Friday, August 22, 2008

It's countdown time!

I haven't said anything about this at all yet, but now that we're down to just a couple of days being between me and morning happiness, I thought it was time.

Afentra is coming back to Kansas City to do her Big Fat Morning Buzz on 96.5, starting Monday morning.

This past year has been excruciating, to a certain extent. I tried to give the new guy, Dick Dale, a chance when he started, but he was annoying, not funny, and his side-kick sounded like Kermit the Frog on helium. After 2 weeks of attempting to listen to him off and on, I gave up.

According to some stories I've heard, Kermit on helium might still be sticking around. Not sure about that. But! Since Dick left, he's been the one running the "My List Mornings", and I actually like him as a DJ. He's good. His voice isn't, but I guess I can put that aside, if I get Afentra back in the package.

I'm so, sooooo happy about this. I hate that things might not've gone well for them in Seattle, but I'm glad that our only alternative station in KC will be back the way it was when it was the best it's ever been.

Does that make any sense?


Nuke said...

KC has a 96.5? Yaay us!

OK, all teasing aside, I don't listen to em. When I have tried I have been universally disappointed. But, they must be doing something right because a lot of people enjoy their program.

So Monday AM, you Rock Out with you Sock Out! (changed from the original for gender reasons)

Faith said...

Oh, you non-alternative people slay me! :P

Oh, and I forgot to tell the D to shut it about Lazlo. He's awesome, and I like him. So, :P to you too!

lyn said...

I knew you'd be happy about this.

Totally miss you....trying to figure out when I can sneak in a trip to KC. Hopefully soon.

faithstwin said...



Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Please post what you know about what happened to Afentra and Lazlo in Seattle?

Also, do you know the backstory on what happened to Dick Dale and Shae?

I have no earthly idea why the guy with the annoying voice and grating personality was kept around.

Faith said...

I don't know anything about what happened in Seattle. I would assume that the ratings here were low, the station offered them money to come "home", and they did so.

Who the fuck is Shae? The chick that was on with Dale at the beginning? Yeah, I'd imagine she hated it here in KC as much as she alluded to, and went back to Vegas, like she said she wanted to. Just a guess. If she hated it here that much, I don't blame her for leaving. Having to work with Dale must be life-sucking enough of an have to do it in a city you hate living in? Well, shoot me.

Why do people assume I know anything? I'm just happy they're coming back!

Nightmare said...

I saw your Doppelganger today at Parkville Days!

Nightmare said...

Oh and I only listen to Sirius...So I don't know anything about this.

Anonymous said...

I was also very excited to hear she'd be back on mornings. Although the 10 or so minutes I heard THIS morning maybe me wonder why I was so excited. I do not like that dude on there and Afentra wasn't on her A game. Hopefully it'll improve. I don't think I can listen to Johnny Dare much longer - yikes LOL