Thursday, August 07, 2008

Project Runway FUN!

Okeydoke, first and foremost, all images in this post are courtesy of I just have to discuss this before my brain explodes.

There's a contestant on this season of PR that doesn't appear to be aware of the fact that she has a very distinctive style of design. She's very biker with the leather and the spikes and the black everything (which I don't actually have a problem with...I like black, but sans spikes and grommets, please), and I just cannot see her ever catering to a main-stream audience/customer, or vice versa. So why is she a contestant? And moreover, why is she still there after 4 weeks have gone by???

Ok, admittedly, the first week was a rough one. They had to design dresses out of stuff they found at the supermarket, and several people walked a fine line where "edgy" really just turned into "crap." So the crappiest thing had to go. But I don't understand why this...

...went home instead of THIS:
That's not chic. Not at all. And the bitching and moaning Stella did as she tried to work out her "design" really made it more ridiculous than anything. She basically slapped that travesty together in 2 hours. It was awful. And those booties she's wearing? WTF?

Ok, so 2nd week, the twist is that the MODELS are picking the fabrics. This wound up being an unfortunate turn for Wesley, who created this:

And a rather gods-are-smiling-down-on-us turn for Stella, who can create things like this when she isn't using her fabrics of choice (i.e. "leathah" as she calls it):
A little short, and I hate the one-armed thing personally...looks like it would be super-annoying to wear all night long, but whatever. Wesley deserved to go home, really. And I hated his weird shorts he wore all the time. So no grudge there.

But then the next week happened. And we wound up with this interpretation of "movement" from Emily, who got sent home...

And THIS interpretation of...white trash gone horribly wrong? I dunno...I can't honestly remember what her "muse" photo was of. Anyone that can help, please do in the comments. Regardless, we wound up with a vest that looked like it was made of tin foil, and pants that look uncomfy even on this size negative 2 model...

(They looked more uncomfy as she walked down the runway in them. Standing there doesn't really make them look as bad...oh well...)

Anyway, point being, she skated under the radar last week with that outfit! She wasn't even in the bottom three! Which is fucking ridiculous to me.

So then we have last night's show. They're creating outfits that would be possible outfits for USA Olympic athletes to wear in the opening ceremony portion of the Olympics. It's a reach, lemme tell ya. Yeah, the Olympics only happen every 4 years, and apparently Ralph Lauren designed the outfits that are being worn this year, but still...they leave it open to interpretation by the designers, telling them to get their inspiration from what they see at the Olympic museum they took them to at the beginning of the show.

So yeah...THIS is the losing dress:

And somehow, some way, Stella has again flown under the radar with her fashion forward design that I can't even picture a 13 year old runaway biker groupie wearing, much less an Olympian.
And there are those fucking booties again! GAH! wall needs to go to hell for putting those in as an option at all for the accessories!

The main reason given for the losing dress? Because it appeared as though Jennifer was continuously designing things that she liked to wear, rather than stepping outside the box and designing toward the challenge given for that week.

Let me repeat that: she went home because she's designing things SHE would like to wear, according to the judges.

Um-kay. And Stella is doing...something totally avant-garde and new and fresh and fabulous? I think not.

If she doesn't go home this next week, I'm thinking of writing a strongly worded letter to Heidi Klum herself. I hope she doesn't make me go there...

11 comments: said...

totally agree
stella and her leatha
need to go! said...

totally agree
stella and her leatha
need to go!

David Dust said...

I think some of the designers heard "SPECIAL" Olympics, and not Summer Olympics. "JerHell" in particular.

CLICK HERE for DavidDust's Project Runway recap.


Heather said...

ITA! I was screaming at the television when Stella was among those allowed to move on to the next round. She should have been called to the mat for that hideous black number. What athlete would like to wear leatha during opening ceremonies where I'm sure it's not exactly cold.

She drives me up the wall. She would be a good designer for the Hell's Angels. And she proclaims, "I AM rock and roll." In your mind's eye, my dear.

And I cringe when Rayon keeps referring to him in the third person. Weirdo.

faithstwin said...

OMG! Heather, I KNOW! What is with that? Last week I was part watching part reading online and I caught what I thought was a third person ref and was all, "Wwhhaaa???" Then he did it again and I went, "Oh great. More freak on a plate for some than others..."

Faith said...

"Rayon" - hahahahahahaha!!! Love it!

And let me be clear: I actually like Stella. I think she's funny and interesting, and must be a cool person to know. But her design aesthetic is so not for anyone other than a size 0 model (or less), and it's just not something that can possibly win.

Jennifer, with the right feedback, could have gotten someplace. I like her designs. A lot. I was sad to see her go.

Now I'm gonna go look at David Dust's PR recap, because he XOXO'd me. ;)

Vern said...

I hate to put it here on a post about bangtastic dresses, but you don't honestly think that I believe that even a significant percentage of people in Kansas hate Arabs, right? I pretty much use all stereotypes for jokes, and this time I just put in the first midwestern state that I thought of (Newman and Vern are the same guy).

Faith said...

Oh, you could've just answered me on AofG, Newman/Vern! And I'm glad to hear it. I'd think that if any state had any generalized hate for such a large population of the earth, it'd be NY. But that was just what my mind went to...

I'm just getting used to you, man. I like your posts, but that just stood out to me as oddly offensive. I have had a headache all morning, so maybe it's affected my sensitivity. Not sure. But thanks for taking the time to say something!

Vern said...

No problem. But that stereotype had to be a solid red-state, so a place like New York wasn't going to cut it.

Faith said...

I see your logic there for sure. I just think NYers would have more a beef, what with the Twin Tower thing, and all...that's where I was headed with it.

Nuke said...

Happy half birthday!

As for project runway, I got nothing... seriously.