Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Is it the squishiness?

I think I've discussed this before, but I have a problem. It's the dogs. They, for some reason, loooove to lay all over me when I'm trying to just lounge on the couch catching some t.v. time at night. Izzy's spot is on top of the pillow to my left on the couch, where she usually lays down and either leans up against me to support her lean stance, or lays up on me with her head on my knee. Jake likes the corner on my right. He's so gangly, I really don't know how he crams himself in there, and gets his legs to stay put.

In these photos, he's chewing on his now extinct Lobstah. Poor thing...he pulled off one of the claws first, and then three of the longest tentacles one by one, and then the other claw, and finally ripped a hole in him last night and started systematically removing the stuffing. He was sneaky about it...did it while Leo and I ate dinner. But we still caught him in time to keep it from going down his gullet. (He also managed to eat a package of AAA batteries while we were at the Moose for a bit. He didn't technically eat any of the batteries - we hope, anyway - but the packaging was absolutely in shreds all over the couch when we got home. ::sigh!:: How long before we figure out if he actually did eat a battery? Neither Leo or I can remember how many were left in the package. Oh well...he seems fine so far.)

One good thing about the puppies as couch lounging accessories...they hide the fat!


Nuke said...

Ahh your doggie stories crack me up. If Jake ate a battery you an tell if he gets all constipated (that size MAY pass so thats not for sure).

As for why your fuzzy friends sit or lay on/with you... cuz you let em!

faithstwin said...

He may have eaten a battery? lol! I'm sure he'd have let you know with behavior changes at this point.

They're so cute! They look very comfy. You're a good Mom.

Midtown Miscreant said...

my two dogs are the same way, always using me as a lounge chair.
If you think the pup ate a battery, screw a christmas light in his ass, if it lights up take him to the vet, or use him as a tree topper. Seriously, could you imagine your dogs not being so close?