Tuesday, September 30, 2008

UPDATED: Pardon me, but...

The hell happened to Cake Wrecks? Where'd it go? Am I the only one seeing the big blank blue screen?

This is becoming disturbing. Google is rejecting me as well, today. Telling me that I look like a computer virus, so it won't let me in. Fuck that shit! I'll use something else to search with, then! Assholes...

Seriously, though. Cake Wrecks. Where is it?

Update: Ok, it finally came up. Took forever to load, was all. Sorry for the false alarm!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Well, thank GOODNESS! I've been waiting, like, forever for this.

You are NOT going to believe this. This is big news, so hold on to your seats, my friends.
Mathematicians at UCLA have finally...finally...discovered the largest prime number EVER KNOWN TO EXIST.

I have been waiting for this day for a long, long time. I can't tell you in proper words how excited I am, so let me just say askljqorieyrtw3tbhrjlguiASFdfgyqriutqptydfbhjkrley!!!one!1!!!

THAT'S how excited I am for them!

I was discussing it with the Twin when she called me this morning and I said, "You know, they deserve a prize for this. If they weren't already working on a break through of this magnitude via grant money, then they should get, like, a hundred grand for being so crafty and finding something that will be so useful to ALL of civilization as we know it."

Sure enough, they are up for a $100,000 prize for their fabulously helpful and worth-while discovery!

So bravo, mathematicians! Good job! It's not like we need to fund discoveries of things like cleaner and more sustainable fuel methods, or curing horrible diseases like cancer and diabetes, or anything. You take that $100,000, and you run with it! Look for the NEXT higher prime number, ok? Because you KNOW how useful this one will be, so we definitely need to find another one in order to help it out in the near future! Get on it, ok? Thanks!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Anna Nicole Smith died on my birthday, bitches!

I don't usually post these, but I liked this one...warning, if you click on it, and want to see the death shit for your birthdate, it looks like you have to join their dating website in order to do it first. You don't. (I'm an idiot, and failed to notice that at first...)

A lot of royalty died on my birthday. And the news chick that killed herself on live t.v. in July of '74? Wow...that must have been FUCKED UP to see as it happened.

133,683 People

Created by OnePlusYou - Free Dating

Unusual Deaths in 1974

Christine chubbuck, an american television news reporter, committed suicide during a live broadcast on july 15. at 9:38 am, 8 minutes into her talk show, on wxlt-tv in sarasota, florida, she drew out a revolver and shot herself in the head.

Austrian formula one driver helmut koinigg died in a crash in the 1974 united states grand prix at the watkins glen grand prix race course in watkins glen, new york. on approaching a corner, a suspension failure sent koinigg's car crashing head-on into the outer armco barrier. the bottom rail gave way but the top rail did not. helmut koinigg was decapitated and died instantly, in what was only his second formula one race.

Natural disasters in 1974
1974 Brisbane flood
1974 Hunza earthquake
Cyclone Tracy

People who died on February 08 (various years)
2007 - Ian Stevenson, professor and reincarnation expert (b. 1918).
2007 - Anna Nicole Smith, American model, actress, and entertainer
2006 - Akira Ifukube, Japanese composer
2005 - Keith Knudsen, American drummer, vocalist and songwriter (The Doobie Brothers)
2005 - Jimmy Smith, American jazz musician
2004 - Julius Schwartz, American comic book and science fiction editor
2002 - Ong Teng Cheong, President of Singapore
2002 - Joachim Hoffmann, German historian
2001 - Ivo Caprino, Norwegian animated film director
2000 - Derrick Thomas, American football player
2000 - Sid Abel, Canadian ice hockey player
1999 - Iris Murdoch, Irish author
1998 - Julian Lincoln Simon, American economist and author
1998 - Halldór Laxness, Icelandic author, Nobel laureate
1996 - Del Ennis, American baseball player
1994 - Raymond Scott, American composer
1993 - N. Shanmugathasan, Sri Lankan communist leader
1992 - Denny Wright, British jazz guitarist
1990 - Del Shannon, American entertainer (suicide)
1987 - Harriet E. MacGibbon, American actress
1985 - William Lyons, British automobile manufacturer
1984 - Karel Miljon, Dutch boxer
1982 - John Hay Whitney, American financier
1980 - Nikos Xilouris, Greek singer
1977 - Eivind Groven, Norwegian composer and ethnomusicologist
1975 - Robert Robinson, British chemist, Nobel laureate
1972 - Markos Vamvakaris, Greek musician and songwriter
1964 - Ernst Kretschmer, German psychiatrist
1963 - George Dolenz, American actor, father of Micky Dolenz
1960 - Sir Giles Gilbert Scott, English architect
1957 - John von Neumann, Hungarian-born mathematician and physicist
1957 - Walther Bothe, German physicist and inventor, Nobel laureate
1956 - Connie Mack, American baseball manager and executive
1932 - Vincent "Mad Dog" Coll, New York City gangster from County Donegal in Ireland
1929 - Maria Christina, Queen Regent of Spain
1921 - George Formby (Senior), English entertainer
1921 - Peter Kropotkin, Russian anarchist
1910 - Hans Jæger, Norwegian writer and political activist
1907 - Hendrik Willem Bakhuis Roozeboom, Dutch chemist
1856 - Agostino Bassi, Italian entomologist
1849 - François Antoine Habeneck, French violinist
1849 - France Prešeren, Slovenian poet
1772 - Augusta of Saxe-Gotha, Princess of Wales
1768 - George Dance the Elder, English architect
1750 - Aaron Hill, English writer
1749 - Jan van Huysum, Dutch painter
1725 - Tsar Peter I of Russia
1709 - Giuseppe Torelli, Italian composer
1696 - Tsar Ivan V of Russia
1623 - Thomas Cecil, 1st Earl of Exeter, English politician
1599 - Robert Rollock, Scottish educator
1587 - Mary, Queen of Scots
1529 - Baldassare Castiglione, Italian writer and diplomat
1296 - King Przemysł II of Poland
1265 - Hulagu Khan, Mongol ruler
1250 - William II Longespee
1250 - Robert I of Artois, French crusader
1204 - Alexius IV Angelus, deposed Eastern Roman Emperor (b. circa 1182)

Over self-medicated...

I ate waayyyy too much for lunch, and now I don't want to move, but I feel icky and gross, and blech. God, it's bad.

I had to run home in the middle of my lunch to receive our new mattress that we bought last night, and then I threw the new sheets/duvet cover into the washer before leaving, too. So I got back to work and heated up the rest of the lunch, and now I realize I probly wasn't as hungry as I thought I was anymore. Stupid, stupid, stupid...

BUT! We have a gorgeous new mattress! And we get to sleep on it tonight! Yayyyyyy!

Also, I've been showering and getting ready in the new bathroom all week, and it's a pretty fuckin' sweet feeling, I must say.

Were having the backyard aerated and seeded over this weekend, so hopefully we'll have our grass back in a month. (Yes, just in time for winter to get here and snow all over it, but it's a good time, really it is...allows the roots to grow throughout the winter.)

Anyway, that's all. I'm glad this week is over. I'm glad I'm not throwing up right now. Even though that woud really, really help a lot. Gaaaahhh...

Yes, yes...they lost.

Believe me, I know. I watched the whole thing, I'm fully aware of what happened, and I'd just like to move on, ok? It was a fair game, except for that bogus first "touchdown" that the refs handed to Oregon State, but hey, what do I know? All I was doing was watching the clear-as-day replay on t.v. over an over, seeing that the ball didn't cross the goal line until he was already down out of bounds. :: shrugs:: Whatever.

Oregon State came into the game ready for our defense, that's for damned sure. And they have some running talent, too. It was fun to watch, actually.

But that last quarter killed me. So hard to watch!

I think USC will pick themselves up and move on from this one with class and grace. That's the usual way they work.

Closing comments on this post, because I certainly don't need any assholes being assholes in my face today. When teams that I don't like lose a game, I might say someting about it on my own blog, but I certainly don't go out and rub peoples' faces in it on their space. After the last couple of posts, seems I can't really expect that kind of sportsmanship from some of my readers...and to be honest, I'm really in no mood for it.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

In case you haven't clicked on my teeny avatar pic...

That's right! Since USC plays tonight instead of this weekend, I'm just getting this out of the way early, is all. Fight on!

The Side-eye

You are guaranteed to get the side-eye from me in any one of the following situations:

- If I'm the only one on an elliptical at the gym, and you have the choice of over 30 other machines to get on, but you decide to get on the one right next to mine anyway.

- If you "float" between two lanes before finally choosing one. (Actually, this side-eye is likely to be accompanied with a bit of yelling, too, so it might be more than side-eye, but it starts out as side-eye when I initially watch you wobble all over, so yeah...it counts.)

- If you take your child with you into a bar. I don't care if it's "ok" now that they don't allow smoking...kids don't belong in bars. DUH. Drink at home with your buddies, dumbass.

- If you stand too close to me in the check-out line at the store.

- If you don't tip well.

I'm sure there are others, but that's all I can think of for now. What do you give the side-eye for?

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Will Work 4 Credit Card Payment

I just got into the office after spending the morning waiting for a tow truck to take me to the mechanic so I could have the battery changed in my beamer.

Um, did you know the batteries for them cost a shit ton of money? I didn't. I mean, I knew they would be more than the average battery, but over $250? You gotta be kidding me!

Of course, I know that servicing a higher end vehicle can be an expensive venture, but so was servicing certain aspects of my Acura Integra when I had it. Replacing the timing belt on that puppy cost me over $350 back in the 90's, as I recall. It was tough at the time, but I had that car for 10 years, and I only had to replace it that one time, so I figured I was doing ok.

Same with the BMW. I've had it for 6 years in October, and this is the first time I've had a battery issue.

All I'm saying is that there could have been better timing on it's part, you know? Maybe 6 months ago? Or another 6 months from now?

The guy that replaced it told me he thinks my front brakes need to be replaced. But the back ones are ok...since I have a rear-wheel drive, those are the ones I rely on most, so that front brake job is just gonna have to wait, I think.

Regardless, this afternoon, I think I might be calling around to some favorite stores to see if they're hiring evening and weekend shifts in prep for the holidays. That credit card bill keeps getting bigger and bigger, and I'm damned sure it ain't gonna pay itself! Time to put my working girl shoes on!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I know, I know...I'm late.

Sorry for the delay on posting. Leo and I went to pick up our bedroom furniture we ordered yesterday (saved $200 on shipping by getting a U-Haul, thankyouverymuch!), and then I had lunch, and have been caught up in a political discussion on my message board ever since. It's fun. Sort of...

So! Questions for the general reader who wants to answer them:

Why are people so hell-bent on talking about this campaign as though Biden and Palin are going to be the President within a short time after the election is over? Isn't that morbid? I think it is, and I'm usually on that boat. But at this point, it's kinda just bugging the shit out of me. Let's go back to it being Obama vs. McCain as President, ok? What say you? Are you annoyed, too?

All of these tax plan discussions are making my head spin! I can totally...totally!...see the POV of the average American. As I am NOT the average American, I feel like my opinion (coming from a wealthy family, that is) gets pushed aside, since I'm not technically part of the 85% middle-class Americans that share this great land o' mine with me. Guess what? I DO MATTER! If it weren't for the taxes that my dad's had to pay all these years, those politicians in Washington would be sitting on regular old porcelain toilet seats, ok? So do not tell me that the rich people shouldn't get a say in things since we only make up 2% of the population, or whatever the fucking number is. Not that I'm rich...but, well...I don't know.

Question being: do y'all think rich people are evil?

And lastly, WTF is with the announcers for Jets games talking about Favre as though he's Jesus Christ? I'm tired of it. TIRED. And hopefully, the fact that he cannot, in fact, part a sea of Chargers will make them SHUT THE FUCK UP ABOUT HIM ALREADY! GAH!

Ok, that's all for now. Discuss in the comments, if you want. I have a meeting in 15 minutes that will keep me busy until 3:30, so I'll be back to chat then...

Monday, September 22, 2008

UPDATED: Ahhh...THIS is what I wanted!

Ok, I got my hair fixed over the weekend. It's finally the length I wanted it to be!

That was pretty much the most exciting thing that happened all weekend long, so that's gonna be it for today, I think. Hope that's ok with everyone...

UPDATE: Ok, I lied. I totally forgot that we watched The Soup on Saturday night, and Joel's Mail Nurse segment had us laughing so hard, I almost pee'd my pants...a LOT. Watch through his Mail Nurse intro, if you're unfamiliar with it...it's just a way he introduces shit they find online. We rewound it and rewound it several times before I was able to move on. So fucking awesome...

Friday, September 19, 2008

House update and broken door frame story...

Ok, in looking at this now, does that toilet paper holder look like it's a teensy bit too far away from the toilet? It's hard to tell from the picture. Hmm...gonna have to check that out when I get home.
Ok! Our closet is DONE! Except! The carpet is on backorder. Damn...
We can hang clothes in there and stuff, though. And we're just gonna lay one of our "extra" rugs down in there for now until the carpet gets installed in early October.

The only thing I hate about the closet is the lighting. Apparently, code required them to install on of those long flourescent thingies. I hate it. It's bright and garish and its just awful. I want to install a new light once everything is done...and I actually have money to pay for something like a new light. Because right now, um, bwahahahahahaha! Money? What money???

Here is the completed vanity area. Well, almost completed. The quarter round "shoe" needs to be installed at the very bottom, so the shims aren't visible, and stuff. But, oh holy hell, I love this motherfuckin' vanity!

This is what we modeled the vanity area after...Pottery Barn's classic turned-leg double sink vanity. And we had the medicine cabinets built to match as well. The only thing we couldn't "match" on the PB vanity were the feet. If we'd done the bottom like that, we'd have had to pay like $350 more for the piece, and they just weren't necessary in my eyes...it'd have been pretty though.I didn't think about it before now, but maybe the color inspiration came from that room, too. Hm.

Ok, enough of that shit! The other night, after returning home from our night of Bourdain, Leo and I got into a leettle spat. I had my wristband on from the event, and wanted to cut it off with the scissors. But they weren't in the drawer where they're supposed to be. And since I always put the scissors back where they're supposed to go after using them, only Leo could have misplaced them.

Besides, he's a man, and everything that goes wrong is his fault anyway. Der!

So I locked myself into the bedroom until he found the scissors. I got online, and was giggling with my internet friends about the situation (reminder: I was a bit schmammered at the time on martinis and wine), when I heard him banging on the door. I was all, "Dude, all you have to do is find me the sci..." and that's when I heard a "SLAM!...CRACK!" And there was Leo in the room with me.

Dude had busted through the door instead of finding me the scissors.

Ok, I'm all for a little fun and silliness when it comes to fighting over something stupid like who used the scissors last and put them back in the wrong place. But when I'm simply being silly about it and giggling over the sitch in a locked room while chatting with my girls online, and he goes from zero to BREAKING DOWN THE DOOR over the stupid shit, that pisses me off.

Here's the damage that occurred:

A better look:
I was MAD. I grabbed my pillows, and went to sleep on the couch after sigining off from the message board I was on. And then we got into it good and rough over money, and him saying the wrong thing to Bourdain, and then he turned off the t.v. when I was planning on watching the Will & Grace that I'd paused it on, so it could help me calm down, so THAT made me all mad again.

It was a mess for a good hour and a half.

Over fucking scissors.

So, yeah, the door is under repair now. The scissors were where I left them, by the last package of water bottles we bought last week, where I'd laid them down after cutting the plastic casing open around thm. It was fun. Goodtimes...

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Anthony Bourdain - Part 2

Ok, this is the fun one. The one with the pictures. Aw yeah!

I didn't get any good pictures at the Midland when Tony was on stage, because my phone sucks at taking pics from a distance. So I won't even post the ones I did take. Of course, it was after we left when Leo realized he had our camera in his pocket the whole time. Awe. Some.

We left a bit early, so we could get to the restaurant, grab a drink, and settle in before a crowd arrived. We had a booth to ourselves, and I was able to peoplewatch to my heart's content.

Something I noticed right off the bat: douchebaggery in progress. In this picure, you'll see a man and a woman standing back to back. But, they didn't know each other. The dude just kind of walked up to his friends and then backed into the woman that was standing at the table behind him. When he bumped into her (I watched all this happen, of course), he didn't react to the fact that he'd invaded someone else's space...nuh-uh. He just stayed there. I guess she was supposed to move out of the space he had taken over? In the picture, you can see her friend kind of looking at the guy over her shoulder and smiling. I'm sure they were talking about what a fucking weird asshole he was. It just wasn't that crowded in there. It was completely unneccessary.
1st party foul of the evening! A waiter dropped a glass of red wine when he was serving someone. The girl wearing the boots got the brunt of the spillage, but she reacted really cool...which was honestly surprising to me. I expected her to lose it. (I love this picture...I don't know why...)
At one point, Leo noticed that Bourdain had arrived, and was over by the bar talking to some people. He asked if I wanted to go talk to him, but I didn't right then. He went over to take a picture. As the crowd was 3 people deep all the way 'round him, the shot wasn't that great...
Later, after eating and drinking a bit, we decided to make our move. There was a big spot open next to Tony at the bar, so I went ahead and settled into it. And took a picture, of course.
That was also when I observed out loud that Tony Bourdain has a large head. It's something that isn't too obvious unless you're right there next to him in person, I think because of his height. But the dude has one enormous noggin. Unfortunately, I think he heard me, and it might've sounded mean the way I said it. But I didn't mean it to be nasty! I just hadn't ever seen him in person up close before, and had no idea his head was...well, big. But believe me, he is no less handsome because of it. He's so fucking hot...

So this chick Wendy approached me, seeing that I had a camera. She didn't, and she wanted to know if I would take pics of her with Tony, and then send them to her. We wound up approaching him together, and Leo took pics of us with him, which was very sweet. But...then I saw them when I got them uploaded, and well...dammit.
And fuuuck...
Finally! A good shot was taken! Yaaaay! (Wendy told me she had had 3 martinis that evening, and isn't usually a drinker, btw. She was GORGEOUS in person, honestly. Pretty hair, lovely skin, and chick has an 18 year old. Which is almost impossible for me to believe, honestly. She was really nice.)

I was talking to Tony at that point, telling him that one of the reasons I was initially attracted to my husband was because he reminded me of him, and that kind of got his attention, and then I told him Leo is a chef, and he was all, "Oh!" and turned towards us to talk to Leo, who then leaned in to tell Bourdain that when he told his boss that he was going to the event that night, he told him he thought Tony was overrated and not a real chef. Faaaantastico. Tony then turned his back on us, and started talking to someone else. Not sure why...

I managed to get one more decent picture of Tony and Wendy together. I thought this one turned out well, actually...
When we were done with harrassing Tony, and telling him how shitty random country club head chefs feel about his work, we moved on to just hanging out, and drinking more wine. We went outside, where Leo took this pic somehow. I hate my face in it, but look at my arm! It looks so skinny! Hot damn!
I was all, "Hey, we haven't taken any self-portraits of ourselves in a long time. Let's take some of us trying to look cute together, ok?" Which apparently was interpreted by Leo as, "Hey, take a picture of you looking awesome, and me looking batshitcrazy, ok?"
Rrriight up the nose! Fun.

Ok, I wasn't too amused, so he took a picture of me saying, "No! Come on! A cute picture of both of us..." as he mocked me...
So then he tried to kiss me, and I bit his lip. What? Bastard deserved it...
Do not ask me how he got a picture of the back of his head. I had no idea his arms went that direction. Must be a drunken moment type of thing...

Finally, we got a couple of pictures of us kissing, which is what I wanted in the first place. But...he's looking at the camera in all of them. Um, how romantic? This was the best of the bunch.
More tomorrow, with the picture of the broken door frame, and the latest on the bathroom finishes. We can put stuff in the closet tonight! Unfortunately, the carpet for the closet is on backorder until October 9th. That really sucks, but we have temporary rugs we can lay down in there for now...

Hope you guys liked my recap an photos! It really was an amazing opportnity that I am so, sooo glad we were able to take advantage of. Thanks for coming to Kansas City, Tony! Not that you'll ever read this, but whatev...

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Anthony Bourdain - Part 1

I really want to post the pictures that accompany last night’s activities, but it was a late night, complete with drunkenness, lots o’ yelling, and some property damage performed by Leo. (When I get silly-toasted, I tend to yell a bit. When HE gets silly-toasted, he thinks it’s ok to break things. Fortunately, he doesn’t do it often. And yes, I’ll take pictures of what he broke, too, so you’ll just have to wait till tomorrow to see that.) So no uploading occurred last night, I’m afraid!

But right now, I wanna speak to what the Twin posted in her comment from yesterday’s post. She said, “There is nothing interesting about him and he eats gross shit for whatever reason.” This was about her feelings on Anthony Bourdain.

I personally love the dude. Can’t get enough of him. I think he’s a talented writer, and a great t.v. host. Twin thinks he’s annoying and obnoxious. Which I don’t really get, because I think I’m a lot like him in a bunch of ways. (::gasp!:: Twin! Does that mean you think I’m annoying and obnoxious, too? Oh, wait…I already know that you think that. :P)

Watching Bourdain speak in person was wonderful. He appeared to be a bit nervous at first, but he warmed up after a bit. It didn’t affect his speech, though…it was great to hear some of the background behind how he got started writing and being on t.v., even though the t.v. stuff was kind of covered in his book “A Cook's Tour,” it was a little more insightful when he spoke about it in person like that. (By the way, I've been a fan of him more based on my viewing of his t.v. shows "A Cook's Tour" and "No Reservations." I hadn't read the book "A Cook's Tour" until Leo loaned his copy to me on our honeymoon. I plan on reading "Kitchen Confidential" soon, but haven't gotten to the book store in a long time, because I am a loser.)

He also held a Q & A session when he was done, which was great. He answered questions like why he chose to quit smoking (because of his daughter, as well as the fact that he couldn’t smoke at work, at a restaurant, in a bar, or even in his apartment anymore...by the way, he mentioned that people aren't even allowed to smoke in bars in Belfast anymore, so all of you KC people who take issue with not being able to smoke inside places in KC anymore? Yeah, time to quit yer bitchin'. The world is a-changin'...), what his last meal choice would be if he were on death row (duh, roasted bone marrow on toast!) and what song he’d want to listen to while he ate it (sorry, I didn’t recognize it, and I don’t remember what he said), and what it was really like to eat that lizard that one time. He told us at the outset what was the worst thing he’s ever eaten, which was the warthog asshole. He got sick from that. REALLY sick. I think that was a given, though. But it seems he gets asked that question a lot, so yeah…getting that out of the way right off the bat was smart.

And Twin, he told us how blessed he feels being able to do the work he gets to do. Going around to different countries, meeting the indigenous people, and being invited into their homes to eat a meal with them…that’s such a special way for him to live, and he appreciates it more than he can say, I think, although he expressed it rather eloquently when he spoke last night.

The reason why he sometimes “eats gross shit” is because he’s invited to do so. He’s not afraid to try something like a fried and salted cricket, or random innards being sautéed or fried at a roadside cart, or a weird spiky fruit that smells like ass when it gets cracked open, because he wants to eat what the locals eat. He wants to try everything because he never knows if it might wind up being the most wonderful thing he’s ever tasted. (According to him, fried crickets = yummy. I still wouldn’t try ‘em myself, but that’s interesting to know.) When he’s invited to eat something like a lizard, or a bit of camel, or on the flip side, a fresh chicken or pig killed and roasted for the occasion of his visit, he doesn’t turn it away. It would be rude. And it would be going against everything that he set out to do with his current choice of work, which is to eat his way around the world, and show us what it’s like along the way.

So, again, tomorrow there will be pics, as well as more comments about his speech. I wound up meeting a woman named Wendy that gave me the final ounce of courage I needed in order to approach Anthony at the bar to talk a bit and take some pictures. It really was a great night. The Midland Theater looks wonderful, and the Bristol location downtown is beautiful and the food was fantastic! (As were the drinks…oh, the drinks…eviilll martinis and wine…) The parking was a fucking joke, since the insert that came with our tickets boasted $6 valet parking we planned on taking advantage of, but found it had been hiked to $8 when we arrived (apparently they made the change about 3 weeks ago, and they were so very sorry we were informed incorrectly…pshaw – whatever assholes), but otherwise, it was all wonderful, and I wish we could do it again…

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


This day has been ka-rAAAZY, so sorry I haven't updated.

I don't have much, anyway. Except to say that I'm very disappointed in my prescient abilities today, as I failed to take my phone with me when I went to buy lunch, and I saw a woman wearing a pair of boots that were disgustingly streetwalker-ish that I really, really needed to get a picture of, dammit. They were awesomely bad. Terrible. And her extensions and stuff...just a scary package all together. I'm very sorry I can't share!

Also, Leo and I are going to see Anthony Bourdain at the Midland tonight. Then we're going to the "private reception" afterwards with about 300 - 350 of our closest strangers. So that's exciting. I'm so taking my camera, dammit. Wish us luck in getting to meet him!

That's about it. Oh, and no headaches today thus far. I got some heavier pain meds (just tylenol with codeine) to take when I do get another one, but of course, I'll only take that when I have no place to go, and nothing planned. The only time I've taken something like that is when I had my wisdom teeth out. I remember making terrible decisions when I was on it, like the one to go out too soon after the surgery, and making myself sick. Not good.

Anyway, hope everyone is having a good week! I'm sure I'll see some stuff tonight that will be more than worthy of discussing tomorrow, so be ready...

Monday, September 15, 2008

Step backwards

I'm broken today, so this will be short. (I have chronic headache pain, and today it's reached the point where I'm nauseaus, and just want to sleep it off. I have an appointment to see a doctor at 3.)

I got stuck at work until 6 p.m. on Friday afternoon, thanks to the tornado crap in the area. I was about to leave and the sirens went off. Since I'm a safety official for my floor of my building, and there's no way in hell I'm driving during a tornado warning (there's no point...the rain is usually so blinding, you can't really move) I just stuck around, did a floor sweep to make sure everyone who was still here knew where a safe place was, and then waited for it to end by watching the news on my computer in a little room close to the stairs. That was fun.

This week, we're getting the floors done in the house, having the back yard finally cleared, and installing the little hardware bits in the new space. Should be finished by next week, which is exciting. (And I'd be able to "woo-hoo" about it if wasn't feeling so goddammed ill right now...)

That's all I can muster. I don't know how I'm going to work until 3. Thank goodness it's a slow day!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Both eerie AND creepy.

I'm working on an updated budget right now. Went into Excel, and created my columns, and then put in my average amounts spent on each bill/monthly grocery tab/miscellaneous mishmosh in their respective place...

Before totalling the column of the amount output, I put my total gross salary in a lone spot at the bottom of the page. Then I went back up and totalled the column of what I spend.

And would ya believe, they are exactly the same?

Fucking crazy, man...

Now if I could just figure out how to stop spending on my credit card, I might have things made in the shade for a bit. ::sigh!::

Today SUCKS.

The first day this week I felt like I got my hair looking cute, and then I get stuck in the rain trying to fucking unload my dog from the car at the Playpen, and I get SOAKED. Because she doesn't like the rain. Fucking asshole dog. (And they crapped in the house, which totally slowed me down...I hate rainy days, dammit.)

My jacket I was wearing is soaked, so I had to take it off to dry it, and all I have at work to put on in the meantime is a big woolen sweater that smells like maple syrup, for some reason, and I'm hot and wet and it's really unpleasant.

And people driving in the rain? 10 miles below the fucking speed limit? Yeah, I know there's a lot of it coming down, but if you're that fucking afraid of what your car will do in that kind of condition, wait until AFTER rush hour to leave the house, mkay? Oh, and the huge white Escalade from Texas, with your super-shiny rims that was in front of me today after I left the Playplace, going slower than everyone else on the road? What's the point of your goddammed SUV then? GAH!

And then the thing that decided to get in my eye as I walked out of the car garage at work (thank GOD for garages at work!!!), as I was trying to hold my umbrella, purse, and tell the coworkers trying to raise money for Red Friday that I don't have any cash so they need to leave me alone!? Thanks. That was fun. Very nice timing.

Oh, and coworker that thought it was ok to light up in the garage because you couldn't very well smoke in the deluge that was pouring down, could you? Yeah, FUCK YOU and your stinky lungs! That was a pleasant thing to walk through on my way in! Asshat.

I want a muffin now, thanks to this morning. I'm trying to resist, but it's hard. Damned hard...

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Slow process.

I'm still decompressing from yesterday. I know it may seem like I was upset over something very insignificant, but it was the general communication that was most irritating, and it literally left me exhausted.

Lately I've found that I have the energy to go work out on weekends and on Monday morning, but then the rest of the week happens and I can't force myself out of bed at 4:45 a.m., and I'm drained of all desire/will/energy to go to the gym after work. So I'm a lump during the week, unless we have nice days where I can take little walk breaks. That's what I did last week, and week before last, and it was nice. Today is not one of those days. It's spitting outside, it's humid and awful, and I wanna just sit at my desk, dammit.

So I think I will.

I decided to make an appointment to go get my hair cut shorter to go with the bangs better. Just another inch or so in front. It just looks stupid and too long, and not what I was aiming for right now. In fact, today I have my bangs pinned back and off my face. I didn't want to wear it up in ponytails again, and that's the only way the bangs look good IMO with my hair the current length it is. I hope the cut helps! Unfortunately, I have to wait until the 20th. ::le sigh!:: Oh well...

Off to read some blogs. I'm woefully behind on my reading!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Ok, DONE with being Mrs. Nice Guy. (Or Semi-Nice Guy, as the case may be...)

Contractor's response to my email (see post below if you don't know what I'm talking about...):
"we talked about this durning rough in. you have a shower valve in the wall right now in your master shower. the trim will be chrome . the faucets match the shower valve. you told me a tthe time you did not want any elaborate shower valves, or 3 function valves. the toliet is round. if you want oblong, its an upcharge, so let me know on that one."

(I didn't mention the toilet before in my post below...I had told him that I was wondering what kind we were getting, he said Toto, I said great, as long as it's oblong...)

My response:
"Why would we put in a round toilet? Aren’t oblongs the standard these days? We’d like the oblong, please. What would the upcharge on that be? (And that’s something that should have been discussed a long time ago. Spelled out on paper, even.)

To be fair, when was rough-in? 2 months ago? Actually, in looking, it was almost 3 months. Holy cow…

And there’s a pipe sticking out of our shower wall right now where our shower head will go…that’s it. If that’s what you’re referring to, and I’m supposed to look at that and somehow know what our faucets are going to look like, that’s not a good way to go, IMO. Faucets are expensive, especially when buying multiples. I’d like to be sure that what will be installed is what we want, so we don’t wind up having to spend extra money down the line to replace them. Yes, I’d prefer a single handle, but we really want one that will look nice. The one we have in the small bathroom – I hate it. It was cheap at the time, and it worked better than 3 function valves that were prettier/more stylish.

The shower valve we have in our current bathroom is great…one like that would be fine with me.
Seriously? This is a finishing touch that should be cleared with the homeowner, isn’t it? Since we’re the ones living there and paying for the project? If you detailed this information in writing at the beginning (like saying that the budgeted toilet is round and not oblong, for example), that would be extremely helpful."

Done, done, done, done, DONE!!! GAH!

He wasn't done. Here's what happened after I left for a bowling fundraiser over lunch, and after I returned.

His reply: "ok, i'm cancelling the plumbers completely, until you decide on a fixture. then we will reschedule them.
a single pull faucet takes 3 holes, and no, you can't arbitrailly change faucets in any countertop and expect them to work.

why dont you go see:

vielhauer plumbing
they are at 6921 martingdale shawnee.

the replacement faucet will have to be for a 3-hole drill.

after you pick two faucets, and shower trim (it also must fit a single control moen valve) we will reschedule ."

Ok, what part of me going to Home Depot to buy my fixtures did he not understand? I dunno. Here's how I responded to that: "I have the tub being delivered tomorrow. This is totally unacceptable…"

But wait! That's not all! He had sent me ANOTHER email while I was out. It said the following: "one other note. the drill set for the counter top is called 4-inch centers. There are faucets that will work with that pattern.
just make sure you recall that. please advise when you have something else picked out."

So I was kind of tired of him at that point. Keep in mind he never told me what fixture he chose in the first place. He seems to think that he has installed the shower valve already (which he hasn't) and that should somehow give us a clue as to what it was he was planning on for our sink fixtures. Which isn't possible, since it doesn't exist yet. Since it hasn't been installed.

So here was my response to that: "Why don’t you just TELL ME what one you chose, and we’ll see if we even need to go through all of this?! I know it won’t be brushed nickel (because apparently, that wasn’t an important part of the detail for you to remember), but if it saves us the trouble of delaying the project even more than it already has been delayed, then I can certainly see if it’s an acceptable option.

You’re not behaving in a fair manner at. all. I don’t appreciate it, and I’m sorry if I’m sounding harsh, but I’m really getting angry about this."

And that was also when I put down my cell phone (I was on a conference call at the time) and called Leo and told him to please call our contractor, explain AGAIN that we are buying our fixtures from Home Depot tonight, and tell him that the plumbers need to be there tomorrow, this project needs to be completed next week, the upcharge on the toilet bowl being OBLONG instead of fucking ROUND needs to be allocated from the funds he saves from not needing to buy our fixtures, and that I don't want to talk to him any more. That's it. I'm DONE. And I'm not kidding this time.

Real grown up of me, huh? I don't care. I'm 'bout to have a fucking heart attack over this bullshit, and it's so NOT WORTH IT! I actally told Leo last night that I wish we hadn't done the addition. That is what this process has done to me. So, so sad...

We spoke on the phone. I managed to hold my shit together, and have a civilized conversation with him about all this. Basically, he thought that when we met during the "rough-in inspection" back in June that we were the kind of homeowners hat don't give a shit what kind of fixtures get put in. We had miscommunicated that somehow, I told him, because we are very much so interested in what finishes we have. We're going to be living in this house for the next 10 years, and we're out of money, so YES we care.
He said that they were going to be putting in the exact fixtures I did NOT WANT before we spoke, so he's glad we talked. He's goin to call the plumbers and make sure they have the right fixtures. Here's what they were planning on putting in:
GAH! Blech! NO. (Sorry if I offend anyone that has these in their house, but NO.)
This is what's minimally acceptable in my book:Not brushed nickel, but I can deal. Whatever.
I need to go get the dogs and go home. Talk to you all later..

It starts with a flood, and it ends with a tri-tri-tri-tri-tri-trickle...

Ah, the chandelier...THE CHANDELIER!!!

I'll have you know that I put all of those crystals on there by hand myself...it was a bit tedious, and made my fingers hurt, but it was worth it. I'm so, so, sooo glad that Leo agreed to go with this. It will look wayyyy less frilly and girlie when it isn't, um, the ONLY thing in the room. Believe me!
We have lights in the bathroom now. The electrician came on Monday and put some stuff together, which was nice. (He also installed the lovely chandelier, which I was not expecting, and which made me very happy!) Leo thought he was kind of Ozzy Osborn-ish. I thought he was more just random hairband-ish, but the net/net was that he was cool, and made me feel like he was setting up a band to play in our master suite. Rock on! (As long as they're out by next Friday, I'm fine with it...)
Here's the close up of the design on the tub. I like it...I think. It looks good with the wood. Once I get window coverings in there, it might be less weird to me. I dunno...
Here's the vanity, with countertop and hardware installed. LOVE. (Still waiting on the mirrors for the medicine cabinet doors...)
And this is the shower, with the tile detail included. We really love the way this turned out...
This is the little bench seat that we had installed. It cost a bit extra, but it was really worth it...
All those litte tiles on the floor of the shower were interesting to me. I had no idea that the tile guy would cut each one from one large 12 x 12 tile. I thought that he'd get them in that size and go from there. But NOPE! Must've been one of the reasons why tiling to floor of the shower cost as much as it did. (Don't ask...it was painful.)

I emailed the contractor two days ago, asking him about the fixtures and when we need to pick them out. Since the plumbers are planning to be at the house on Thursday to install the tub, it seems like it'd be a good idea to have the faucets and shower stuff chosen soon. Here's how he responded: "they are installing single handle moen faucets to match the shower valve that was put in."

And here's how I responded to that: "You must be thinking of another project. We don’t have any shower valve installed. I have no idea what the fixtures are that you’ve chosen, and that most certainly should have been something that [Leo] and I had a hand in choosing, I’d think. Please send me a link to a picture, or something that I can view so I can tell you if what you chose is what we even want."

Why, why, WHY would he think that I would just want some random person to pick out something like the FAUCETS that we will have in OUR BATHROOM??? This isn't his house, last I checked. And faucets aren't exactly cheap. Not when you're buying 3 or 4 of them at a time. So replacing them if we don't like them ain't exactly a simple process. Grrrrrrrr.....(Hopefully we'll like them. We'll see.)

He also was buying us random white towel bars when I would like brushed nickel ones to match all the rest of the hardware in the bathroom/house. But at least he told me that if we want something else, we should go buy it ourselves and leave them in there to be installed. So we'll do that tonight.

Anyway, that's what's going on this week. I need to call our fence install company now, because I'm a bit worried about how the salesman handled a change that we made after he gave us his initial quote. It's an exciting life I lead, my friends. Don't you wish you were me?

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Getting back into the swing...

The "fight" with my contractor wound up ending peacefully. As usual, I sent him a fiery response to his email I had received yesterday morning, he could obviously tell I was upset, and so he responded in a very apologetic tone, and then I wind up sending him another note that is much more hunky-dory in tone. We're never on the same page, it seems, but as I was discussing with the Twin, at least he hasnt just taken our money and ran. That's something to appreciate.

However, this morning, two dimwits from a company delivering and installing the hardware on all of our cabinets showed up at the house at 7:25 a.m. That is NOT ok. I need advanced warning if people want to start their day in MY house that early, dammit. I had just finished my makeup, was still in bathrobe and pj pants, and Leo wasn't even awake yet. I had to send them away for a while, which I hated doing because we really want our hardware on our cabinets, of course. But not at 7:fucking25 a.m. Nuh-uh. Not cool.

You know, if you wanna start your day early in your own office, or whatever, more power to ya. But when you're showing up at someone's house??? Don't be all, "Oh, well no one told us we needed to wait until after 8 to come..." about it. Because that's straight-up retarded. No one should HAVE TO tell you to respect the fact that pre-8 a.m. is early, alright? It should just be understood universally. Dumbass.

They were nice about it...they apologized and left and came back later (thank GOD!), but another reason I hate it when people show up without warning that early is I have a hard time not being bitchy about it. I don't want to be a bitch, contrary to what some might believe...it really is something that happens kind of involuntarily with me. (If you don't understand where I'm coming from, or what I mean, your comments on this are not necessary. Just know that up front.)

Pictures will be uploaded tonight. A LOT has happened in just the past couple of days. Including, but not limited to, the install and assembly of the chandelier! It's still just in an empty room, but I took pictures of it all the same. Because I'm all excited and shit.

Monday, September 08, 2008

Ooh...not good yet.

Ok, the "messy" style with the bangs did not go well. I think the length on the rest of the hair is too long, or something. I'll try again on Wednesday, but as of right now, it's in ponytails, because it looked like hell on a stick down!

I'm avoiding an email from my contractor right now, so I'm gonna just hang out here on the internet with you guys for a bit, ok? Ok.

How're you doin'? Have a good weekend? Mine was fine...I was sad I missed the show that Cate's photos were in, but the hair took longer than I expected, and I was running late by the time I was done at the hairdressers. Sorry Cate! I bet you kicked ASS, sista! (I just love her photos...go check her blog if you haven't already...) But the rest of the weekend was nice enough. The Chiefs lost, yeah, but I had them losing that one anyway. And I was honestly surprised that they didn't lose by more, really. We'll see how they do this week.

I'm back into watching ANTM (there's sound that accompanies that link, just to warn ya), and will look forward to Rich's recap post. Because its a bigger trainwreck than usual, and the tranny guy? The one that was born a woman trapped in a man's body? (Her name is "Isis" for the record...) I feel so bad for her right now, I want her to win the cycle, dammit. I can't believe how heartless those girls are being toward her!

Ok, now I'm gonna go read the funnies and then catch up on some blog reading, so I'll see you all around! (In case you're wondering, I'm in another "fight" with the contractor. I might feel in the mood to discuss it later, but we'll have to see. That's the reason why I don't wanna read his email. The last one pissed me off BADLY, and I had to re-write my response over and over so as to not be too catty/bitchy/etc...on his ass. It was hard. I don't want to deal with that again right now, dammit.)

Sunday, September 07, 2008

It has been done.

I got the bangs. Or, I got "banged" as it were.

We had to do my hair really smooth for the haircut, so we could be sure it wasn't all crooked and nasty. So here's what it looked like today before I went to the Moose to watch the Chiefs ruin Tom Brady's year...

I actually wore it up in my signature double-ponytail look, which I think is much cuter when the hair is that straight. I'm sure I won't get too many disagreements on that point...
So. Tomorrow, I shall wash it, and then do it messy/curly/scrunched. I can't wait! I've gotten high praise on the bangs, that's for sure. My hairdresser said she thinks its her favorite style she's done on me thus far. (I've been going to her for 4 years now, I think...) All of my friends went on and on about them, even before they were drunk. So that was nice. Anyway, they take some getting used to...today, my forehead got really hot as we ran errands after the Chiefs game. That kinda sucked.

I'll put up more pictures of it when I style it messy, along with pics of the finished tile in the bathroom, later this week. Horray! Tomorrow's Monday! Oh...wait...

Friday, September 05, 2008

Opinions WANTED!

Ok, I'm getting my hair done tomorrow (goodbye, roots from hell!) and I'm planning on having it cut as well. But I need some opinions.

This is what it looked like after my last appointment a month ago. I don't generally wear it straight like this, because I hate pulling out the flat-iron, but this shows the length it is really well, I think. It might be about a 1/4 inch longer, but it's close...

I want to keep my bob in place, but I'm thinking of doing a shorter bang with it. A la this chick (named Diablo Cody, whoever the hell that is...UPDATE: apparently, she wrote Juno. Which I've never seen...thanks for the help, commenters!):
Thing is, I haven't been entirely successful in the bang arena over the course of my life. So I'm unsure of whether I should attempt them yet again. I think my face shape is relatively similar to this chick, thanks to our lack of super-defined cheek bones and rounded chins. (I think I have a cuter nose, but whatever. She probly only weighs about 110 pounds, so she has that on me, I s'pose...)

What say you? Should I get banged? Or should I just stick to my all one length hair, and cut it back to my chin again? GO!

Thursday, September 04, 2008

House updates...

Well, along with pictures of chicken restaurants, over the weekend, I took some photos of the updates around the house from the past week or so. Here's what the new pantry in the kitchen looks like now that it's been stained...(Twin, those aren't orbs. I was dusting like a mad woman that day, so it's dust.)

It really is awesome to have it all done and completed at this point. We've loaded them up already, and are just waiting for the hardware to be delivered.

And heeeere is the awesome bathroom, with painted walls, and installed tile floors for you to finally see...
I honestly could not be more pleased with the way the floors look. Having the tile laid like that really pushes the room out, and makes it look even wider than it is. It's so fucking cool! (The weird tiles randomly lying on the floor up there by the tub were laid out for me to approve the "stripe" of tile that was being planned in the shower. It's in now, but I didn't get any pictures of it yet...)
What do you think of the blue walls?
I love them. I think they look great with the white trim, the stain on the cabinets, as well as the tile color we chose.

Here's the laundry area in the closet. I would have prefered white walls, but it was cheaper just to do the blue throughout the whole space. We have tile in the washer/dryer area, and we'll have carpet in the rest of the closet.

Here is the stained vanity, with the walls painted, and the floors installed and everything. It all seems so close to being done! And yet soooo far...
How awesome are those medicine cabinets, btw? Pretty fucking awesome, I think. It was cheaper to have them made than to order them from Pottery Barn. Which is unbelievable to me...

On Saturday, I wanted to check a new configuration for the living room. So I did.

I like it, but we really need to switch out our t.v. armoire with the flat one we have waiting in the garage. The armoire will be moved into the guest room instead, once the construction is all done. We also need to pick up an oval coffee table if we plan to leave the room in this kind of set-up. The rectangle one poses too many painful prospects, what with the corners it has, and all.

Last night, I was dealing with the remains of this flu bug I picked up, and thinking to myself about how much I don't care to contact my contractor any more right now. I'm sick, I'm tired, I want to sleep much of the time, and so contacting him is the last thing I have on my mind right now! I really want the project to be done, but I'm tired of hounding. I think he'd celebrate that fact if he heard me say it, but I also think he probably wished it would have hit me sooner in the scheme of things.

Unfortunately, with the rain we have today and yesterday, our tile project has been delayed. Which probly means we'll have the tile guy at the house again this Saturday. (Hopefully just to grout. ::crosses fingers::) And the tub is being delivered on Monday. ::sigh!:: So I have to contact him to let him know what's up. So not in the mood...

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

I was sick yesterday...time to catch up!

Last week, a really exciting (to me) revelation was uncovered. El Pollo Loco had come to town! FINALLY! I don't eat fast food as a rule, but this is the one place I break it for. I fuckin' LOVE their chicken. Flame grilled, spiced just right...YUM!

It was DLC that exposed this news to me, and there was an ensuing discussion in the comments for his post. I'll admit, it seemed like a fast turn over from the restaurant that used to be there (hell, the Jimmy Johns on Metcalf at about 82nd has taken over a month to move in, and they look to be another month off at least, and they had an empty space to work with!), and a rather odd spot for the chain to choose as their first in the general bi-state area. But whatever. Leo and I went there on Sunday night to grab dinner. And THIS is what we found...

Let's take a closer look, shall we?
Yeah, that is NOT "El Pollo Loco" dudes. Instead, it's some random place called "Pollo Loco." Also, it was closed on Sunday, AND Monday, which was when I went back to take pictures. Any proper chain would be open on both days, dammit, so we couldn't even get chicken there if we'd wanted to.

For future reference, THIS is what a actual El Pollo Loco should look like...

And hopefully it will be located in the abandoned Taco Bell location on Johnson Drive at Lamar. Because that's the damned perfect spot for it, my friends.

DLC, next time, make sure to get your facts straight! I don't wanna have to kick your ass at the next meet up we're both at, man. ::sniffles over loss of El Pollo Loco that never was::