Thursday, August 14, 2008

So XO got a speeding ticket...

I was reading XO's post about his speeding ticket he got earlier this week, and it reminded me of something I saw on Monday on my way to work.

At 91st Street, as you travel south on Nall, the street goes from being 1 lane each way to two lanes. Everyone was getting over in front of me, and I finally saw why: a tractor was in the right lane. I just thanked my lucky sars that I got there late enough to not have to deal with his slow speed in the one lane section of Nall, and passed by him, but as I did, I noticed something else...

He was on his cell phone.

Now, listen. I'm not one of those people that flip out over people being on their cell phones as they drive, unless you do something stupid in front of me that threatens to cause an accident, or whatever. I think it can be done if you're smart, and are able to multitask (as I am able to do...hell-OOO! Admin assistant for over 12 years? Yeah...), and can remain in a defensive driving mode while you chat.

But I draw the line at a guy chatting as he drives something that can either (a) scoop up my car with a large shovel mechanism attached to the front of his vehicle or (b) drive right over my car like I'm a speed bump. Nuh-uh. Big machine operators definitely need to pull over before they make a call. Should be a law, IMO.

Who can I write about that?

Oh, and Stella got so, soooo lucky last night. Unbelievable that the leathah-bitch is still there, but the fact that she was partnered with someone who could make such a slam-dunk outfit like Jerell did was her saving grace. I love the look she gave Brooke Shields when they met and Brooke told her, "Well, it still needs to be worn during the day." It was awesome! Stella doesn't get it. She's not mainstream, she's not cool (she was hoping the "high powered female executive" they were designing for was Sharon Osborn. Because she's so rock & roll. ::blink blink:: Oookaaaayyy...), and she doesn't belong in this competition.

Neither does Blayne, but whatever.

Anywhoodle, moving on with the week, we'll have pictures of the progress of the siding project tomorrow, probably. When I got home last night, our house was sitting there in it's original wood-shingled glory. And it was this dark gray color that was very interesting. Today, they're covering that with bright blue insulation. Not sure if they'll get to the point where they hang any actual siding, but we'll see. I hope it can be finished tomorrow or Saturday. (Will they work on Saturday? Oh, wait...that'd suck. Forget it...I'd rather have a half-sided house than have them pounding away on Saturday morning again like they did today. It's very hard for me not to lose my temper with the dogs when they get the way they do with strangers outside banging on the house. ::shakes head:: Hate it.) So there ya have it! It's almost the end of the week! Yaaaaayyyy...


Coley said...

Amen. I'll sign that cell phone petition. Seriously. You know what? It's constitutional amendment time.

Also, so glad the heavy work is almost done on your remodel. I know it's totally the suck, but in a couple of months, this will all be a distant memory and you'll have a bathroom that you'll never want to leave. In fact, I may just move into your closet. You wouldn't mind a closet gnome, would you?

Faith said...

Closet gnomes are fine with me. I'll walk in and you'll be all, "Hey Faith, whassup?" And I'll be all, "Hey Coley the Closet Gnome. Nothin' much. Just gettin' dressed for the day. Oh hey, what do you think of this top with this skirt?" And you'll be all, "Nice Faith. Looks good! I'd wear it." And I'll be all, "That's what I like about you, Coley the Closet Gnome. I'm so glad you moved in here to my beautiful new closet. And it's conveniently located near several ammenities you need in order to maintain survival. How awesome is that?" And you'll be all, "Right?" And then we'll high five, and I'll go to work, and you'll do whatever it is that closet gnomes do these days.

Fun times.

faithstwin said...

OMG. You're funny. :D