Friday, October 31, 2008

French Fries with Pepper

I've got nothing today. Between the election ridiculous, the weight gain ridiculous, and the work ridiculous, I'm tapped. (As far as the weight gain goes, I'm currently working on it. I have a plan in place. I actually got to the point where I was trying to figure out how to become anorexic, which is bad, so I confessed it to my message board I belong to, and now we're all on a website together, tracking our calories and exercise and stuff. And its fun. So we'll see how that goes.)

For your Treat today (happy Halloween, btw), I've got pictures of the new rug in our master bedroom to share with you. Ordered via Pottery Barn, this rug is the rug of my muthafuckin' dreams. It's enormous, and covers almost the entire room. (It's 9' x 12'...and our room is 10' x 13.5'.) It was kind of a PITA to lay down after we'd already loaded all the furniture in there, but we managed to work it out. I ordered a matching runner for the bathroom, but I havent taken any pictures of that yet. They are both soft, sound-absorbing, and the one in the bedroom covers up the hideousness that is our wood floor in there! Awesome!

I don't know if these pictures do it justice, but here it is!

In case anyone was wondering, it's this rug. I never buy rugs for full price...and the fact that they had a runner that was 9' x 2.5' was perfect for our bathroom. All I'd been able to find until then were 8' long ones, and that was just a tad too short for the place we wanted to put it.

That purchase just about finished up what we planned on getting for the new space. I also bought a couple of side tables for the living room and the guest bedroom, and we need to find a comfy blow-up bed for additional guests that will be coming at Christmastime, but we're gonna hold off a month before we go do that. (Any suggetions on air mattresses that are compact in storage, but comfy for guests to sleep on? We probably will get a full-sized one...let me know if you have any ideas.)
So happy weekend! Go USC! Go KU! Go Notre Dame! And all I can hope for the Texas vs Texas Tech game is that some sort of bloodbath occurs, and no one winds up winning. ::sigh!:: A girl can dream!


Alisha said...

Aero beds are comfy and inflate via a built in air compressor and can be fit inside a small bag and put in a closet. They are pretty pricey though.

Beyond that their all pretty much the same as far as comfyness goes. Believe me, we spent many, many months on them. :)

faithstwin said...

Dude? Ummm, how are expecting these things to 'store'? They deflate as you roll them into a tight little package if you haven't sucked all the air out of them with one o' those confounded electricalized pump thangs...

Buy one worthy of camping (spend more than $40 if possible...) and let your guests deal for a couple days.

Except me. I need a REAL bed with bamboo sheets and comfy pillows. See you soon! =P