Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Naw...leave that part unfinished. It'll look all rustic, and stuff.

Leo had a conversation with the contractor last Monday or Tuesday about the soffits on the addition, and whether the siding guys should finish them, and about whether the painters would paint them for us.

Magically (as usual), the contractor seems to have forgotten all about that coversation as of yesterday. When he asked me whether I'd sent the check to him for my portion of the siding costs yet yesterday, I said the following to him: "Also, the soffits are open on the addition. [Leo] meant to ask you about that when he spoke to you today, but he forgot. As I heard, the siding people were supposed to cover those. Was that incorrect? If the job is incomplete, we shouldn’t pay them."

His reply sent me into a PMS tizzy that I really didn't want to have this week: "per contract, they were not supposed to touch the soffits. if there is entry there, i'll check it out and get something done with it."

I tried to stay calm in my reply...I did. Because, remember, he just had a conversation about this last week, while he and Leo stood in the backyard looking at the soffits! Here's what I wound up saying: "What? It’s open space on the end of our addition, [Contractor]. I mean, ok fine if the siding guys weren’t supposed to take care of that (even though that was the understanding [Leo] had after a conversation he had with you last week), but there is DEFINITELY entry there! I wish I had a picture I could send you, so you can see what I’m talking about.

Are you planning on being there tomorrow? Or should I take pictures and send them to you?"

He asked me to send him pictures. So I did. The lighting wasn't the most optimal at that time, but hopefully you can till see what we're dealing with...

Up close shot of the OPEN-ENDED FUCKING SOFFIT!
Squirrels, chipmunks, birds, whatever...hey, come nest in our soffits, why doncha? It's nice and warm and stuff in there...and when it rains, you'll have that lovely sound of trickling water in the gutter right next to your bed - a built-in water feature!

He said he would take care of it, but that's not the issue. The issue is the fact that he just had this conversation with Leo last week! Like, 6 days ago!!! It's deeply disturbing to me, and really makes me wonder (Emaw, I can still give you his name, if you really want it...just let me know), and I just cannot wait until this is done. Can. not. wait. (I know that you guys are tired of hearing me bitch about it, too. So thanks for bearing with me. This blog was, after all, initially created to deal with my emotional tirades. So keep that in mind and thank your lucky stars that I can't post while I drive to and from work every day...)


Spyder said...

Thank the good God that you have this as an outlet to blow off steam! See you tonight.

flowerparts@yahoo.com said...

uh yeah...you don't want anything getting into there - otherwise you'll have another issue on your hands! yikes!

Stephanie said...

Yes... it certainly brings a rustic feel to suburban KC, complete with critters! Just what you need. What an asshat.