Monday, October 20, 2008

Free puppy to good home!

You know how you have a mellow weekend, get your hair done, watch some rockin’ football, see your friends and stuff…and then make yummy dinner on Sunday night, and watch a great t.v. show that sucks you in for 3 hours*, and then you go to bed wayyy too late thanks to aforementioned t.v. show, and as you’re getting ready to hit the sheets, you realize that a dog has peed on them?

Isn’t that fun when it happens? (The answer here is no. No it is not.)

Anyone want a loveable (sometimes), cuddly, curly-haired (and hypo-allergenic!!!) shihtzu-poodle mix? He’s fixed! And is up to date on his shots! And the emphasis on the “shiht” is only evident about 73% of the time, I swear. He’s awesome the rest of the time. Aaaannnd…he can jump super-high in the air. Not sure if that’s a selling point or not, but I thought I’d mention it just in case.

Ok, to be fair, he peed on the comforter. And it only barely soaked through to the mattress, so there was only a small spot about the size of a quarter that had to dry overnight after he did his deed, so it could have been worse, I suppose. We have the kind of mattress that can’t be flipped over, so that wouldn’t have been an option had the comforter not soaked up most of the mess. And the comforter cover and sheets can totally be washed, so the game for the day is not Death to the Poodle as it might have been otherwise. Yes, the comforter is working on drying out after being sufficiently doused with magical animal mess clean-up potion and then patted dry. And we’re hoping that does the trick. (The stuff smelled really nice! So that was a plus. I can’t remember what it is…one of those Oxy-type cleaners that you spray on a spot on upholstery or carpet after an “accident” has happened. Maybe it’s from Clorox? I can’t remember…) Because I really, really don’t want to have to buy a new comforter.

Of course, he did all of this on MY SIDE of the bed. Jerk. I even saved him from the Yard Where Things Go to Die and the street after he got out twice yesterday! (We’re still waiting on our new lovely fence install to be completed. Should happen today. If not, well, there will be more than just shihtzu-poodle mix heads rolling around the Smith household, I can tell ya that!) And how does he repay me? By peeing right next to my fucking pillow? HUH? How is that a fair exchange at all? It’s not. That’s how.

Leo went to bed thinking about whether we should give him away or not, but I woke up and forgave him by giving him hugs. He can’t remember what happened, I’m sure, and at this point, all he knows is he didn’t get to sleep in the old bed with all of us last night. I told Leo that he needs to be nice to him today, and forget about what happened last night. Jake has a teeny, tiny dog brain and no short term memory at all. So all he can think about is why he didn’t get to sleep with us and Izzy last night. We need to move on. As humans, it’s important that we take the high road, you know?

*We got disc one of that show “Jericho” in the mail over the weekend. We started watching it last night after we finished the last season’s finale for Ugly Betty. So we were up until about 11 watching it, because I couldn’t stop. I was riveted. Good stuff…


faithstwin said...

It's a gift you gave him. The gift of forgiveness. You are too kind. =P

Stupid puppies can't be blamed.

Faith said...

He was so cute. When Leo got up and came into the bathroom where I was finishing with getting ready this morning, Jake just climbed under my legs and sat there staring at him. So I was worried that after we discovered the mess, I missed Leo maybe hitting him, or something? (I immediately went into the toilet area of the bathroom, so I could calm down a bit before I helped with the bed issue, so I have no idea what Leo did in response to the pissing. All I know is he was stripping the bed, and removing he comforter from the duvet cover when I came out. And Jake was hiding under the bed in the guest room.) But Leo said he just yelled at him. Apparently, when Leo yells at him, he takes it super-seriously. When I yell at him, he just licks my leg, or something. ::sigh!:: I have no authoritay!

I told Leo he needed to give him hugs. Leo said, "He's a douche." I said yes, but you need to give him hugs! Look at him looking at you! He needs a hug to know its ok! And that's when Leo told me he was thinking about how we could give him away as he was cleaning up last night. I reminded him about the teeny, tiny brain thing, and told him he needs to be nice to the dog, and give him hugs. I had to go to work at that point, so I hope he cuddles with him a bit! said...

yeah - dogs pee, they aren't perfect...give him love and hugs and don't give him water after 8pm! we've had many many nights of forgetting to pick up the water bowl and ended up with a soaked pillow or comforter - or clean basket of laundry - oh yes. ha. my opinion is - you get a dog - you get all the love and shit (pee) that comes with them. be ready for it.