam-dunk outfit like Jerell did was her saving grace. I love the look she gave Brooke Shields when they met and Brooke told her, "Well, it still needs to be worn during the day." It was awesome! Stella doesn't get it. She's not mainstream, she's not cool (she was hoping the "high powered female executive" they were designing for was Sharon Osborn. Because she's so rock & roll. ::blink blink:: Oookaaaayyy...), and she doesn't belong in this competition.

Neither does Blayne, but whatever.

Anywhoodle, moving on with the week, we'll have pictures of the progress of the siding project tomorrow, probably. When I got home last night, our house was sitting there in it's original wood-shingled glory. And it was this dark gray color that was very interesting. Today, they're covering that with bright blue insulation. Not sure if they'll get to the point where they hang any actual siding, but we'll see. I hope it can be finished tomorrow or Saturday. (Will they work on Saturday? Oh, wait...that'd suck. Forget it...I'd rather have a half-sided house than have them pounding away on Saturday morning again like they did today. It's very hard for me not to lose my temper with the dogs when they get the way they do with strangers outside banging on the house. ::shakes head:: Hate it.) So there ya have it! It's almost the end of the week! Yaaaaayyyy...

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

You know there's something missing...

Hope you guys wanted some pictures! Yeehaw!

So we're at the stage where we have moldings installed, and the new floor in the bedroom installed but no tile in the bathroom yet. They're going to paint first. But they got shelves installed in the closet yesterday, so that's nice. Unfortunately, they're built in a way that only certain hangers can hang in the back corner of the closet, but that's ok. I own enough pants and skirts that it isn't too huge of a deal for me. (I suppose...) The pant/skirt hangers fit, but shirt/jacket/dress hangers do not. It's weird.

Anyway, here's what the entrance to the bathroom looks like...
And the closet...
And the laundry area...(Leo and I bought those cabinets the other night, and then they were nice enough to install them for us)
We even have a built-in ironing board...
I love it!

We picked colors for the bathroom and bedroom last night. We've been looking at a lot of different ideas in magazines, and on HGTV, etc..., and agreed on a mixture of blues and browns. I wanted to do a really pale blue in the bathroom, since it will go well with the dark stained cabinets, the brushed nickle fixtures, and the white accents, and then a slightly darker blue in the bedroom. Then I started seeing shows that were decorating with stripes on the walls. I showed them to Leo, and he agreed that the detail was nice. So we'll have at least one brown stripe in the bedroom as an accent.

Here's the color for the bathroom...hopefully it's not too hard to see it!

This is the stain we chose for the cabinets:
Up against the "Blissful Blue"...(it's the darkest one on the strip, by the way. Not the one Leo is pointing at, but the one next to it...)
We really like them together. I can't wait to see it all on the walls! Hopefully, it'll go up sometime next week.

So in the bedroom, I'm not sure if the painters will be able to do the bottom stripe for us, but I've asked for it. I can't pay extra, so we can only have them do it if they won't charge us. If they will? Then we'll do it ourselves. Anyway, here are the colors in the bedroom...
A little closer look...

They really are pretty in person. Again, cannot WAIT to see them on the walls!

I also promised some updated pictures of our yard. Here they are! This is the big dirt pile that's directly in front of our deck. Izzy and Jake like to chase each other around it...
It's so pretty. :P And here is the smaller pile, which is completely grown over with...stuff. I dunno what it is. Grass? Not sure...
There's still a hole in the ground between the two piles, where they originally worked on our gas line. I hate that hole. Jake likes to get into it after it's rained, and its a little mud puddle. Fucking sucks.

Our grass currently looks like this...

It's all growing in crabgrass, which sucks ASS. The exposed dirt is kind of covered in grass clippings from last week's mow in this shot, so it might be hard to see why I get so pissed off when it rains right now. But let me assure you, the mud springs forth as soon as it rains a quarter inch. I soooo don't love it.

And here is my red pepper plant. I was hoping that red peppers would grow in abundance throughout the summer, so I wouldn't have to buy any for all the dishes I like to use them in. But nuh-uh. We have two of them that survived the gnawing chipmunks, and here they are...
This is how big they are...Oh well! It's been fun growing them all the same. We'll see if they keep getting bigger or not. Maybe next year, we'll try some Miracle Grow on 'em, or something.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Ok, I didn't take pictures...

I promise to do it tonight. Things are looking neato at the stage they're in. It's exciting! For me! :P

I don't have much of anything right now, except for a surprisingly chipper mood for the crappy end of the night I had last night, having to get up and work out at 5 this morning, and then just having my $1.25 stolen - STOLEN, I SAY! - from me by the vending machine that I wanted to procure Twizzlers from. (Apparently, the packaging for the Twizzlers isn't as vending-machine-friendly as they'd hope. It gets stuck right on the edge of the drop. And there ain't no shakin' it loose, believe me. I tried for 5 minutes. I really wanted those Twizzlers.)

Thankfully, the morning response to the crappy end of the night was a decent one, the workout wound up feeling good, and I was able to go to the deli downstairs and get my $1.25 back. I'm tempted to stick it back in the machine and have the Twizzlers pack behind MY Twizzlers pack shove it into my fat, waiting hands, but I'm also thinking this might be a sign from above. (i.e. Yo ass don't need those Twizzlers, bitch!)

One final note: I went to Goodcents today to get myself a cheap lunch for today as well as tomorrow. (They're running a $5 footlong promo right now, for those who don't know...) I ordered myself a penny club, no cheese, with just lettuce, tomato, olives, and yellow peppers on it. This way, I can save half for tomorrow's lunch, and have $2.50 lunches for 2 days in a row! Woo! (Keeping the mayo and mustard and oil and vinegar off of it not only keeps my love handles from expanding, but it also keeps the kept portion from getting too soggy. I smrt. I have non-fat mayo and dijon mustard packs horded in my desk for such occassions.)

The only problem is that the BITCH who cut my sammich cut it into THREE PIECES. What the fuck??? Why? Why did she cut it into 3? I saw her do it, but the angle I was at, it looked like she cut it in half, and then cut one side in half again (nice), and then left the other half in on piece. Seemed weird, but I was all, whatev. I can cut it in half tomorrow before I shove it in my gullet.

But was in three same size cut portions when I unwrapped it. So I had to cut into part of the center portion to have my full half today, and left the other two in there to eat tomorrow as planned.

It really bugged me, for some reason. I don't exactly know why.

Oh it because I'm me? Sometimes, I forget about that fact and how it has a tendency to interfere with my rational response to issues that come up. Oops!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Ridiculous thoughts

The weekend was a bust for me. I didn't do anything, except make cupcakes for a friend's birthday (which I then iced in atrocious fashion, and I'm pissed - PISSED! - that I forgot to take pictures!) and go see my trainer for the last time in a long time. Otherwise, there was a lot of sitting around and doing nothing. It was nice, and boring. Sometimes, that's what I need, though.

This morning, Jake decided to get up at 1:30 a.m. I thought he needed to go out, but when I went into the living room, he just jumped up on the bed. So I guessed he didn't need to after all. Smelled like he'd already pooped in the house, but there wasn't anything by the front door, so I just thought I was imagining things, and went back to bed.

Then Izzy got up at 4:05 a.m. She needed to go out. So I got up, went into the kitchen to open the back door, and stepped right into Jake's goddammed poop from earlier. Found it! Asshole.

I got back to bed about 10 minutes later, and decided that working out was for the people that hadn't stepped in their dog's shit this morning, and slept in. I'll work out tomorrow, dammit. Mutherfucking stupid Jake with his shitting on a black fucking rug that I can't see poop on when it's dark in the mutherfucking house...

We're set to start the siding this week on Wednesday. They were talking about rain this morning on the news, but now it looks like it should be fine, so hopefully we can get that done with, and move on. Leo and I need to look into a new fence for the entrance to the yard, and I'd really like to get it done with, but I need to make sure we're done with any big machinery going into the back yard first. We have some dirt that needs to be moved...

and even though it's nice having it there for the neighborhood children to come and climb on, and all, we kinda want it to go 'way now. I think a tractor will be necessary, but I guess we'll find that out soon. If my contractor would just stop putting it off, and all, that is. It's growing now. There's stuff growing on it, I should say. I'll get an updated pic tonight so you can see what the yard looks like now.

Anyway, I'm ready for it to be all over. Tonight, Leo and I will go to Sherwin-Williams to find paint, which I'm looking forward to. They should have come today to hang trim, but Leo won't answer his phone, so I have no idea what's actually going on at the house.

Exciting stuff, right? I know...

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Project Runway FUN!

Okeydoke, first and foremost, all images in this post are courtesy of I just have to discuss this before my brain explodes.

There's a contestant on this season of PR that doesn't appear to be aware of the fact that she has a very distinctive style of design. She's very biker with the leather and the spikes and the black everything (which I don't actually have a problem with...I like black, but sans spikes and grommets, please), and I just cannot see her ever catering to a main-stream audience/customer, or vice versa. So why is she a contestant? And moreover, why is she still there after 4 weeks have gone by???

Ok, admittedly, the first week was a rough one. They had to design dresses out of stuff they found at the supermarket, and several people walked a fine line where "edgy" really just turned into "crap." So the crappiest thing had to go. But I don't understand why this...

...went home instead of THIS:
That's not chic. Not at all. And the bitching and moaning Stella did as she tried to work out her "design" really made it more ridiculous than anything. She basically slapped that travesty together in 2 hours. It was awful. And those booties she's wearing? WTF?

Ok, so 2nd week, the twist is that the MODELS are picking the fabrics. This wound up being an unfortunate turn for Wesley, who created this:

And a rather gods-are-smiling-down-on-us turn for Stella, who can create things like this when she isn't using her fabrics of choice (i.e. "leathah" as she calls it):
A little short, and I hate the one-armed thing personally...looks like it would be super-annoying to wear all night long, but whatever. Wesley deserved to go home, really. And I hated his weird shorts he wore all the time. So no grudge there.

But then the next week happened. And we wound up with this interpretation of "movement" from Emily, who got sent home...

And THIS interpretation of...white trash gone horribly wrong? I dunno...I can't honestly remember what her "muse" photo was of. Anyone that can help, please do in the comments. Regardless, we wound up with a vest that looked like it was made of tin foil, and pants that look uncomfy even on this size negative 2 model...

(They looked more uncomfy as she walked down the runway in them. Standing there doesn't really make them look as bad...oh well...)

Anyway, point being, she skated under the radar last week with that outfit! She wasn't even in the bottom three! Which is fucking ridiculous to me.

So then we have last night's show. They're creating outfits that would be possible outfits for USA Olympic athletes to wear in the opening ceremony portion of the Olympics. It's a reach, lemme tell ya. Yeah, the Olympics only happen every 4 years, and apparently Ralph Lauren designed the outfits that are being worn this year, but still...they leave it open to interpretation by the designers, telling them to get their inspiration from what they see at the Olympic museum they took them to at the beginning of the show.

So yeah...THIS is the losing dress:

And somehow, some way, Stella has again flown under the radar with her fashion forward design that I can't even picture a 13 year old runaway biker groupie wearing, much less an Olympian.
And there are those fucking booties again! GAH! wall needs to go to hell for putting those in as an option at all for the accessories!

The main reason given for the losing dress? Because it appeared as though Jennifer was continuously designing things that she liked to wear, rather than stepping outside the box and designing toward the challenge given for that week.

Let me repeat that: she went home because she's designing things SHE would like to wear, according to the judges.

Um-kay. And Stella is doing...something totally avant-garde and new and fresh and fabulous? I think not.

If she doesn't go home this next week, I'm thinking of writing a strongly worded letter to Heidi Klum herself. I hope she doesn't make me go there...

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Is it the squishiness?

I think I've discussed this before, but I have a problem. It's the dogs. They, for some reason, loooove to lay all over me when I'm trying to just lounge on the couch catching some t.v. time at night. Izzy's spot is on top of the pillow to my left on the couch, where she usually lays down and either leans up against me to support her lean stance, or lays up on me with her head on my knee. Jake likes the corner on my right. He's so gangly, I really don't know how he crams himself in there, and gets his legs to stay put.

In these photos, he's chewing on his now extinct Lobstah. Poor thing...he pulled off one of the claws first, and then three of the longest tentacles one by one, and then the other claw, and finally ripped a hole in him last night and started systematically removing the stuffing. He was sneaky about it...did it while Leo and I ate dinner. But we still caught him in time to keep it from going down his gullet. (He also managed to eat a package of AAA batteries while we were at the Moose for a bit. He didn't technically eat any of the batteries - we hope, anyway - but the packaging was absolutely in shreds all over the couch when we got home. ::sigh!:: How long before we figure out if he actually did eat a battery? Neither Leo or I can remember how many were left in the package. Oh well...he seems fine so far.)

One good thing about the puppies as couch lounging accessories...they hide the fat!

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Getting somewhere...

So the vanity has been installed in the bathroom. It's gorgeous! We really cannot wait to see it when it's been stained. I think they'll do that when they paint the walls. Not sure. Anyway, here it is!
There will be a tower in between the two sinks and medicine cabinets, but it will be installed on top of the countertop, so that's sitting off to the side right now. Lookit all the drawers and stuff on the lower cabinet, though! Oooooo!
Our only worry right now is that the wire for the lighting isn't centered over the medicine cabinet, but I'm hoping that will work out as we get close to installation. (Of course, I'll be mentioning it to my contractor...I wouldn't just cross my fingers and hope they catch it, since that would be stupid, really.)

And the pantry in the kitchen. Ah, the pantry. The thing that is keeping us from being able to re-do the floors. But we need storage more than we need new floors, so they can wait for now. They delivered the pieces last Friday, and then didn't install them until Monday. I took a couple of pictures of them when they were uninstalled, so you guys could see how convenient it was to have them where they were...this is the center unit that the fridge was placed into...

We literally had about 2 feet of door space to get in and out of thekitchen through both the back door to the yard as well as the door to the garage. It was fooon...

Here are the side units that were in a much more convenient place, but I can't say it wasn't hard to keep from putting stuff into the unit that was facing out! I so wanted to load that baby up! I refrained, though...
And THIS is what they look like now that they've been installed!
I cannot believe how well they match the old cabinets. We have a slightly fancier molding on top, and we'll also be staining them dark like the table top, but the arches! They are perfect, no?
Ugh. Now if we could just get rid of that ugly old oven. Not until next year, though! Good thing it still works ok...

We're probaby going to have to undertake the staining of the pantry ourselves, since the cost, we would imagine, for the contractor to have someone do it could well be ridiculous. Leo sees the task of staining as being comparable to performing heart surgery, though. He keeps talking about what if we mess it up, and how we might ruin them. GAH! It's wood! It's not that hard to stain wood. I think we'll be ok. And if we mess it up THAT badly? We'll sand them and restain them. Jeezy kreezy...

Anyway, we're waiting on the flooring to be installed, and hopefully will be picking out paint and stuff this week or next. In the meantime, we're looking forward to having the sides of our house ripped off in preparation for the new siding to be installed. It had better be fucking gorgeous, because I'm not sure what I'll do if it looks just ok when it's all said and done. Just not sure...