Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Contractor response...

Ok, so yesterday, I sent the following email to my contractor in response to his request for me to "be fair" and come to some agreement (aside from the contract we signed in April, of course. ::rolls eyes::) for payment to him.

"At this point in time, I feel very uncomfortable discussing anything related to the payment on the project since it remains incomplete. Once the carpet is installed, our window is repaired, and the key to our home has been returned, I will respond accordingly.

Thank you."

Today, this is what he wrote to me:

"The carpet installer will be there on thursday to install carpet. Pleae leave a check at your home made out to me please on thursday . i have the key to let him in, and i will leave the key at that time. i called home depot at 135th again to check on the window. somehow they supposedly lost the order. i have reordered the sash, and the have put a rush on it. there is no charge for the window, and it will be here in less than two weeks. The remaiining balance is $350.00 . i'll pick that up when we lay carpet. I'll bring the window out when it is here. they are easy to snap in place, or i'll put it in for you."

Shocking that Home Depot somehow lost the order for our replacement on the window, which was broken back in June when it was installed (its a double-paned window, and the inner pane has a crack in it down in the lower left hand corner...), and which we've been asking him about for over 4 months now. They put a rush on it the last time he ordered it, so we'll see if that actually helps or hinders things...

Anyway, I don't have a problem getting payment in the mail to him today, and as long as someone shows up to install the carpet on Thursday, all is well. If no one shows, then I'll have to put a stop payment on the check. That would suck, but I feel that showing as much good will as I can at this point just accentuates how much I am not in the wrong on this project, and HE is the one that caused whatever problems it is he's experiencing at this point in time. So here's what I wrote back to him:

"I’ll be happy to put a check in the mail today for the $350, as long as the carpet is definitely going to be installed on Thursday. That’s a day that my dogs are home, so they’ll be barking their heads off from the guest bedroom while anyone is there, in case you want to warn the installer.

Neither [Leo] nor I are qualified to replace a window, particularly one that we didn’t break ourselves. I’d appreciate professional installation on that when it comes in, so thank you for offering!


He should receive the check tomorrow, if the mail is running as quick as usual, or at the latest on Thursday morning. I have the money in my checking account right now, so it just makes good sense to get on it.

Hopefully, this will be the end of it. If not, I'll update you all, of course. Like the Twin mentioned yesterday, its downright exhausting dealing with this kind of conflict on a monthly/weekly/daily basis, and I look forward to it being over and done with once and for all.


faithstwin said...

Kinda sounds like the mess I have dealt with re: the ex. It IS tiring and I am hopeful it will all be over soon, dude. Hang in there!

Heather said...

Sounds like a big, fat pain in the arse.

Hope everything turns out okay.