Friday, August 15, 2008

Shoulda put 'em...shoulda put 'em on again...

I'm all caught up in looking into do it yourself things like stepping stones for the backyard, installing drywall, staining the pantry, and pouring a concrete pad for our smoker to sit on.

The siding installers were there early again today, and the siding looks great. But it seems slow-going for some reason. No matter. Pics will be up over the weekend, I'm sure.
I'm out of money - TOTALLY OUT! - and am trying to figure out how I'm going to pay the contractor for the entire contracted amount right now. Funny, but it appears my calculations were off a bit, and installing the pantry might have been a poor decision for now. I love it so much, its hard to look at it as being a mistake, but oh well! La la la la...

Here's a fun fact: The painting that needs to be done in the master bedroom? Yeah, that wasn't included in the budget. WHY, you ask? Hell if I know. Apparently, there were plans to "touch up" the existing paint job prior to our decision to move the window to the south wall, which was never an idea that was communicated to me. I've had that paint color in that room for 5 years now. And we're changing EVERYTHING about the room, except for the fucking shape of it, for chrissakes! WHY in heaven's name the contractor thought we would want the same goddammed color put back in there is beyond me. Plus, how do you go about "touching up" a mess like this?

I told him not to worry about it if it's going to cost too much and not fit in budget. We can do it our damned selves, for cryin' out loud. But it pisses me off. That I can say for sure.

Know what else wasn't in the budget? Staining the floors. I mean, he has it in the budget to stain the new portion that was installed, since we extended the room by 2 feet, but not the rest of the floor.

HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE??? Again, hell if I fucking know.

Ridiculous is the word of the day. Everybody scream!!!


Chimpo said...

Can I have this guy's name so I don't hire him?

Faith said...

I'm gonna wait until the end of the project, and then I'll put a review out on Service Magic, which is how I found him.

If you ever start looking into a contractor for anything, and you seriously wanna know who he is, I'll tell you. But I'm afraid that defamation + my blog = bad idea jeans. Did you see the part where I said I have no money??? :P

"The D" said...

In the eyes of the contractor those things seem completely logical.


Faith said...

I've read my contract, dude. Want me to post it here so you can see what I'm working with? 'Cuz I can do that.

As I've said lots over the past couple of weeks, I've learned what not to do in the future, that's for sure. But as far as I'm concerned, if it says "painting...$1,770" in the outline of what's being done in the overall project, its not on me to find out what the fuck that entails. It's on HIM to provide a description. Especially if it's something so inane as to forego painting a room where 3 walls were a part of the change that occurred.

Now that I've been through this bullshit, I certainly do know to get more detailed budget outlines in the future on things like this.

But don't come in here and tell me to read my contract. As if I'm some sort of idiot. That just pisses me off.

red said...

He had to revise the budget because his boat payment is due.

Kalona said...

Painting could be fun, and yet it has a lot of tasks for cleaning the stuff that you use, right? That's why some people want a siding for their roof, so they don't need to paint it. But for the walls, you may cover it with wall paper or paint them. Dude, I hope you learned your lesson. Next time, be meticulous in hiring a person who'll do painting job or anything. Better ask your friends if they know a good contractor.

Kalona Mincey