Thursday, October 02, 2008

Are we sure it wasn't something else that did it?

Warning: I'm 'bout to step up on my bitchbox here, so if you aren't in the mood, or can't deal with it, best move along now...

So. Apparently, there's this cute little family in the Kansas City area (from Arkansas, looking at their license plates) that have to live in a tent, as they voluntarily left their townhome they had been renting prior to being evicted. Because they can't afford the rent.

I saw this story last night as I got ready for bed. It was sad. They have a 3 year old little girl that looks wide-eyed and curious about what's going on. They say things like "don't" and "none" when they mean "didn't" and "any". The father has steady income, but the mother lost her job with a staffing company over the summer. (Does that mean she was a temp? Because that's not losing a's called being a TEMP. Unless she actually worked for a company that does staffing, like in their office as an employee of said company. It's not clear from the article what they meant by that.)

But here's the kicker, and what made it easier for me to go to bed last night without worrying about these poor young people: they admit they've made mistakes. AND, they've been evicted from other places before!!! They moved into this one, knowing that it might be too much for them to handle, and they STILL did it!

And the little young wife is all, "Its hard when people won't even give you a chance. Won't even rent to you because they mighta been wronged before somehow." Um, yeah...those people have been wronged by people just like you. Soooo, you can't uunderstand why they might not want to rent to people who have a past history of being evicted, and had to take off from their current place they were living because they can't pay for it?

::sigh!:: I think it's just a lack of intelligence in this case, and it makes me feel sorry for them on that account. I don't know if its their fault they were poorly educated, or anything.

But as far as the sudden outpooring of support from people after seeing this story? Give me a fucking break. These people put themselves where they are...they admit to it! They aren't going to learn from their mistakes if the media makes them martyrs of the current economy. It wasn't the economy that did this to them! GAH!

That said, I hope they're able to find something within their means. I hope the mother is able to find a new job, and that the 3 year old doesn't have to sleep in a tent anymore. I hope that the father doesn't buy beer with money he should be setting aside for his family's well-being. I hope that the media and the local outcry of support doesn't make them blind to the fact that they brought this upon themselves, and it was completely unavoidable. I hope they wind up ok. (But beyond saying a prayer for them, I don't feel an ounce of impulse to want to help them. I'm sorry.)


Cate said...

This is part of the reason I stopped watching local news several years ago ... and oh, yeah, I don't read the local paper either. It is sensational writing, often misinformed, or simply written to get people either riled up or to get them to feel bad. And, they often have stories on things/people that don't really warrant a story.

Coley said...

This is just shotty journalism. They wanted a human interest piece on a family that's been hurt by the downturn in the economy. Rather than doing their research and finding one, this journalist chose the one with the cute kid. As you mentioned, these people aren't victims of the current economy. Evidence: They've been evicted a few times before! Holy crap! They are victims of their own poor choices and dim wits.

faithstwin said...

Cate, I completely agree. It is so frustrating reading our local paper! Not only do the writers SUCK, they regularly put in conflicting bits of story and one lady recently wrote her 'column' and it ended up being a blatant advertisement for a friend of hers. People called her out on it and since I had already written her an email about another story she had written before, I know she will deny that is what she did...but it's pathetic.

Faith, I understand your frustration and it is rightly felt. The Mom can't go get work at night or evenings at Target or somewhere to help bridge the gap? Ridiculous.

faithstwin said...

Here is what a former landlord has said in the comments of the story:
As the past landlord for the Fears/Mankey couple I would like to clear a few things up. IF they would have been in contact with us we would have been more than happy to work with them in making payment arrangements. In fact, they were not EVICTED by us, they abandoned the property. The condition of the property when we got it back was HORRIBLE!!! You could not even walk in the property with our spraying yourself down with bug spray. The fleas were so bad in the house that all of the carpet had to be replaced and many other repairs had to be made just from the few months they lived there.
I understand times are tough for everyone! We are not heartless, but communication is the key! When someone will not return your calls or be in any kind of contact with you about the situation it leaves you no choice.
I feel for their daughter. I really do. The post below sums it up, GET A JOB, ANY JOB! You have a child to take care of. Do what you have to do to make sure this child is taken care of! There are many places out there that can help on a temporary basis.
It makes me sad that all it would have taken is a phone call and we could have done everything possible to work with them and make sure they had a roof over that precious little girls head.

Interesting...and I hope they don't get sued over posting that comment.

Faith said...

We're currently discussing ths on my message board I'm on, too, and someone just posted that comment from the landlord. Awesome!

Why would they be able to sue the landlord for saying it?

faithstwin said...

I dunno. They don't seem bright enough to figure it out on their own, and I don't know if the laws there are the same as here as far as housing privacy goes, but it just seems like a touchy thing to do.

Nonetheless, I'm glad they showed up! I like it when BOTH sides of the story are told- which the newspaper should have taken care of on their own!

Faith said...

It's a t.v. station, not a newspaper. I don't read the local nespaper anymore. After the Virginia Tech shootings and the way they handled the coverage of it, I told them they could go blow.

I don't think they'll sue the landlord. But you have a good point...

faithstwin said...

Oh- yeeeaaahhhh. I didn't realize that before. The reporting was so similar to the register, I thought it was newspaper.

Heather said...

The next thing we will hear about is how Extreme Makeover is going to build them a McMansion.

They are the victims of their own stupidity. Actually, I'd say the child is the only victim here. The victim of retarded parents.