Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Ah, puppies.

One day, Izzy and Jake decided they were in the mood to fight.

"I know mommy's ass usually hangs out here, but let's use it as a death-match ring right now!"

Jake had a very good position over Izzy, and was able to keep her subdued for much of the fight. Even Izzy's best attempts at intimidation went unnoticed by her little furball foe!
Uh oh! Where'd Izzy go??? It appears as though Jake has finally managed to smother her and put her in her place...(Still in mommy's seat, mind you...)
Victory is mine, bitches! Ha ha ha ha ha!
Later, Jake was very tired, and as mommy and daddy got ready for bed, he grew bored with following them back and forth from the bedroom to the bathroom and back again, respectively. He decided to just wait in the hallway right in between both rooms, dammit.
The end.


faithstwin said...

Awww! The girls and I enjoyed the story. I love the one with Jake standing over Izzy while she is all, "Whatever. I am le tired..."

Faith said...

See, and I view it as her saying, "Really mom? *Really?* NOW is when you need to take a picture? Awesome." said...

i freaking love your dogs