Monday, August 18, 2008

It's time for a break.

Nothing much of interest happened over the weekend. Yesterday afternoon was exhausting…we checked out the stock of dishwashers at the Sears Outlet store, didn’t find what we needed, and bought one at Home Depot instead. Then we went to pick out new blinds for the front windows in the house…and found that I’d measured wrong. So we went home and re-measured, and then went back to finish our shopping trip.

We also wanted to buy new doors and order the install on them, but we found out that each $32 - $38 door we needed (we’re getting a total of 7) would cost $89 to install. EACH. So it’s almost 3 times the price of the door to install them. Um, no. No thank you very much. We’ll do it ourselves once we have a garage back to work in.

We finally got out of there at about 6:45, and still had to go to the supermarket for groceries. We were tired, crabby, and not in the mood, but we got it done.

I took pictures, but didn’t get them uploaded. Story of my life, eh? I’ll put some up tomorrow, I promise.

Today is a pretty good day for me. Not for my boss, though. Apparently, while he and his wife were out with some friends on Friday night, his son and one (or two) of his friends decided it would be appropriate to take dad’s car out for a spin.

Well, they spun it into something. Something white that popped a front tire, and left a big scrape down the side of the car. And no one is telling who did it.

See, these are the reasons I’m glad we have puppies. Coley , yeah, your little person will eventually learn how to wipe it’s own ass, but my puppies are never gonna "borrow" the keys to the Beamer. :P


Chimpo said...

We have a bunch of doors we want to replace as well. After getting a quote from our handyman service, I decided to wait until we could do it ourselves or a wealthy relative dies. After looking into it, it doesn't seem to difficult to install a new, prehung door. I'm probably going to start doing it in November on 5 or 6 doors.

Nuke said...

Chimpo is correct, prehung doors are easy once you get the "hang" of it. I have done a few with my buddy when he was finishing his basement. Over the years I even have done external doors twice.

The important thing is to know your measurements. You don't want to have the old door out and have the new one be too wide or narrow.

Good luck!

Faith said...

We're just replacing the doors, not the frames along with them, so we don't need prehung doors.

These should be pretty easy, though. The doors seem to be pretty close in measurement to what we need (I measured all doors twice to be sure! Measure twice, cut once, right? :D) , but we're planning on investing in a saw horse or two, as well as a circular saw to take care of any cuts we need to make. I'm really excited!

Basically, we just need to remove the current doors, and then put the new ones on the old hinges. Digging out the hinge space on the door seems like the biggest pain about the project, to be honest. I can handle that.

Thanks for the words of encouragement, guys! I just couldn't see paying so much to have cheapy (but still nice!) doors put up in the house. Utter ridiculousness...You'd think that if people have like more than 3 doors to install, they'd have a flat fee of $300 or something they charge. It's just crazy to charge $89 per door...

faithstwin said...

Dang. $89 per door? That's f'ed up.

I think you guys can handle that no problem.

Chimpo said...

It's less work to install a pre-hung than to do the finishing on a slab. Let me know how it works out for you.

faithstwin said...

Chimpo, I am curious: how can it be less work to knock out a framed door, slide in a new one, make the surrounding of the frame look pretty, level it out, sand it down, shim it up, paint the shit, etc as opposed to taking a door and its hinges off and installing a new door by hanging it with new hinges to original framing?

I don't see how that comes close to being easier. But I am just curious... :)

Coley said...

Note: installing doors is a bitch, just because making them plumb is really difficult. Seems like it's be easy, but take a look at all your doorframes, any spots where the lines seems a Yeah, that's what makes it suck. (Of course, not everyone lives in earthquake areas where homes shift quite so much...)

And seriously, stolen cars are partly why I keep buying stick shifts. More than half the people I know can't drive them, including car thieves. So, if a teenage Warren decides to take my car out for a spin, he'd have to get it in first gear first. Might cost him a new transmission, but at least it won't involve other cars/drivers. Yikes!