Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Ok, I didn't take pictures...

I promise to do it tonight. Things are looking neato at the stage they're in. It's exciting! For me! :P

I don't have much of anything right now, except for a surprisingly chipper mood for the crappy end of the night I had last night, having to get up and work out at 5 this morning, and then just having my $1.25 stolen - STOLEN, I SAY! - from me by the vending machine that I wanted to procure Twizzlers from. (Apparently, the packaging for the Twizzlers isn't as vending-machine-friendly as they'd hope. It gets stuck right on the edge of the drop. And there ain't no shakin' it loose, believe me. I tried for 5 minutes. I really wanted those Twizzlers.)

Thankfully, the morning response to the crappy end of the night was a decent one, the workout wound up feeling good, and I was able to go to the deli downstairs and get my $1.25 back. I'm tempted to stick it back in the machine and have the Twizzlers pack behind MY Twizzlers pack shove it into my fat, waiting hands, but I'm also thinking this might be a sign from above. (i.e. Yo ass don't need those Twizzlers, bitch!)

One final note: I went to Goodcents today to get myself a cheap lunch for today as well as tomorrow. (They're running a $5 footlong promo right now, for those who don't know...) I ordered myself a penny club, no cheese, with just lettuce, tomato, olives, and yellow peppers on it. This way, I can save half for tomorrow's lunch, and have $2.50 lunches for 2 days in a row! Woo! (Keeping the mayo and mustard and oil and vinegar off of it not only keeps my love handles from expanding, but it also keeps the kept portion from getting too soggy. I smrt. I have non-fat mayo and dijon mustard packs horded in my desk for such occassions.)

The only problem is that the BITCH who cut my sammich cut it into THREE PIECES. What the fuck??? Why? Why did she cut it into 3? I saw her do it, but the angle I was at, it looked like she cut it in half, and then cut one side in half again (nice), and then left the other half in on piece. Seemed weird, but I was all, whatev. I can cut it in half tomorrow before I shove it in my gullet.

But nope...it was in three same size cut portions when I unwrapped it. So I had to cut into part of the center portion to have my full half today, and left the other two in there to eat tomorrow as planned.

It really bugged me, for some reason. I don't exactly know why.

Oh wait...is it because I'm me? Sometimes, I forget about that fact and how it has a tendency to interfere with my rational response to issues that come up. Oops!


Coley said...

Dude, who cuts a sandwich into thirds? Weird.

I think you have a point about me being the missing triplet. While I was reading the sandwich cutting bit, I was thinking, "GODDAMNIT! That's SOOOO irritating!" Seems a bit of an overreaction. Hmmm.

Faith said...

I am almost positive that you shoulda been in the womb with me and the Twin. Fo sho.

"The D" said...

You need to go back to that place and punch a hoe!

She was obviously telling you to eat it over 3 meals.

Go back and cunt punch her!

Faith said...

Seriously...I thought about that D. And I was all, you know, I need to save money, but it isn't THAT BAD yet. I gotta feed this ass somethin' or else it gets reaaally bitchy. (Yes, worse than usual. It's not pretty.)

meesha.v said...

I worked with the guy who after being constantly screwed by vending machine put his hand through the glass and got his food. Two weeks of company paid vacation with anger management class as a bonus.