Monday, August 25, 2008

Huh. Yeah, that makes no sense.

There's a cleaning lady at work right now that's walking around sweeping where the edge of the carpet meets the wall. It's weird. Why don't they just vacuum that area at night? Seems like that would be more effective, if you ask me.

Then again, they stopped taking out our trash from under our desks on a daily basis about a month ago, and only pick it up on Tuesdays and Friday mornings now. So maybe the cleaning crew has to find shit to do while they're here? I dunno...

The weekend was up and down. Went to Kathy Griffin on Friday night at Starlight...she was AWESOME. I love her to death. If I could have changed anything, it would have been to make it a few degrees cooler. Seemed like as soon as we sat down, the breeze died. Blech!

Oh, and I could have also done without the instant commentary as provided by the gay dude sitting behind me. It was like sitting next to my grandma at a musical. She was a hummer. You know, one of those people that hum along with the music that's being played/sung? Except she would hum any old tune she wanted to hum. Those were fun times.

And one more thing. The guy who was sitting in front of us had the perfect head positioning throughout most of the show to perfectly block my view of Kathy onstage. I could either scrunch down in my seat and crank my head to the right to see her, or he'd move, and I could sit back up again and just tilt a bit towards my left shoulder...
(Nice shirt, btw. Oh, and his girlfriend had one that matched, but was in black and white...I think you can see part of her sleeve in the picture...) At one point near the end of the show, he and his girlfriend got up to go get some beers before they shut down the bar, and it was the best 10 minutes of the night! But then they came back. ::kicks dirt::

Saturday was a doozy. I woke up early to receive the new dishwasher we'd ordered last week. Early as in 7:10 a.m. to answer the call from the delivery guy who was letting me know they were 20 minutes away. Good thing he called...he thought I was on MyStreet Dr., when we're actually on MyStreet St.

Unfortunately, we have an electrical box in the space for it that doesn't jive with the framing on the bottom of the new washer, so we need to have an electrician move the box before we can install it. That made me cry. Literally.

After I got over that, I had a meeting with the nicest fence salesman EVER, and discussed the new fence we need to put up. It was a bit expensive as quoted, but I think we've worked out a deal that should make things affordable. So hopefully we'll have a new fence in the next month or so.

Saturday night, we took advantage of some free tickets to a Royals game that Leo was offered from a vendor at the country club where he works. It was a lot of fun...we had a great time. I find it entertaining that the beers we bought to accompany our dinner of sammiches from the Planet Sub vendor cost more than the sammiches themselves, but whatever. It was all tasty and fun.

Hopefully, the construction will progress quickly this week. I'm not sure how much more I can take, and I'm ready to lose it on everything from my currently cramped closet to the crowded bed at night. I want my room back, dammit!

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