Monday, August 11, 2008

Ridiculous thoughts

The weekend was a bust for me. I didn't do anything, except make cupcakes for a friend's birthday (which I then iced in atrocious fashion, and I'm pissed - PISSED! - that I forgot to take pictures!) and go see my trainer for the last time in a long time. Otherwise, there was a lot of sitting around and doing nothing. It was nice, and boring. Sometimes, that's what I need, though.

This morning, Jake decided to get up at 1:30 a.m. I thought he needed to go out, but when I went into the living room, he just jumped up on the bed. So I guessed he didn't need to after all. Smelled like he'd already pooped in the house, but there wasn't anything by the front door, so I just thought I was imagining things, and went back to bed.

Then Izzy got up at 4:05 a.m. She needed to go out. So I got up, went into the kitchen to open the back door, and stepped right into Jake's goddammed poop from earlier. Found it! Asshole.

I got back to bed about 10 minutes later, and decided that working out was for the people that hadn't stepped in their dog's shit this morning, and slept in. I'll work out tomorrow, dammit. Mutherfucking stupid Jake with his shitting on a black fucking rug that I can't see poop on when it's dark in the mutherfucking house...

We're set to start the siding this week on Wednesday. They were talking about rain this morning on the news, but now it looks like it should be fine, so hopefully we can get that done with, and move on. Leo and I need to look into a new fence for the entrance to the yard, and I'd really like to get it done with, but I need to make sure we're done with any big machinery going into the back yard first. We have some dirt that needs to be moved...

and even though it's nice having it there for the neighborhood children to come and climb on, and all, we kinda want it to go 'way now. I think a tractor will be necessary, but I guess we'll find that out soon. If my contractor would just stop putting it off, and all, that is. It's growing now. There's stuff growing on it, I should say. I'll get an updated pic tonight so you can see what the yard looks like now.

Anyway, I'm ready for it to be all over. Tonight, Leo and I will go to Sherwin-Williams to find paint, which I'm looking forward to. They should have come today to hang trim, but Leo won't answer his phone, so I have no idea what's actually going on at the house.

Exciting stuff, right? I know...


Nuke said...

Exciting? I dunno, depends on your definition.

However the whole stepping in poop thing did make me chuckle. I may be almost 40 but I am still a guy, and poop is still comedy gold (when it happens to somebody else).

Faith said...

"...(when it happens to somebody else)."

I can assure you, it was not comedy gold to me when it happened. But I'm always glad I can provide entertainment to others with my unfortunate misteps throughout the house.

Oh, and the update is the exact OPPOSITE of exciting. Just in case I wasn't clear with my sarcasm. :P

Heather said...

It's just as enlightening as stepping in cat vomit. Ugh!

If I had a truck, I would totally love to have your dirt. I have some grading needs around the house, not to mention leveling off some areas in the yard.

So, I'll just sit here and covet your dirt pile.