Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The end is finally in sight...I think.

I met with the Home Depot rep today, along with the sales guy that originally sold us the fence we bought. It went well, I think. I apologized to them for my fervor because I assume that I come off as being ridiculously over-emotional about the whole thing, but it just came on the tail-end of the construction, and everything, and its just hard for me to look at one more thing that I have to try to sort out now, is all. They seemed understanding.

I think the whole thing is going to have to be rebuilt, even though I believe they (the fence company that built it) appeared to have hoped to just fix some of the items that they thought I had an issue with. I guess the salesguy thought the only thing I had issue with was the different colors of the fence. I told him I'd sent an email to the chick in his office in St. Louis (which is where his company is located) that outlined waaay more than just that. The gap in the gate doors, the random construction that looked like my 14 year old nephew had put it together after downing a bottle of vodka for the first time, the icky qualty of the wood, etc, etc...the totally different colors on the whole thing was the least of my issues, really, especially after a friend in the construction business assured me that the fence should begin to change color within the next year, and eventally, it will all be more uniform.

I told him that I really disliked the latch on the gate, even. And he said that he had other options he could show me if I'd wanted something different, and was willing to pay a bit more. I was all, "Well, yeah! Why didn't you show me the options when we met? This is the main problem that I have! We went with a guess on a concept of a fence that I had in my head, but it really would have helped if I'd had some options laid out in front of me that I could review, and then see which one I liked and then we could have moved forward from there. But I didnt have that. I had to just assume that you all knew what I meant when I said I wanted a picture-frame construction privacy fence with a gate. And THIS is what happens when you work that way. You get someone that winds up with a product they never would have ordered in the first place!" (See what I mean about the emotion? Yeah, it's hard to contain sometimes...)

Anyway, I'm glad that Home Depot is involved finally. And the chick I met with said she'd get back to me tomorrow. So hopefully, it will be with news about when my new fence will be installed. We'll see...

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Cate said...

Good for you for stickin' to your guns.